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  2. The sad thing is that there is going to be a GM / coach who really wanted him back in 2015, and they'll wind up giving us a 3rd round pick because they think Beasley still has untapped potential.
  3. Scott Pioli leaving definitely hurt the Falcons, but i dont blame him.. He knew what was coming.
  4. If I’m Trump I have this hero at the White House Monday morning
  5. The Falcons will need to have some consistency in the FO, if they are going to succeed next year. That is one of the reasons a very mediocre or less GM has stuck around as long as he has. However, it would be relatively easy to make a Coaching change. Would not be surprised if Koetter does not stay on, again adding some consistency to the organization. Been saying for several weeks that he could become the interim/permanent Coach. In that light TD will want to give Blank the impression that it is business as usual vs. trying to win worthless games to save his job. In other words if it is in the best interest of the team long-term to make trades, then trades will be made.
  6. I believe our top weaknesses are OG+RT, EDGE, LB, and FS ... and I feel those are pretty much the same weaknesses we had when Quinn got here in 2015. In 5 seasons, his significant upgrades have been adding Mack and Sanu in free agency and drafting Hooper, Jarrett, Jones, and Ridley ... Over 5 seasons, that's just not enough when the team is losing other talent to free agency, age, and injury. I really do think this team could have a big turnaround in 2020 if we have a Top 5 draft pick and you hit on some of your top selections. I know we won't be able to do much in free agency, even if we do move on from Beasley, but you've got to try and add a premium veteran edge rusher in the offseason to supplement the draft class. It would be awesome to find a way to get Clowney on the team.
  7. Amazing win for Illinois.
  8. I cannot say. I will likely find it too difficult to watch the second half.
  9. He was ran out of Seattle for not running the ball during 2016 and 2017 seasons. Not sure how much of that was on Bevell or on Cable (run game coordinator) but good on him for looking better in Detroit. And I am in agreement with the future hire but Harbaugh and Rex scare me a bit but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.
  10. I am going to keep saying this,Atlanta loses out.
  11. And not even a good one..
  12. I hope not if we run the ball then be creative with it. We have multiple backs. Would like to see more play action! Defensively just need to be aggressive from the start. Dawgs can eat in this game!!
  13. People question her because of her actions not just her words.
  14. I watched him too, he believes in running the ball. That's the thing with Sark and Kutty they are terrible with the run game. A good running game is a Qb's best friend and opens up the PA. It's also a good way to keep the defense fresh and mask some deficiencies. Mike Smith hid an atrocious defense behind Turner for years. Bevell is a good one and he will be around for a while. I don't mind an OC/DC as our next HC as long as they are elite at what they do. Harbaugh, Rex Ryan, or someone w/ a similar resume would do.
  15. I’ll probably grill up some salmon I caught a couple weeks back. I have the day off so I’ll probably garnish the salmon with 3-15 boxes of wine. Who knows?
  16. Here in New Orleans area our AAA team (Marlins) are leaving. Hopefully we get another one to replace them. Wishful thinking but if they restructure hoping Mississippi Braves come here. A way to increase minor league players getting paid they could expand the MLB 40 man roster to say 50-55.
  17. Dogg She either his beard or he’s hitting her with that long stroke that boi goofy
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