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  2. Yeah, I can see why people would have a problem with that. I personally loved it though. Last Jedi was aight. Definitely kinda disappointing.
  3. I like him, but the refs has helped him a lot this season.
  4. julio is julio , you and i both know that
  5. What about OT Schader he did good too. Shanny you left and Schader fell off the mountain maybe DQ did too Shanny Man! Go ahead and finish the season witha 49's. As soon as the last game has played. AB and DELTA will be at the SF airport to bring you back to the ATL. You can even bring your Daddy. You owe us Shanny. It is not right you are basking in glory while we are left with a Catastrophe. HELP!!!!! COME BACK SHANNY COME BACK! SHANNY MAN
  6. Well said my man
  7. facts, i would love to have him here
  8. I hope we offer Gibbs, but I’m afraid the staff is higher on Chaney and Edwards, unfortunately.
  9. I don't think it was his ego. He was clueless in Game Management. His dad is in his ear now. Neither Kyle, nor Quinn had a clue. Their philosophy was to score so many points, and play soft defense to not give up big plays.
  10. It was almost an exact remake of A New Hope. Both of the previous films were terrible. Like prequel terrible.
  11. I thought Dan Quinn would have our defense balling and the offense had the talent to do well without Shanahan. How wrong I was.
  12. Touche
  13. I'll never stop being bitter over how that turned out. How in the world do you not run the ball? But, I'll also never stop wishing he was still here and our head coach.
  14. Bs couldn’t play dead in a John Wayne movie. Now you’re trying to tell me he missed a couple summer workouts with DQ or he’d be a much better and dedicated player???? As I’ve already said -Bs won’t ever do it again I don’t care if LT, Bruce Smith, Chuck Smith, JJ Watt all work with him. If you don’t get it after 5 yrs guess what you’re never going to. He’s a great person but he’s not a good FB player. Trade him for a bottle of water and a roll of tape
  15. He would have gotten promoted to head coach within a year or two. That's why I think they went with Sark. Because they figured they wouldn't have to worry about him getting promoted because of his previous alcohol problems and their would be stability. Same with Koetter and his failed head coach attempt.
  16. You gotta bench Darnold. His confidence will never recover from this game.
  17. Our cap situation only prevents us from doing a full reboot I.e. trading guys like Matt and Julio which a lot of misguided fans are calling for. It doesn’t limit us from shedding contracts like free and Trufant. Any coach would love to come in with an established franchise QB and the best receiver in the league already on the roster. Any coach knows they are still going to get high level performance out of those 2 for at least 3-4 years allowing a more reasonable pace and flexibility for them to remake the roster in their image. Not having to worry about the most important position on the field is a new coaches dream. A new coach will be able to come in a fully focus on fixing the o-line and defense with solid players anchoring both units in Matthews and Grady
  18. I was so furious at his ego trip in the Super Bowl that “good riddance” was my primary emotion at the time. But even then, there was a voice saying he was the only reason we were in that game in the first place .... and that has proven to be abundantly true.
  19. Smart man, I’ve just been using wikihow this whole time.
  20. With our luck if we ran the ball and kicked a FG, the FG attempt would have been blocked.
  21. Not sure I would listen to an LSU fan, regarding Gibbs.
  22. A few thoughts dang, chuck, wait till we trade before you point this stuff out. Lol takk needs at least on productive year if he wants that 5th year option picked up. It’s be funny to see where he is compared to Vic at this point in his career he ain’t wrong.
  23. What's funny is the Jets are down 24-0 in the second half and they are still more committed to the run game than we are when we are only down by 7 in the 1st quarter.
  24. Playclock expired
  25. Let me know when you make it. Maybe there’s a YouTube vid on how to make one.
  26. If they had *talent* they'd be *executing*. Not *executing* is a poor man's excuse for sucking. "it went well in practice, we just couldn't execute when we had to play in a real game."
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