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  2. Wow lol...
  3. Here’s another joke. Falcons Defense making a play Sunday like:
  4. Yup. I don't think Blank will make a move until we are officially out of the playoffs mathematically, or probably during the playoffs.
  5. Think you're going to see the house cleaned out in the coaching staff and Dimitroff "reassigned".
  6. From the way it sounds, I don't think Simmons needs to be playing on pass plays, but that creates another issue (and we're not even bouncing runs outside lately). You'll start telegraphing what the play is. Cager and Pickens need to be the outside WRs when we're in our base offense but we're kinda outta luck if Cager can't go later this week. It'll still be Simmons.
  7. Earlier I posted how the team would rally and beat the Texans. Man, these guys couldn't even beat the Cardinals... We're talking about the Cardinals! The 1-3-1... Cardinals... One more time for good measure. C-A-R-D-I-N-A-L-S... I'm not a bandwagon fan by any means, but this is ridiculous. I mean the Cardinals... This team might be the third-worst team in the NFL right now. Trust me when I say this. This isn't some fly off of the all reaction, they look that bad! We have the Rams, Seahawks, Saints, Panthers, Bucs. These could all be L's. We'll probably see the HoF looking Jameis instead of the 3rd string backup looking Jameis when he carves up our ridiculous zone defense. I don't even think we can beat them. I could seriously see the team coming out of this stretch 1 - 10. That could seriously happen and is looking more and more likely. If that's the case, then the bright side is they may have a shot at Chase Young and some semblance of a pass rush. Whoever the new head coach, and possibly new GM are, will have some work cut out for them. If Dirk Koetter is our next head coach then I'll just throw up both of my hands and wonder what's really going on?!
  8. Yeah. Clearly our issues are on the defensive side of the ball. Its just a joke thread.
  9. There is a "Falcon filter" in place. Too much ethics and morals on what is right and wrong. The head coaches that have been chosen have been chosen to uphold the filter and the candidates that have even been interviewed fit the "Falcon filter" even at the coaching level! Not just at the player level. New HCs that have been hired are straight edge guys with clean backgrounds and they've been told to coach straight edge players with clean backgrounds. That's why HCs in this organization are not good at handling "crazy edge" players to begin with. Blank will have to hire a HC who knows how to draft those kinds of players and how to manage them, i.e. Bill Bellichick, who isn't the most straight edge HC himself to begin with, bc Craft is a slim ball who condones those kind of players! It all starts at the top. Similarly, look the the Saints!
  10. Nah, Beasley is a situational pass rusher that doesn’t really want to play football. I just blame Dan for sticking with him...we could’ve sign another pass rusher to a 1 year deal that can actually play OLB in 3-4... Vic?? He can’t play Base DE in 4 man front nor upright in the new base. Situational rusher for $13M that does nothing.
  11. You know as much as i wish that was true it's not always the case. This goes back into a normal work environment too. If you have a manager that you just don't respect and are tired of seeing and hate your job because of that manager. Alot of times you will start slacking on your job and not giving it all like you would for a leader you wanted to be there for and cared about to make you love your job. Even more so if you are a better employee or in their case player and bust your *** and think you should be either a leader or in their case a starter but they keep putting other people in your spot that can't get the job done. You will again quit putting in as much effort because you feel what you are doing is wasting your time and effort if no one will notice how much you are putting in or if their playing favorites.
  12. LOL!!!
  13. Everyone misses Shanahan...when in actuality the team doesn’t need him. He won’t fix this defense.
  14. He was here through age 30 season for 7 years total. If Hooper signs a big deal with Falcons, he also is a FA at 30... Dude isn’t even 25 yet and putting up a massive 4th year. He has improved every year since being drafted. I’m considering cutting Free and Sanu if necessary/restructures don’t help with the 2020 cap problems. Most of that stuff will ride on new HC... Tru was out but Sheffield did great today despite no pass rush. Tru is next out the door. Invest in front 7 on D often and have a backup plan to Neal at SS but let him play on the 5th year option if we want... OL should be fine moving forward with Chris and Kaleb...extend Mack a year to lower his 2020 cap and hope he doesn’t retire after this crap show of a season...
  15. Efff that... A girlfriend can't get me no ring.
  16. Dude, you need to get a girlfriend...
  17. I think Quinn's been workin' 'em pretty hard, lately, trying to get the kinks out, and some of the "slackers" don't like it. LOL! So, I don't think he's lost this team at all....just tryin' to get the best out of each player, for the team's sake! Hopefully it'll work, sooner, rather than later ---
  18. zero sacks last two games versus teams that give up lots of sacks
  19. I voted 7-9 because Atlanta can't even win at losing. We will get hot and win meaningless games and sabotage our draft position. #Falcons
  20. Even Beasley is poor coaching. They aren't putting these guys in a decent scheme. DQs defense isn't good, and it doesn't put anyone in a position to succeed. The D was decent 2 years ago, with a lot of the same players. Last year, injuries got us. But then we got rid of Alford, and DQ took over. DQs zone scheme is basic, essentially a base cover 3 zone. It's not about creating turnovers, or stopping anyone, it's a basic "bend but don't break" model.
  21. And if I had his number, I'd drunk text him right now...
  22. Sometimes you have to wonder if all the garbage posts by others ever matter either? Nope. Just garbage posts!
  23. It's very frustrating. Wish it didn't take us losing to get them to go to it more.
  24. Narrative. This is about poor coaching not players quitting; unless your name is Vic Beasley.
  25. They were yelling at each other at one point...
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