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  2. He's being tossed in to the starting line-up without enough experience. Obviously looks like a weak link and my guess is opposing DC's are going to be testing him early and often. It would be unreasonable to not expect some ups and downs until he can get comfortable.
  3. Let's make a team with these courage award winners!! Yaaayyyyy
  4. Wrong . Post a clan joke . I’ll be on your azzz for acting like a clown as well . What’s good for the goose is good for the gander . Rules are rules here .. all are good minus the “cursing” rule .. it’s childish . Lol .
  5. Who’s crying ? Mr.Feelings? Rules/Law are above feelings.. you’re in yours . That’s why you aren’t objective in how you comprehended the responses, girl . Lmfaooo
  6. At some point we have to give credit where credit is due. We may have gotten Matt hit in the past but now we are truly addressing the o line like we never have before. Look what investing in a line has done for the cowboys and saints.
  7. Lol, Vegas definitely has its own qualities, but the is truly only 1 Jamaica, it has its own character unlike any of the other islands. I always tell my friends if they go for first time, when a local approaches you and asks if it’s your first time in Jamaica, tell them you’ve been there “several times”. Otherwise the entire island will know within 10 minutes there is fresh tourist meet that doesn’t know the local scams. Man, they are better than anywhere I’ve ever been at scamming you! Even kids 8 years old will hustle you. I thought I was pretty smart and aware until my first time in Jamaica!
  8. 1 sack. He got 1 single sack without Grady. Also who the **** cares about some made up team award?
  9. im honestly not sure. for now hes brian hill until further notice
  10. So another Coleman?
  11. I think not. I’m pretty sure 2 of his sacks came while Grady was injured this year. Crawford is a very good DT. Way above average. His teammates also voted him the Ed Block Courage Award winner. Good dude, good player. “I was really pleased with Jack Crawford’s production this year. For Jack to finish with six sacks at defensive tackle, that’s a nice year. I was really encouraged to see him come back off his injury. He was the Ed Block Courage Award winner for us. That kind of tells you what his teammates think of him, to see him persevere. We really missed him in the ‘17 year. He got injured early on and missed the entire year. I was really pleased to see him come back like he did. I love the partnership that him and Grady had together.” That’s really what [Crawford’s] role was last year as well...Every time you want to go through the season, you want to see who played up to their potential...Jack was one of those players who I thought really played up to his standard we set for him, and for what he set for himself as well. I was really pleased to add that kind of pass-rushing ability inside. He’s an important piece to what we have. I love putting him inside in pass-rushing situations.”
  12. I see some similarities to Larry Centers. I really like this guy, but it’s hard to say. As much as I like him, he has both a low floor and a high ceiling.
  13. I've been seeing some "we only got one good guy out of the draft" bitchy kinda posts. Yeah, that's normal. The draft is a ******* crapshoot. Look at the Pats 2015 draft. 11 picks, 2 starters (1 left), and only 2 are even on the team (one starter and one backup). Ours has 2 starters still with us and one backup. No team hits on 3-5 or more picks in the draft like some of y'all wanna think. Get your head out of the sand and actually look at other teams besides just the Falcons. Maybe then you'll realize we aren't as bad as some of you wanna think.
  14. Its usually meant as a compliment. A poor man's Julio is likely a very good player. Its not like saying he's a poor man's Rashaan Salaam or Peerless Price. Its very high praise for a usually an up and coming guy or guy flying under the radar. I dont get the negative connotation you want to impress upon it. Just seems pessimistic imo. To each his own though....
  15. He's got plenty talent.....I think his ability is somewhere between James Connor another Pitt back and an old face Jason Snelling. If he can be our Jason Snelling for a few years....Id be more than happy.
  16. You always want high character guys on the team. Builds prestige, enhances the moral of teammates and also organizations arent just solely about playing football. Thats all some fans care about but it is dutiful to give back as someone who is able to. Proud of him and hope he can contribute on the field as much as he has/will off the field.
  17. Oh yeah, and how much of a salary do you think Gordon will command on the open market? Plan B, C, D, or whatever shouldn't involve overspending on a rotational player, which is what Gordon would be on the Hawks. You draft and develop, or you leverage picks to get more picks or cap space.
  18. What J said PM = Private Message DM = Direct message They're the exact same.
  19. Rams were an average defense. And the Patriots don’t spend money in the trenches. For 2019 they rank 27th in both DL & OL spending. In 2018 they were 25th in DL and 29th in OL. In 2017 they spent 12 mill on their DL In 2016 they spent 9 mill on their DL In 2015 they spent 8 mill on their DL
  20. I hate the term a poor mans _.
  21. I see a very solid 3rd down back with no glaring weaknesses.
  22. I hate player comparisons so much man. This guy runs hard, he's Steven Jackson. This guy is as tall as Julio and runs fast so he's another Julio. But but this guy is a 5'10 FS, he's Earl Thomas. ******* annoying. When have two players ever been the ******* same? Ever? Every player is different, every player has different skills. We will never, ever see another Kam, Julio, Calvin, Brady, Lynch, Wagner, Deion, etc.
  23. So you're taking some talking heads' speculations as gospel? Kawhi wanted a trade. The Spurs clearly weren't going to give him away for nothing. If it was really just about punishment, they could have traded him to some garbage team. Instead they sent him to one of the best teams in the East and got DeRozan in return. That's not punishment, that's a business decision. I don't pay much attention to what the media says. I know a healthy Kawhi is one of the three best players in the NBA.
  24. Much closer to Snelling than SJax.
  25. Same thing as a pm
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