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  2. Pretty much where I am. Hooper provides the contested catch ability. Sanu is approaching 32. Take the $8MM in cap space and move on. This is a VERY deep WR class coming up as well.
  3. won't have to see it happen often. Both parts are just bad.
  4. I mean if you want to nit-pick there are a few bright spots. But the team in general is a complete and utter disappointment. The fact that this should team(or at least the defense) should have been much better being completely healthy should be a running joke. It sucks and makes for a long winter but there is life outside of football and there is always a Saints Playoff meltdown to look forward to
  5. Losing seasons are hard to deal with for Mods. I appreciate what you guys do around here.
  6. Fun fact: Obama endorses Canada's black face PM Trudeau for reelection.
  7. I'm leaning toward thinking that the FO already has Hooper's extension somewhat priced in. Beasley under-performing actually helped as we won't be saddled with a huge extension for a player that likely would disappear for seasons at a time. I see/hope the core defense getting restocked with a lot of $2M/yr to $3M/yr vets - selected by the new DC. That cap should also go up by about $10 million so that should give additional breathing room.
  8. Worth remembering for Beasley's sack of Wentz in the Eagles game, Lane Johnson pushed him way outside of the pocket but then Wentz improvised and scrambled right into where Johnson was pushing Beasley out of the play. It was a very lucky sack.
  9. Yup.
  10. I read the tweet, and the implication I got was that the person had read a bad article on WaPo that made what the tweeter considered a stupid argument. PG added literally nothing to that in his post. I think you're reading into something that's not there. But even if the implication is what you think - that WaPo sucks because they ran this opinion column - that is still far from what you were originally concerned about, i.e. that WaPo should not run articles by conservative authors. The former is entirely valid - if a publication is running articles (even op-eds) that espouse ideas that a reader finds bad, stupid, or offensive, then the reader and others have the right to think that publication sucks and may want to choose not to read it, or to alert others about the fact that it sucks.
  11. You hit on the key point of this entire thread. Most of the same players that are "trash" now have been solid contributors in the past. A regime change should address most of that and the players that can't get re-engaged can be easily moved. The key is that the Falcons don't have any significant "bad" contracts. Freeman and Tru are probably the closest, but those are both relatively small potatoes.
  12. If we are not making the playoffs (which we are not) and they plan on releasing him after the season (which seems.likely), than I'm down for trading him - and others.
  13. Glad it’s not my money. If I was Blank I would be pissed! And call the police because I am being robbed!
  14. Every line in that letter would piss off anyone. Sad thing is, he thinks he's being diplomatic.
  15. It’s ok, we have a high Rush Win stat.
  16. Yeah and those types are scenarios are far more likely than drafting a Mahomes. The Falcons are so fortunate to have such a strong nucleus already in place. By "burning it down", we more likely become the Redskins and Lions of the last 20 years rather than the Patriots.
  17. You mean there is somebody as bad as us?
  18. Just depends on who is cut as a result. This offseason is gonna be nuts.
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