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  2. August 9th...not too far away!
  3. Lol.. trade them ALL.. we need veterans..
  4. If what's in the audio is true, the guy needs to be gone from the league and the child removed.
  5. Sometimes I wonder when we will get to a point where we look back and reasonable people agree social media was a horrible idea. This **** is like a breath away from being a far bigger version of the sovereign citizen movement.
  6. He plays like a demon which is all that matters but h e l l he looks like a monster 14 year old kid up there on stage
  7. Love the nfl draft. Way more interesting than other sports because it is so unpredictable. Everyone values players differently.
  8. Me too! FYI, I was supposed to see the old geezers in New Orleans at jazz festival this week, Timmy. Micky got sick on me....
  9. Jawaan Taylor is my dream scenario.
  10. Ill be seeing that FOR SURE
  11. Literally his next 4 tweets are "breaking" tweets about Atlanta draft trades that never happened lol
  12. Trade up and Get Q-Dub...Let's be outta here by 8:30
  13. To fix the Online, I wouldn't mind trading back to 20-25 (gain a 2nd) and taking Ford. Then take Risner and Lindstrom in the 2nd. It's crazy I know.
  14. Miles Sanders if we go RB. LOL at saying we don’t have the RB for a physical run game. I agree we need a contingency plan though.
  15. You support a president who sold out his country. So let's say we're even. Oh, about simple math:
  16. Yooooo the pepper guy who gave me a shout out in his video. You’re a legend
  17. Super amped!! Let’s get it right durrty birds!
  18. Looks like Wilkins dressed up in Falcons colors
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