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  2. I hate to hear that man. It's hard but death comes for us all eventually. At 56 I've lost both parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles. Worse, I've also lost a number of close friends to many things. A massive heart attack got two of my hunting budfies 10 years apart. The best man at my wedding committed suicide 6 years ago. A friend of 35 years lost his battle with liver cancer just 3 months ago. No ... it's not just you. Life can just be hard. But you learn to find joy over time and through the hardships. On the school thing. Dont give up dude. Take a short break, get your head on straight and get back in there.
  3. OK, just wanted to know if I'm the only one who thinks the brotherhood is the problem. I certainly may be the only one. I see this attitude creating a sense of content, quiescence and comfort. Everyone comes to work and is just simply fat and happy. Effort is given to a point but not all out effort.
  4. For **** Sake 1970 is their leader.
  5. That u take what u can get
  6. There's a fine line between being a good coach and being a likeable coach. DQ was probably too nice and gave the players a long leash. Some probably abused it to the max.
  7. Beasley, Trufant, Campbell, Wes, etc. Intruguing guys with athleticism but struggle with effort and awareness.
  8. DQ always preaches "Team First". I wonder if him spreading play calling duties is to make sure we have someone capable of calling the plays if he's not hear to do it. That would be a team first action and would also be a sobriety check for anyone seeing him do this for them.
  9. I have known tons of people that worked at Home Depot including their management and many say that Marcus and the other guy were the driving force, not Vincent Price, I mean Blank. If Blank feels this way really, he should sell the birds.
  10. They did but then they dropped him again just days later. Didn't make much sense.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to explain. I never played and I'm not an Xs and Os guy. I took those comments as guys not being 100% professional in their preparation or actions on the field. I just couldn't distinguish them from a guy not being all in versus a guy who screwed up while watching the games.
  12. Washington will probably go o-line.
  13. Im a huge Ryan fan and the thought intrigues me. Could sit 3 sasons and learn behind Ryan. I know QB2 isnt the biggest need but i gotta think Shaub will be gone so it is a need. Also when we NEED a qb chances are we.wont be drafting top 3-5.
  14. Depends...If this was a Thomas Dimitroff draft and he went over Dan Quinn’s year to pick two offensive players in the first three rounds, then there may be merit to this. Remember it was Pioli who called McGary to say he was our guy in draft night. Not Quinn
  15. Welcome to the NFL
  16. I dont think that's updated, he's not on any other roster including CBS and
  17. If somehow Tua is available I would definitely take him. He's a Russell Wilson type. He could sit for a year, **** maybe two under Ryan and learn. How many years did Aaron Rodgers sit behind Favre? It would be too hard to pass up in my opinion. That said, I really don't think he'll be available.
  18. Not many abe's just lying about.
  19. You can be a great leader and coach but still lose the team. Coaches just like leaders have to rely on strong leadership within the team. You can only do Si much as one person. You always hear about how strong the Pats locker room is. We are lacking leaders that help hold others account. These guys are overpriced and do the bare minimum to get by. I really do think if you get rid of guys like Beasley, Trufant, and Campbell that our defense will start playing better. You can be successful with guys like Trufant in your team but he cannot he counted on to mentor and set examples for younger players.
  20. Seahawks pass rush has been underperforming so far this year. They haven't recorded a sack in their last two games. What's the over/under they get at least four Sunday?
  21. Youre in a football forum.what do you think?
  22. TD's weakness for years has been drafting linemen and the Falcons suck in the trenches because of it the sad thing a lot of people on this board could see that TD needed to go for years. It makes you wonder how someone who co-founded home depot could be so blind for so long.
  23. Makes zero sense. They've deployed tons of picks to make the defense into what he envisions. He's had no success hiring defensive coordinators (or O coordinators after the first one). Now that he runs the defense, it's worst in the league. He's never been a great strategist or game management coach. What about that says "I have to keep this guy?"
  24. I like Filippo a bunch. He got a raw deal by Zimmer
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