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  2. Complete game - yes for the most part, still had a few too many empty possessions. Limit TOs - check, 11 TOs, 23 assists. ZERO for Trae Play defense - much better all around, Vince is yelling at these guys who are out of position quite often, I'm hopeful it'll get better as the season progresses. 9 steals, 4 blocks. 3 ball - Thanks to old man Vince, the rest not so much. Rookies - played well, too timid in the closing minutes, they'll learn. Bench - Vince, Parker, Bruno and yes even Bembry missing 90 thousand bunnies, his defense and hustle was needed. He just needs to understand his hustle isn't needed on offense, just slow down a bit. Rebound - won the battle.
  3. He wouldn't be perfect for anyone because he's a sub-par coach. He's better than Rob, but that just means he's not a total moron. They're name recognition people only.
  4. What if Tua is not great though? Then we are screwed. We'll waste like 3 or 4 seasons giving him a chance until we bench him like the Titans did Marriotta and then have to go looking for a QB in the draft again.
  5. Having a mobile QB doesn't mean you can buy time. Mobile QBs get sacked quite a bit. Watson and Wilson have had their share of getting sacked during their careers so far.
  6. LOL. It sucks, dunnit?
  7. Baby steps??!? lol. C'mon, bro! "The idea that we are going to cure it over a week is madness...: This defense has been in the toilet since Week 1, no make that since preseason. We're heading into Week 7 and it's getting worse instead of better. This defense isn't going to be cured until Quinn and everybody else associated with it at the moment is sent packing.
  8. You defended him but you don't have a non-racist connotation for why he used that phrase? You're struggling badly to defend the phrase, which tells me that you realize that for all of your indignation, you know that it was a dog whistle, Rover.
  9. Want some cheese with your whine?
  10. We wouldn't have a shot at Tua. He is going to Miami.
  11. Ugh. Guess we gonna have to put up with this bull**** all the way up til the draft....
  12. Does MR play D?True,he could have audibled in the SB,but changing OCs,a garbage O line,and knowing he has to throw muti-TDs,because the D can't stop anyone,why I think he's the best QB the franchise has ever had.
  13. Wahhh, I cant be racist anymore!
  14. It was his 4th drug charge in 5 years. And he plead guilty to possession with intent to distribute.
  15. Which he is terrible at. We consistently have a terrible OL, and a lackluster run game. Why keep trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Get a QB who can buy time and make plays outside of the pocket to offset your Terrible OL.
  16. Actually you tell me what he meant by Urban. All 3 women are of 3 different races, so it wasn’t a slur at a specific race. “is it too far left, is it too uncompromising, too urban, is it too internet?” that implicates “too new age” “out of touch with someone “too rural”....but would that also be considered racist?
  17. 15 years. There had to have been 50 huge red flags that this prosecution was BS but it still went full steam ahead. Wonder how many threats of life in prison he heard before he caved? Blue lies matter.
  18. I see you repping vic beasley KoG
  19. That could be. On the flip side, if we had a run game, he'd have fewer INT's, higher YPA because he'd have easier reads. I'm not excited w Ryan this year, but as with most years, he's the least problem. Put any decent defense, OL and offensive system, and he'll put up top 5 numbers for you. But with no run game, no pass blocking, no defense, and not scheming WR's open...he's not going to overcome that. You don't really have a chance in that situation, but your only chance is a scrambling QB.
  20. Yards aside, he leads the league in TDs. He has all but one of our TDs right now.
  21. Cody Gregg was cruising through an industrial neighborhood southwest of downtown Oklahoma City on Aug. 12 when police spotted him. It was around 10:30 p.m., according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by the Oklahoman, and the officers noticed that the shirtless, backpack-clad homeless man didn’t have any rear lights on his bicycle. They tried to stop him, but he only pedaled harder, ditching the bike after about three blocks and running away on foot. When they finally caught up to Gregg and demanded to search his backpack, they found a large clear plastic bag of white powder stuffed in a coffee can. Police concluded that the substance was cocaine and charged Gregg with a felony. Last week, after spending nearly two months in jail, the 29-year-old pleaded guilty to cocaine possession with the intent to distribute, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. But on Thursday, just two days after learning his fate, Gregg was back in court, this time to withdraw his guilty plea. The lab tests had come back, and they showed that the suspicious-looking white substance was powdered milk, the Oklahoman reported. AD According to the paper, Gregg told the judge that he got the milk from a food pantry. He said that he entered a guilty plea only so that he could stop languishing in Oklahoma County Jail, which has been plagued with issues including overcrowding, chronic mold and an unusually high suicide rate for decades. On Friday, the case was dismissed and Gregg was released. The Oklahoma City Police Department told The Washington Post on Wednesday that police tested the white powder with color-changing drug tests that contain the chemicals cobalt thiocyanate and Marquis reagents. In the probable cause affidavit obtained by the Oklahoman, an officer wrote that the baggie contained “a large amount of white powder substance that I believed to be cocaine based on my training and experience,” and that the powder “later tested positive for cocaine and was a total package weight of 45.91 grams of cocaine.” AD It’s not the first time that a harmless household staple has been incorrectly categorized as an illicit drug. In 2016, the New York Times magazine and ProPublica revealed that tens of thousands of people nationwide were being jailed each year based on the results of finicky roadside drug tests that frequently produced false positives. Often, the tests were responding to environmental factors like the weather, and cobalt thiocyanate, in particular, can be affected by the presence of chemicals found in household cleaners. In some instances, police simply didn’t understand how to use them correctly. As The Washington Post’s Radley Balko wrote last year, the list of innocent items that have been misidentified as dangerous drugs includes chocolate chip cookies, breath mints and the glaze from a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Despite growing awareness that the tests have a high error rate — some studies have found that they result in false positives a fifth or even a third of the time — many police departments continue to rely on them. He was jailed for 41 days for having heroin. It was only detergent — and part of a wider scandal. At the time of his Aug. 12 arrest, Gregg was on probation. Court records show he had been arrested on drug-related charges at least three times since 2014, and had previously pleaded guilty to possessing marijuana, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. In at least one instance, the costs of his incarceration were waived because of mental illness.
  22. Coaches would be lined around the block to get their hands on this offense. Not to mention Atlanta is pretty much a top ten city across the board except schooling.
  23. I would be all for it if that was the biggest issue
  24. I should have used the word "skewed"... Ryan's stats are skewed. All he does is pass since they cannot run the ball much and we are always playing from behind. That's where all these yards are coming from!
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