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  2. Judy's story about her college professor was something else.
  3. “I think we need to take more shots downfield,” Swift said in a video posted by 960 The Ref. “Try to get the ball to our playmakers in space. Whatever the coaches think that might be.” Everybody sees it, except for Kirby. I think we should start games uptempo and taking shots down field. Don't wait till we have to do it.
  4. MNF

    You have to also be located out of network area for directv in order to purchase the streaming service
  5. Sorry but in this case, that's a no
  6. But this guy has been asking questions since the season started. And even during the off season.
  7. The last lady that was interested in you wasn't that impressive. Did she need a license to be that ugly?
  8. That only works with the Patriots and because they have Billicheck. You pay for your talent when you have it.
  9. It's crazy how even with the rocky start to this year Ryan is now near the top in every QB stat. He also managed to get above a 2 to 1 TD/INT ratio even with all the early Int's. I just don't see him as the problem. The defense is giving up points on every possession this gives our offense zero margin of error and they keep insist on running Freeman acting like he is going to be his old self which will never happen. And our OL looks as lost and broken as every other year.
  10. Whats funny and sad at the same time to me is Shanny and LeFleur were both here, we could have given inexperienced Lefleur an opportunity over inexperienced Sark, and both 49ers and GB are doing very well with the coaching staff and defenses they put together....yet here we are with a coaches room of ex-head coaches.
  11. You keep producers if they are not asking for big money. No clue what Hoop is going to demand, but if it's too much, you trade him away, like we should have done with Freeman and Julio. You keep QB's and you make sure that the rest of the team is solid. Spread that salary cap around so that there's no obvious weaknesses, such as, a defense that can't stop anyone.
  12. We've been wasting a lot over the past decade. No excuse in this nonsense.
  13. Trey Hill has been a major disappointment. I've pointed him out getting blown up in the middle multiple times this year already. Center is a really tough position and you gotta have that dog in you to play there. He doesn't have it. WR is becoming a huge problem at this point. This will be the third week in a row I'm begging Smart to put Cook in as a wr. The coaches gotta put guys in a place to succeed. Fromm really hurt this team on Saturday, I lost some confidence in him and yes I admit that letting Fields go is now looking like a pretty stupid decision, although the question still remains of what would we have done with him in this offense. Our offensive line played like crap on Saturday. I'm sorry but most of these guys should be riding the bench this week. We have 5 stars across the line and if they aren't going to give 5 star effort to go with that talent, then there is a kid behind them that will. I honestly would rather see mistakes from young guys versus 50% effort from established guys. At this point this team isn't going anywhere. The fans and the team can keep chirping on about everything is still in front of them but I don't buy it. Losing to a 2-3 team AT HOME is a much bigger problem for me than most others seem to be giving it. When guys like Swift start verbally pointing to failures of the coaching staff's offensive have bigger problems on your hand. Oh well, at least i can relax now about UGA games. Right now, this team isn't SEC Championship or Playoff caliber. Our offensive line is soft and our coaches need to grow a pair if they plan on salvaging this season. And as the breakdown points out above, maybe the single biggest issue with UGA at this point is how predictable their scheme is offensively. Maybe that is why Muschamp felt so confident before the game. He had his guys ready to play and he knew exactly what he was going to get from us. Shoot, I think any one of us could come up with a reasonable game plan to try to stop the Dawgs. The film doesn't lie.
  14. Well said. Evaluate who will be on the roster next season while reducing injury risk to your best players.
  15. GLENDALE, Ariz. — Through the multiple failures the Falcons put forth against the Arizona Cardinals, especially during the first half of Sunday’s game, Matt Ryan was nonetheless brilliant. If you didn’t watch the game, just take a quick glance at his statistical line. With the numbers he put up in a close game, an easy conclusion to draw would be that the Falcons came away victorious. But no, the Falcons faltered and lost their fifth game this season, this time to the Arizona Cardinals, 34-33. While the offense sputtered on what could have been a go-ahead drive with the game tied at 27, Ryan was magnificent throughout the second half. His day ended 30-of-36 passing for 356 yards and four touchdowns with a 144.9 quarterback rating, which, again, would lead you to believe Atlanta was on the winning side. Instead, the Falcons have dropped four consecutive games and sit with a paltry 1-5 record. While the Indianapolis Colts reached the playoffs after a 1-5 start last season, the odds are certainly slim for Atlanta to repeat recent history. For this to happen, Atlanta essentially can only lose twice in the next 10 games to have a remote shot at the postseason. Ryan has had his share of ups and downs this season. Early, he had some costly turnovers in games that proved critical in the outcomes. Ryan’s two interceptions against the Minnesota Vikings were uncharacteristic, as was the one he threw in the red zone against Indianapolis. Outside of the untimely turnovers, however, Ryan has played well for the most part. His game against Arizona was the best he has had this year. At 34 years old, Ryan is still very much in the prime of his career. And that’s what makes a fifth loss in six games that much harder to stomach. After reaching Super Bowl LI, and being so close to bringing Atlanta a championship, this team has taken quite a few strides backward. Yet Ryan hasn’t taken a step back whatsoever. Take for instance this Arizona game: When the Falcons got down 27-10 in the third quarter. Ryan immediately hit Julio Jones for 20 yards, found Austin Hooper for 15 a couple of plays later and saw the drive end with a made field goal. After the first of three consecutive defensive stops, Ryan completed seven of his eight passes that culminated in a 7-yard touchdown throw to Devonta Freeman. Trailing 27-20 in the fourth quarter, Ryan came back to complete five of his seven throws, which included a 30-yarder to Hooper and a 23-yarder to Calvin Ridley. The drive ended with a 6-yard touchdown pass to Hooper. With the game tied, Atlanta was forced to punt. A poor kick and a questionable fair catch interference penalty gave Arizona great field position that helped lead to a score. But once again, it was Ryan to the rescue. He went 4-of-4 passing for 58 yards on the offense’s final drive. All game, Ryan expertly took what the defense was giving him. And with a great play design that sprung Devonta Freeman wide open on a screen from 12 yards out, it looked like the Falcons were going to tie the score with 1:53 left to play. Of course, Matt Bryant then missed the extra point and Atlanta went home with yet another loss. Ryan proved gracious following a moment no one on the roster could have predicted. “These kind of games never come down to one play,” Ryan said. “I think everybody in our locker room can look at four or five different things that they did throughout the game that we could have done better where we would have been in a different situation at the end of the game.” It’s hard to fault Ryan in the slightest for this most recent defeat. He opened the game with a touchdown to Ridley. While the Falcons were forced to punt on the next two drives, the defense couldn’t force the Cardinals’ offense to do the same until its sixth possession. Ryan, however, placed some blame on himself for not converting more drives into points. “We had a few chances maybe in the first half and at different times in the second half where we had to make those plays, and we didn’t make them,” he said. For the season, Ryan has completed what is a career-best — to this point — 72.1 percent of his throws. He has totaled 2,011 yards and 15 touchdowns, although a lot of the yards have come while his team has been forced to play from behind. But if Ryan continues at this rate, he will wind up surpassing career highs in yards and touchdowns. For someone like Ryan, stats aren’t important. He gladly would trade the numbers for what suddenly have become elusive wins. It’s easy to forget where Atlanta was prior to Ryan’s arrival in 2008. This was a franchise regularly fighting for position among the NFL’s bottom feeders since its inception in 1966. Prior to 2009, the Falcons never had recorded back-to-back winning seasons. In 2011, the Ryan-led Falcons reached the postseason in a second consecutive year for the first time ever, with a third straight playoff trip occurring in 2012. And then Ryan helped lead the Falcons to the postseason in consecutive years again in 2016 and 2017. Ryan, who has only missed two starts in his career, has taken Atlanta to the playoffs six times. Prior to 2008, the Falcons had been to the postseason a combined eight times in 42 years. With Ryan, the Falcons have enjoyed the best decade of football in team history. In Ryan’s six postseason trips, Atlanta made it to two NFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl. He won the NFL’s MVP honor in 2016, as well. After Ryan’s addition, Atlanta went from a laughingstock to a contender in most years. But while Atlanta found newfound success under Ryan, the franchise still endured the 2013 and 2014 seasons that saw him unable to overcome the rest of his team’s shortcomings. Despite a great start in 2015 and high expectations entering 2018, the Falcons fell well short of the ultimate goal. This season — barring an unforeseen turn of events — has the makings of being another wasted opportunity for Atlanta with Ryan still in the prime of his career. That’s something that shouldn’t sit well with anyone at team headquarters in Flowery Branch. “Disappointed with the outcome (Sunday),” Ryan said. “Not obviously where we want to be, but our mindset has to be on where we want to go. We’ll get some rest after this trip back and get back to it Wednesday and try to clean up the handful of things we can clean up. We’re definitely disappointed and frustrated with not getting the job done.”
  16. If Falcons Offense faltered in RZ like DET last night. Pitch forks would be out to run him out of town. DET is worse than ATL in RZ.
  17. I disagree, Tom Brady would have been in the same position Ryan has been in his entire career. Crappy defenses, and changing OC's every 3 years, is not conducive to winning. Blank has hired 4 head coaches. 3 have been former DC's and our defense has pretty much sucked for 4 decades. It's been complete crap for the majority of Ryan's career, with a few mediocre outliers.
  18. Parcells once said that "you are what your record says you are" We are a bottom 5 team. Perhaps we could go on a great winning could happen. But right now (in the real world) we are a bottom 5 team.
  19. You have to go back and look at the 2011 draft during that time. Von Miller was looked at as by far the best pass rusher of that draft, and went 2nd overall so the Falcons didn't have a chance to get him. I remember Peter King mentioning that Falcons had a lot of interest in Von only if he fell low enough in the draft to get him. No one had any idea the monster and future HOFer that JJ Watt would become despite being picked at 11. Some thought that the Texans even reached for him at the time. I think Robert Quinn had some sort of health condition that took him off some teams' boards if I can remember. Falcons dodged a bullet not being interest in Aldon Smith. Cam Jordan and Ryan Kerrigan would've been great to have, but I don't think Smitty wanted to take either of them though. There were reports that the Falcons were hoping to land Justin Houston in the 3rd round, it didn't work out the way they planned.
  20. via Imgflip Meme Generator
  21. Does Bevell also coordinate defenses? /s
  22. By 2020 wfw's going to be correcting Twitter posts joking about Trump's oddly built *****.
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