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  2. A 2nd is incredible value for a player likely to be cut this off-season (no disrespect intended just reality of where we are right now). There was obviously some kind of bidding war for his services. It's a good move for Sanu as well - go get that ring.
  3. Ya'll we need China and Russia to agree before we sanction China for the Uighur cultural genocide. Sorry ya'll, it's right there in the International Law books.
  4. Hate going on Twitter and seeing all the new England dummies drooling..sighs think I'm going to stay off there rest of the day honestly.this sucks but I hope he gets a ring man should have already had one.
  5. He will have plenty of time soon to work on it..
  6. This isn't looking at the full situation. Pats are basically 2 good receivers away from being an all around threat. But their receiving options are bare right now. "Overpaying" for a couple good receivers who aren't on big long term contracts is a smart situational move.
  7. Who do you think goes next ?? Trufant, Freeman, Beasley, Ricardo, Campbell, Hooper ( though i dont understand that one) ?? Or is there anyone else yall can think of ?
  8. I wonder if Shanny only offered a 4th or the Falcons just never called him back. I can only wonder if a bidding war achieved the 2nd from the Pats.
  9. yeah, there had to be a second bidder for Sanu's return compensation to Falcons to get that high - had to have been two teams that really wanted him. Your theory makes sense - especially when coupled w/ the Sanders trade.
  10. You know what's going to get me is when I fall into the habit of spelling it that way and accidentally use it outside of the context of this board and look really really stupid Almost did it in a text already
  11. I love Hooper, but this is exactly the type of move the Patriots would make. I'm 50:50 on it.
  12. I'm amazed to hear you say this.
  13. No, I’m smug. Pretentiousness is more Trout’s bag.
  14. They did rate out 2016 draft as worst value..
  15. E. Sanders just went to the 49ers for a 3rd&4th hes 32 and declining you know shanny was trying to get sanu. Likely why patriots had to give away a 2nd which is essentially a high 3rd
  16. I remember when Falcons signed Sanu that Belicheck wanted him. BB has so many draft picks I think he just wanted him and didn't mind overpaying. You know he is gonna have a few trick plays for him. Having said that, 31yrs old and one year left on contract - to get him for a 2nd round pick was highway robbery - even if Sanu plays great and helps Pats win another ring.
  17. It’s usually opposite of Walter says. Pats got great value and they will have sanu throw more passes too. Josh McDaniels can get very creative.
  18. What fool trying to get paid would clown themself??? There was i time I liked this dude, too. Now like you pointed out has issues that are worth more than is value! As the Falcons got rid of value today! Tik Tak can’t leave fast enough!!!
  19. I was told that he was not just a slot receiver but also a better QB than Ryan. Some here think the Falcons got ripped off.
  20. Don't put words in my mouth. Or else quote it back so you may be further enlightened dip$hit.
  21. I don’t think Walter has an accurate opinion of Sanu’s value.
  22. ^In which a "global citizen's" pretentiousness rivals peak neo-liberalism.
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