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  2. How are they attacking them? Seems to me like they disagree with them and I have never seen any rules that Dems cannot disagree on policy.
  3. Mack is going to be 34-35 next season. This year he is playing with one arm next year may be on one leg. Time to move on from him, he was bad last season too. We could plug Gono at center and it wouldn't make that big of a difference at this point in time.
  4. Move Mack, let Wes finish the year at C, put Brown at LG when Lindstrom comes back.
  5. You're right, they will give up a 2nd! #TATF'd
  6. Maybe so. The point is teams prefer reclamation projects when it only costs $1-2M per year, not $10-15M.
  7. Great we're looking out for future draft picks but why don't we follow the Patriots plan and rebuild and change dead wood as you roll? They have never waited to improve around the stellar performers.
  8. Gareon Conley sucks... He was about to be benched also
  9. I'm just saying is value added is zero. Why pick Beto for VP over someone not in the race other than his ability to help you in Texas, which he killed. Plus Beto said that stuff on TV, so there are recordings that will be made into Ads if he is on the ticket.
  10. They finally arrested this guy... Chicago is breathing a sigh of relief...
  11. I don't think so. This regime does well with the really high picks. It's the rest that are questionable.
  12. He probably saw this tweet:
  13. Again, Grady Jarrett is among the best in the NFL at what he does. Very, very few NFL teams have two interior DL on that level. The reason Beasley and McKinley aren't producing is because they aren't good enough. If you put Myles Garrett on this team he'd have 12+ sacks.
  14. The Falcons HAVE to get Chase Young. It would make this crapfest of a season be totally worth it. They gotta get him.
  15. I agree that it happened and it affected the race, which is another reason why I don't like it when the media or anyone else pretends 45% approval means 45% of Americans would vote for someone if the election was tomorrow. Trump's strategy and the hackers' strategy has always been about reducing turnout for the left, but the media spends so much time calling him unfathomably stupid and fixating on his terrible, awful, no-good poll numbers that they can't explain why he's saying or doing anything that will play on how much people hate the media, the Democrats, and political conversation in the Trump era. If they tried they'd have to explain why their polls don't mean as much as they want you to believe.
  16. I'd be fine with this
  17. A boss makes or break performance even in that corporate setting. A bad boss is the reason people do poorly or leave jobs almost every time. Good bosses allow people to thrive. At every level.
  18. I'd take a 5th for Beasley and a 7th for Quinn. I think another issues is teams will probably want help with Beasley's salary as no matter what you think of his upside, he ain't worth half of that $13M.
  19. Eh the decision on that is still like a year away, he can probably recover for a largely symbolic unelected position.
  20. Yup. He managed to shoot himself in the foot... without a gun.
  21. Dont see Buffalo attached to Beaslet anywhere not sure if legit
  22. We both know we gotta run the ball, but the blind Kutty loyalists like @Jidaddy cant see it.
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