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  2. I can smell the pumpkin spice coming off that photo.
  3. I blame dann quinn for beasley. Quinn knew he was soft and lazy the past 2 yrs. But tried to make chicken salad out of chicken ****. Any intelligent person who dont know football. Just by watching him. Should know he is a lost cause. Now both of them will be shown the door. Smh
  4. I swear I couldn't understand why he was celebrating.... Im like dude look at the score board- The Instagram stuff asking to be taken out of picture is just immature, idk whats going on but he doesn't look like the kazee from last year, hes missed a lot of tackles 0 int's
  5. No it isn't. We are going to have to eat the Julio bonus money one way or another. Trading him for draft picks that will only cost a couple of a million over the first four years of their contracts is cheaper than keep Julio. The break even point is sometime late next year and then in 22 when most of the Julio's money comes off the books it is beneficial to the Falcons. Do the math.
  6. Good post. I agree with everything except Hooper. He won’t break the bank and his CAP will likely exceed $10 million one time
  7. Has anybody in the comments made the ‘No Lip November’ joke yet?
  8. I would like to say yes but given TD's past history of drafting O line busts the most I can say is we shall see.
  9. He's got one. Anyone remember that video posted a while back of Quinn breaking down the last drive against New Orleans from a few years ago. Right before Deion's game winning pick in the end zone; New Orleans calls a swing pass, runner has a clean run to the end zone, and Deion, who was in man on another receiver breaks off and runs the play down. I thought when he uncovered Deion he was gonna stock this D up with this kind of player.
  10. OK, Watching various sports networks today & someone (wish it was me - NOT) has leaked that Jim Harbaugh is putting out "feelers" to return to the NFL, like I stated in the start of this thred, he cannot compete in recruiting with the "BIG" schools, we still have the pieces on"O" but the "D" is a horror show, Mr Blank, lets show the toughness we're missing, lead us into "Accountability" gut this staff in the 'bye' week & start the search for the new, tough staff.....Thank You
  11. I thought he could thrive at OG. But he will be a solid RT as well
  12. Some "experts" were saying guard might be McGary's eventual position. We'll see.
  13. Beasley,campbell,trufant,rico, takk and oliver packed it in. Kazee need to grow the f..k up. Matthews got complacent once he got his money. Did nothing to protect matt. Its like they dont even care. TD and quinn are responsible for his horrid roster and should be exiled to the state border. Blank needs to gut at least 80% of the defense. And 20% of the offense.
  14. here it is as compiled by SportsTrac. I tried copy/paste these numbers before and it comes out jumbled mess - so I am just going to provide the link and those interested can check it out for themselves: 2020 Falcons Salary Cap Summary: $200 mm - Falcons Cap committments - Active Contracts $199 mm - Projected 2020 Salary Cap per NFL team $7 mm - Falcons Salary Cap Rollover from 2019 $204 mm - Falcons Salary Cap after adding 2019 carryover and subtracting some dead money $1.6 mm - Salary Cap room heading into 2020 for Falcons 39 - Players under contract 51 - Number of players counted in salary cap (Top 51) 53 - Number of players on active roster Statements about 2020: Falcons have $1.6mm in salary cap room now for 2020. Falcons currently 12 roster players under the 51 limit $1.6mm salary cap room divided by 12 players = $133,333/player $500,000 = Vet Minimum with no experience $555,000 = Vet Minimum with 1 year NFL tenure $605,000 = Vet Minimum with 2 years NFL tenure $700,000 = Vet Minimum with 3 years NFL tenure YES, there will be cuts and hopefully some more trades - but look at the above. There needs to be A LOT of things done just to complete an NFL roster. There could be 2-3 rookies that will get paid well that are drafted in Rounds 1-2. Falcons figure now to have a Top 5 draft pick if this season holds. Quinnen Williams was drafted #3 overall and his rookie year cap hit is $6mm. Add that to the mix above. Now you are up to 40 players on your roster and you are $4.5mm OVER the salary cap and need to add 11 more contracts. If everyone else was a vet minimum with no experience - you would need to clear another $5.5mm just to field a roster. Now throw in another high contract in Hooper - you just keep digging the hole deeper and deeper. YES, you can go to your top players and keep extending them and bonusing them but as you do that - it makes it harder and harder to cut them(or trade them) in the future when it might be in team's best interest to do so - not really ideal to do that for players in their 30's especially. Going to the big star and extending/bonusing just limits your options and flexibility in the future. LOL, I listened for the last 7 years how Dimitroff was such a "cap wizard" - well it is easy to be a cap wizard when you don't have a lot of talent you have to pay - Falcons have reached that point in the team life cycle when we have paid/retained a lot of talent - and now the rest of the roster will suffer - the way it happens for all teams. You have to draft yourself out of cap h3LL, there is no other way other than getting occasionally lucky in free agency - which doesn't happen often - at all. My point is to try and show all of you that while the Falcons Bank maybe isn't closed - it really should be. The bottom 1/2 to bottom 1/3 of our roster will continue to get worse - at least the veteran role players and spot starters will get worse - if you believe they are properly valued in relation to their pay.
  15. McGary is struggling with quick edge rushers but let’s get all the mistakes out in a wasted season. Once we reach nine losses I am inclined to sit Matt Ryan and Julio Jones and Grady and Debo
  16. Dirk's gonna Dirk. If Lindstrom is ready to go at any point this season, he needs to get reps. He needs to build that rapport with McGary, who if all goes well, will be together for the next 10-12 years.
  17. It looks to me like the whole offensive line has checked out. Oliver is lost and Bryant is through. They're all stealing checks at this point.
  18. he getting paid $$$ so he dont care thats what he wanted
  19. Again you are twisting the factual record for some unknown purpose. I specifically stated, "when the race had a top 4 or less." We reached that point a few weeks ago. In fact, my prediction correlated pretty strongly to what actually occurred. You win some, you lose some.
  20. Yeah they're responsible for getting too many athletes and not enough actual football players that have that desire and dog to get better. They're also responsible for that option they picked up. Fair enough. However, they're not entirely responsible for his piss poor, heartless play. Example. Grady was a fifth round pick but his pass rush moves, run defense and awareness has gotten better year after year. Vic was a first round pick with Olympic-esque athletic ability but doesn't have that dog and still hasn't developed a real pass rush move. He doesn't care enough. It's not a coincidence that guys like Grady get better and guys like Vic don't. I don't understand how you don't show up for OTAs when your HC was the only one who backed you. I can almost guarantee that there is animosity towards Vic in that locker room. His teammates are around him more than anybody. They know he doesn't care enough. They know what kind of guy he is. So when that 13 million dollar option got picked up and he's still trying to get by with his athleticism and first round status, how do you think other grown men are going to react? Vic did this to himself. Julio said "this is on us, not Q". It is examples like Beasley that Julio is probably alluding to.
  21. Also the fact he put together a 16 sack season justifies the potential the front office saw in him. No player coming out of college is perfect but the pick was made to get a top pass rusher and during his first two seasons (first year was very good for a rookie DE) that's exactly what he was. The mistake was not drafting him but resigning him when it was clear his heart was no longer in it.
  22. I'm a bit puzzled as well. How has the Democratic party been moving to the left through my lifetime? The Democratic party I have witnessed presided over the continuing of foreign interventions, increased the surveillance and police states, gave us a horrific crime bill that locked up hundreds of thousands, a failed healthcare plan that was recycled from the GOP, and an increase in income disparity. But they have an openly gay man running for president, so start planning the May Day parades, comrades.
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