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  2. MNF

    Rodgers has all day to throw.
  3. I like him, except he has gone full troll mode when it comes to Ryan. Losing does that to some fans.
  4. He earned that for sure. Glad to see my O State boy ballin
  5. Right, he needed a distraction from the impeachment inquiry and the feds doing a cavity search in Rudy’s bank records
  6. Well played, my friend...well
  7. Nats are going to sweep the Cards. The bloop hits arent falling for STL anymore.
  8. MNF

    A lot of posters did not want Bevell here...
  9. Question asked, question answered...
  10. No. He has had how long now to build a defense in Atlanta? He needs to go now. Holding on to him at this point shows the ignorance of Blank.
  11. You should see him in the other threads. Keeps claiming Falcons are spending the most on offense. I show him 2 sources; Falcons are 8th and 11th on either...he says we spend $30M more than next team on offense. Dude is blatant trolling just to try to mess with me. Decided I'm done with the liar. People like him spread ignorance because of how much they "need to feel right" regardless of the truth.
  12. I think Matty should have his shoulder and rotator cuff mri'd and scanned. His power is off. He is tossing a bunch of butterfly and floater balls. I wonder if he has stiffness or pain when he throws. I don't want to see play through pain. We do have Schaub. In case he needs to rest or a quick snip. We need Matty.
  13. MNF

    A bad holding call on the lions.
  14. I alone can fix it. Dude words cannot express how nonsensical this all is. How hypocritical. Words cannot express it.
  15. Oh look...another stupid *** post about what's not a problem with the Falcons.
  16. Your words are bedazzled
  17. You’ve got to be ******* kidding me
  18. 8 years of Milquetoast Obama is enough.
  19. And the zebra's sang in delight! YAY!
  20. MNF

    **** I miss this WCo. No defenders in 5-10 yards of GB Receivers. Falcons should have kept Laffuer.
  21. I paid over $200 dollars yesterday to see that game in person and I wanted to leave at half so yea...I get it...
  22. So ignoring the moral implications. Trump has really went about this thing so so stupidly. Ukraine thing blows up. He realizes he isn't controlling the narrative. He pulls folks out of Syria to distract from it and in doing so pisses off everyone. He follows up his we gotta get out of the Middle East speech by sending more troops to the Middle East and brags on them being Mercs basically. He then follows that up by imposing sanctions on the people he moved out of the way for while knowing what they were gonna do. I know we're all numb to it by now.......but this is all ******* insane.
  23. When you fill your line with meh dudes, those kinds of results shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s Grady and a bunch of guys.
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