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  2. Wow. I am getting old. 2007 was 12 years ago. For those that this is going to be a monumental rebuild.... go back and remember/look up the end of 2007 to the start of 2008. The team had aN established pass rusher and one LB. That was it. This is nothing compared to that.
  3. I don't think you understand his point. His point was that it has to be paid for. Warren isn't admitting that and only willing to claim costs go down. Bernie is willing to admit taxes will go up, but highlights premiums/deductibles/outOfPocket will be zero'd out. He is admitting that there will be premiums. My issue isn't the same as Pete's. My issue is that neither Warren or Bernie are explicitly telling people how much it will cost. My issue is that this type of trickery is only going to lead to the downfall of the bill.
  4. Who would be coaching?
  5. Thankfully though, he was also able to mentor our little small school, 7th round draft pick named Colston during his last year here in 2006 before putting on the rags y’all call a uniform. And man, I’m in a bit of the same boat with Lofton. When I think of him, I mainly associate him with our horrible defenses in 2012 and 2014 so in a way, those defenses were partially y’all fault.
  6. Man the Halloween movies I’ve seen are mostly terrible outside of the first 3. Although if I remember right the 3rd one didn’t have anything to do with Michael Myers lol. H2O was better than expected. I heard the new reboot they came out with last year was pretty good. I had forgotten Rudd was in that movie. It was really bad lol
  7. Oliver is a second year player, and first year starter. He's only started in 6 games his entire career. He also benefits are a non existent pass rush. I can get past that. Trufant is getting beat the exact same way, and has been for the past few years.
  8. Second best performance in any Batman film behind Ledger’s Joker.
  9. Get out of here with that bull crapola. Tua won’t be as good as ryan has been.
  10. I understand how he feels. My first memory of being a Falcons fan was watching us stomp the Saints 62-7, 1973. My 9 yr young brain thought every Sunday for the next 60 years was going to be just like that wonderful day. They haven't been.
  11. We have plenty of dead weight we can trim. We can cut loose Freeman, Sanu (Not dead weight but a necessary cut), Bailey, Stocker, Schaub, Jamal Carter, Alex Gray, Richie Brown, Taveze Calhoun. They could also eat the $4M dead cap for a Trufant June 1st cut to save $11 Million in CAP. All these things give us $30M in projected cap space next year. Re-sign Hooper and grace + money for draft class, and we'll have enough for a couple of Nice FA signings. Just gotta nail a solid defensive draft like in 2016 (easier said than done though). I think it's entirely possible to field a formidable defense next season, especially if we get a legit DC. If we are in a position to draft Chase Young, it'll be a fantastic step forward.
  12. Watching other NFL defenses is enlightening. Open field tackling, stopping the run, effective zone concepts, impactful blitz packages... these things really CAN happen. Just not in the ATL.
  13. If Dan Quinn isn’t on it....I don’t give a Danm NOLA care! And that, truly suxxxx! I know...,
  14. Not sure Stanford homers should be taking shots at anyone. That program has been in decline for a few years now.
  15. Agree 100%, athletic at its core!!
  16. Kid gloves are off today lmao
  17. Too much money, don’t care. He is only using this as an entertainment venue when his friends gravity that way! Kinda like like a prostrate stimulation when the event turns towards that end!! sorta stinks, butt, could feel real good!! To us, not worth a Pooh though!!
  18. Cherry picking is fun. Our corners are softer than...well take your pick.
  19. If a Goose was a person it would talk like Laura Ingraham.
  20. Would love to have Tua on the team. The kid can play, is tough as ****, and can win. Ryan isn’t getting any younger. Ryan has never been the most physically talented QB in the NFL, but he’s one of the smartest. You take Tua and let him learn under Ryan. Once the torch is passed, you have the best of both worlds. Not to mention he’ll have a connection with Ridley from the get go. That being said, I think us drafting a QB is entirely predicated on if we have a new HC next year. I’ve seen a few names being thrown around here. The two most notable are Riley & Bieniemy. If either one is our new HC, I can see us drafting a QB first round. They both require a different skill set for their QB. One potential issue I see with Tua is the fact that he is left handed. Which means his blind side is on the right. So we’ll have to make sure that our RT can pass block well.
  21. So Pete is attacking Warren for admitting it but he won't admit it himself? He says " it's a distinction without a difference " lol It's pure bull****tery.
  22. Just pointing out even Thursday night college announcers making jokes at our expense
  23. JD and Coke, and I’ll manage!!
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