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  2. Well unless he becomes the lead back of course not. They don't have Matt Ryan to make the line look average. idt people realize just how crap the line really is. Without looking i bet Ryan was sacked more.and took more hits. That's with him having one of the quickest releases in the game. Broncos were at absolute worst, par with Atlanta. A lot of PFF grades are useless, because again Matt Ryan makes the lines look better. Lindsay on our line isn't tearing it up. Lol. Sorry just not. A!so Janovich is waaay better than Ortiz was. They are expanding his role to a more Kyle J. role this year, after an impressive season.
  3. Now that I think about it you do have a point. I do love Polite's game as a pass rusher. We still have Beasley and Takk here among other guys. Ferguson right now is the more complete guy but long run Polite might be better and Atlanta may be the rotation he needs to further develop his game.
  4. Alot of speculation.I think it’s got more to do with guaranteed money than value per year.
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  6. I was assuming Greedy was already gone. It depends on where you are playing him. Baker is the better boundary corner, that's his fit is outside not the nickel to me. Murphy would be the better guy to play at nickel. Don't get me wrong both are good players, just depends on where you want to feature them. Assuming Murphy takes over where Poole left off. Polite is dropping because he isn't a complete 4-3 DE who is going to start day one. He is the better pass rusher, he is God awful in the run game, with his run fits, disengaging getting off blocks... He is one of the better rushers in this draft and a liability in the run game. That's a rotational guy, not a full time starter at 4-3 DE. 3-4 OLBs drop, he didn't do much of that at Florida. Both his ability to contribute against the run in a 4-3 and his ability to contribute as a drop defender in the pass game in a 3-4 needs developing. He can't start day one, he is still a rotational guy day one so teams have dropped him.
  7. I don't think we trade up to 3. I think if Ed Oliver is there at #8 we will pull the trigger though.
  8. Just one of those days. Chances galore and nothing doing.
  9. I could have done without the wacky music (in fact I think it'd have a better impact) but as we know Boomers are terrible at comedic effect be they MAGA or otherwise
  10. I agree. But I'm saying some doctors won't risk it. They probably make guys like that sign something that takes the risk away from them. You know the NFL is s cruel business
  11. That would be awesome. My only criticism would be taking 2 interior O-linemen - I really can't see that given all the guys we have brought in.
  12. No thanks, I'd rather package those 2 4th round picks and move up to the late 3rd round and pick up someone like Jimmy Mooreland or Khalen Saunders if there.
  13. Omg I just found these Hoder door stops
  14. No thanks, find the next clark.
  15. Fans and even media, focus on the well know names. So when someone like Keanu Neal is picked, we mostly criticize as he's not well known. But I'll trust a team that has done their research.
  16. Flying in Wed and Out on Saturday.
  17. I have zero faith in Fromm
  18. It's pretty amazing that a billion dollar organisation with a team of scouts watching every snap of college football would find a name in their analysis that you haven't heard of.
  19. The injury risk is my concern. I’d prefer him at 325
  20. No way
  21. yeah, I'm afraid of that too but I've seen him in the 4th in some of the deeper mocks. We could package the 2 4ths and move up
  22. from the patterns ive seen on our visits/workouts its either 1st round or later rounds for DT but Senat was a player we visited with last year that was never reported so you never know. I would love Jerry Tillery if hes somehow there in the 2nd or Renell Wren in the 3rd
  23. Did you vote along with the rest of the people?
  24. If Lawrence feels comfortable at 340 lbs and it doesn't take away from his game then does it really matter tho? If he plays good as is, then why not just let him be just one big nasty mammoth?
  25. The scenario has been advanced. The post and poll are updated. I still can't wait to get over this **** flu.
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