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  2. Just saw Bowden tweeted that AA made it clear that the Braves have real interest in both Kimbrel and Keuchel and are doing their homework on them. So I guess we'll see.
  3. Free-speech is. And when a state actor discriminates against a corporation for the views expressed by its president, that’s not constitutional. It is disgraceful that (a very few) local governments have considered retaliating against DrewitvKathy’s expressions of sincerely held beliefs. I am pro-gay rights and anti-theocracy, but I was vocal when that was going on a few years back and will continue to speak out against it.
  4. Luke Stampani lol. The self proclaimed south Florida guru
  5. Other than Ridley, i feel like our 18 draft was one of the worst in some time..yeah we got some names that keep popping up, but the results just arnt there.. One decent player out of a entire draft is a huge fail imo.. And yes, I know we're planning on starting Oliver this season.. But im definitely not sold thats a good thing
  6. He is a hard person to get a read on. I wouldn't be surprised if he goes to UF,Oregon, or UGA. But I will add this: if his mom and kids join him wherever he goes he is getting paid. That I do know
  7. I guess there is always a chance they could be like the 2017 Jaguars who hadn't made the playoffs in 10 years but I seriously doubt it. I say 8-8 or 7-9 for the browns.
  8. It was probably a journalist that reported it. I heard it from 2 different ones. Budgets change all the time. And that only comes from the top. AA doesn't have that kind of power. Liberty Media wouldn't allow him to have it. That's why they put Terry Mcguirk in charge. AA was quoted in the AJC last July he was given specific instructions and can shop in any aisle.
  9. Masai should win executive of the year again for Kawhi and Gasol trades.
  10. I don't recall him saying it, I recall a journalist speculating it based off last season's payroll the players coming off it and the assumption that it would go up. I do recall AA saying he wouldn't give away what we had to spend as to not lose leverage.
  11. This is possible but also purely speculation, although I believe what you are saying. Still think AA should have went after the pitching first then threw his bff a bone. Also think that he offered far and away more money for Donaldson than any other team was willing to do but that's another discussion.
  12. Exactly.
  13. All I know if AA said we had $60 mil plus to spend in the offseason last year. And we didn't. Smells like Liberty Media stopped him.
  14. It seems like AA was told at the start of the offseason he had x amount of money to work with which is why he signed Donaldson. He was expected to still have plenty of money to work with to improve the bullpen but then LM and TM changed course after the Donaldson signing and said no more. That's the only thing that makes any sense. It's hard to think that AA would be that stupid to blow all of his allotted budget on Donaldson. I mean it wouldn't be the first time. We saw it with the Markakis signing the first go around. Markakis was signed and then the plan for the offseason changed. LM and TM is where the most blame lies.
  15. McGary "was probably a third rounder". So I guess the Patriots, and half a dozen other teams, who were about to grab him late first or early second...all those teams' front offices, scouts, and coaches....they're all stupider than our OP here. There is no way in **** McGary was going to last beyond early second round.
  16. This is obvious but also why people are pissy about the Donaldson contract. People can't say it's not AA's fault because LM won't allow him to spend then defend that Donaldson contract saying it isn't the reason we didn't improve the bullpen. It's one or the other.
  17. The same could have been said about Matt Ryan, or any other player that has been paid. Grady was drafted in the 5th round, and has been nothing short of spectacular for us. If you sign McCoy and cut Grady, Karma should bite us in the @$$. That would be an insult.
  18. I've largely avoided talking about the draft because no one knows who will be the right guy in the right spot at the right time. I like all of the players and think all of them have tremendous upside but I'd be lying if I said I loved it. There's going to be a lot of pressure on Lindstrom and McGary to start given the first round picks and trade up for the latter. Pretty much everyone else feels like a big project or niche player. I'm just trusting the staff to know what they need and being able to get it out of them. We've had four drafts under DQ and I think they have all been quite fruitful so hoping the streak continues with this group.
  19. This is truly heartbreaking!! The games on the radio will never be the same!!
  20. They were 7th in fewest points allowed per play which is the number I like. Accounts for TO’s and how you play each and every down The metric most analysts agree is best in judging a defense is yards per play. In 2017 we were 11th. Also ranked 13th in OPP TOP at 49%. That was a very solid defense DVOA also said the Pats had a bottom 5 defense in 2017.
  21. We.drafted Talk bc of his high pressure% in college. It's very encourage to see that carrying over. If you can't get home at least make the q.b. have to move.
  22. No, the defense got masked because they had less drives because of offense leading NFL in time of possession in 2017. Falcons defense wasn’t good when you look at points/drive and yards/drive. IIRC Falcons defense was in 20s when it came to points/drive. If the Falcons Defense had to play as many drives as League average, it would have been worse.
  23. Cominsky screams Jack Crawford replacement for next year; seeing as Craw is an UFA. Dude has the measurable and should convert as an inside rusher easily. How soon is yet TBD, but I think the Falcons wanted Depth in case of injury and is a groom pick for the aforementioned loss of Crawford next year. The only question; and why he is a mid-rounder, is whether DQ can mold him/coach him into a guy that uses his athleticism to make meaningful plays/snaps in a role alongside his teammates. There is a reason the Cowboys targeted him and we jumped them to take John. With Means going down; who was expected to get all of Reed's reps and Shelby gone as well, we have a need at DE. It'll be interesting to see how in-season snaps pan out and if any roster moves are made along the DL before TC and after June 1st monies open up the cap space.
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