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  2. He was undrafted, y'all upset are a bunch of weenies
  3. In the Dabo link you can click down to the Charley Casserly interview where he discusses all three - he’s higher on Wilkins but he did say Lawrence’s range was #14-32. Casserley the former Skins and Texans GM knows tons of scouts and GMs - don’t think for a second he randomly through out #14, which just happens to be Falcons pick. If we take Lawrence over Wilkins, I pray to God that is the right move.
  4. My ex girlfriend had the brilliant idea to mix Conjure cognac with 99 bananas and Dr Pepper one night. I drank one glass. It was good but probably sweeter than a milkshake. I let her enjoy the rest and laughed at her hangover in the morning.
  5. Ready for Easter!

  6. Winkler always seems to pitch better when there is pressure...
  7. LOL, a non-Julio starter gets shelled for once, and THIS is the freakin game the bullpen decides to pitch lights out. ARGGG!!!!!
  8. When you're depending on Mike Mayock and John Gruden to turn your team around...
  9. Swanson just homered.
  10. 1 things change, doesn't mean it was intended to be false just worked out that way. 2 anyone that takes what a team says at face value leading up to the draft is naive at best
  11. Yep Lawrence will come into the league already demand double teams because of his athletic ability at his size. He may have to draw 3 blockers on him once he really puts it all together.
  12. I don't get how people can drink something that sweet all night.
  13. With Lawrence and Grady inside & Vic and Takk on the edge, you’d see our twists and stunts start to get home. Dex will also keep our speedy linebackers clean to shoot gaps and make plays closer to the LOS. Of all the possible prospects, Dex makes the most sense. He or D White would have the most immediate impact on our roster
  14. Well Lindsay was never part of the brotherhood of the Falcons so really this doesn't count
  15. you don't owe anybody any explanation. say what it is. i personally could care less when the braves win because i know its EMPTY wins.
  16. That’s a telling paragraph your first one and I asked that question about Lawrence a month ago because I can see how he’d be used as a foil here to release guys around him. Effectively making those around him better. I also wondered what the coaches value more when rushing.Having 4 straight beaters rushing the passer or a guy who can do both or make it easier for those around him. I believe if they took Lawrence at 14 they’ll value the making players around him better as there answer.
  17. I honestly think the "get fat" mantra of this off-season doesn't end at the oline. Even though we have a 53 man roster in the DT room at the moment, I could see Dexter as our pick.
  18. Nvm...for some reason I thought he was signed at 17 mill avg. Complete brain fart. I’d pass in this scenario
  19. You seen what trey flowers got right? Clark has been better than him. Clark's contract will push 20 mil a year
  20. Very short comment about him being one in a million to be able to do all he can do at his size.
  21. I saw that this morning and was caught off guard when he said that. It’s weird when u hear your team doing dirt with all the brotherhood talk going on, but I’m sure we’re not the only team that does it.
  22. I still believe in Sobotka, Minter, and Parsons for the bullpen. Maybe not this year, but I like their long term future.
  23. I'm starting to think we'd miss out on him if we traded back. Read something today/yesterday that said teams are much higher on him than the media is and he could go way before they are projecting him.
  24. Completely agree. Good post my dude!
  25. I've said it many times and will keep saying it...I like either Wilkins or Lawrence at 14. Wilkins cause he's always been good and even when the other guys were off the field, he was still making plays. Great story and other than the "balls" grabbing episode a couple years ago, he's been upstanding in every way. Lawrence however is the best fit for what I think DQ wants to up Grady and still have a guy who has a good chance of getting home but will at least not be moved as well as keep our LBs clean. The more film I watch on Oliver the more risk I see in him at 14 let alone a trade up. He won so much on being a better athlete that it worries me but if he ever learned to use his hands better and string together a set of moves, he will be Aaron Donald but he could be the DT equivalent of Vic Beasley if he doesn't and is still depending on athleticism to win.
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