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  2. Savage is nice
  3. Murray just said his mom got on his nerves. LOL
  4. i'm not trying to disagree with you. Quinn may be a great defensive coordinator but he needs SOMETHING to coordinate. there is nothing on that dline outside jarrett and possibly takk to coordinate...
  5. I bet you thought Garrett Bradbury would have been available late first too. Ferrell too for that matter. Yall do realize that mocks are not blueprints, right?
  6. Was supposed to go 17
  7. I wanted defense but this cat is going to be really really good
  8. He is not just a guard, but this guy can play Center as well which is important. We have added beef and back-ups for OL. The OL facelift is accomplished for the running game and Matt Ryan.
  9. It really doesn't matter how many DL were taken. There was still GREAT talent left on the board. Two of them (Burns and Sweat) were universally ranked higher than Lindstrom. Im not even mad at the pick. Lindstrom will be good.I'm more questioning our FA spending. We're going to have two expensive olineman between Brown, Carpenter, TY and Fusco sitting on the bench when we could have used that money elsewhere.
  10. I'm just saying if the Falcons are going to reach for an OL then why not Gillard?
  11. Honestly preferred a tackle. Lindstrom can be a very good guard though. My main gripe with this pick is that it signals very little direction in our offseason moves.
  12. Packers got Savage! **** should’ve been us
  13. I'll explain. This team only sniffs the playoffs by protecting Matt and scoring 30 a game. Thought we'd take a tackle.. but this draft isn't over. But spending $ on guards then grabbing a guard for the next head coach and GM does seem weird...
  14. What we need is a division 3 pass rusher to play special teams
  15. I'm hoping it's like the Keanu pick. Everyone says we reached but 3-4 years from now people are like "****...they got it...."
  16. Nah I get that argument. I really do. But honest to God our best draft has been followed with my God Neal and Jones were both overdrafted. Everyone else had them a round lower. This pick just tells me that Blank was serious as all **** when he told Quinn and Dimitroff yall birches better protect Ryan you *******.
  17. So obviously we’ll go DB in second because you think the draft is lousy w DL.
  18. With DQ taking over DC and all of the injured players coming back you can expect a bump just from that. In no way do I expect our D to be as bad as last year. Probably not top 5 or anything like that but greatly improved. Plus if this G can solidify our offense maybe we can get back to a 2016 level offense which is going to put us right in the thick of things at the end of the year.
  19. Yeah he will help the pass game but won't help push the pile on 3rd and short.
  20. I am glad I drafted a guy now that I could have drafted in the next round or later, Said an ex NFL GM.
  21. Yeah but the last time we did that you got a pro bowl safety for your causes and we bitched and moaned way more about that pick than most people have about this one lol. Lindstrom was ranked in the top 32 players by most places so he was a legit 1st round talent where as Neal was usually ranked in the 45 to 60 range and a true 2nd round talent. After that draft i got over the this is his value thing and just accepted if the player was a good player and a position we could use and i liked the player then it's a fine pick.
  22. It's a very Patriots-esque pick. Ie: I'd love it at 32. Lmao.
  23. should of taken a dwag. falcons go out of theyre way to avoid drafting dwags
  24. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm I'm a Georgia fan and the ONLY guy that I'd rate first round in Baker is quite possibly not going to go first round because of BS rumors. As much as I'd love to love all over Gaillard, he's not rated better than Lindstrom. He's likely going to be a 4th-5th round pick...for a reason.
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