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  2. Only ones that should be in this are Biden Sanders Warren Harris Gabbard Just go ahead and start consolidating this now so that it doesn't take until the final debate to narrow it down to the ones people actually might care to hear.
  3. Night 2 is Biden, Harris, and eight others that no one really cares about and failed to land anything of consequence during the first round. Night 1 you have a couple more high profile candidates, Delaney and Hickenlooper will probably try to go after Sanders and Warren and will get slapped down again, Beto will do some cringe inducing thing, Marianne will do her moonbat thing, etc. Way more potential.
  4. Run the football. Stop the run. Beat the man in front of you. Send a message. more.
  5. I hope we can win Soroka’s start. I don’t hold out much hope for us with Julio and Gausman pitching the other games
  6. I forgot Duke Riley was on the team.
  7. Just curious....what makes you believe that?
  8. The only thing that would bother me about Graham being gay is the hypocrisy of his anti-gay stances over the years. Otherwise, I don’t care.
  9. Night 1 is nice because of williamson, but Night two is clearly superior. Biden is going to come after Harris. Gabbard is going to call Biden a Warmonger.
  10. Nope they were definitely saying send her back
  11. I don't think they miss Ingram. Overrated. Murray will fill the role.
  12. Riley is a workout warrior. But still is a shtty linebacker. Physical tools have been there since day 1, he just can’t put it together on the field
  13. New Orleans will have a down year.
  14. Agree with most of this. Main thing you guys need to worry about on Kamara is risk of injury. Plus as we well know in ATL, 2nd contracts are tricky for RBs.... Think you guys will miss Ingram? I do.
  15. Are you surprised? I don’t know why y’all give WFW, SB, and the other rightwingers so much credit as to assume anything they say is factually correct. If they post something, you have to assume that it’s false or fabricated or some kind of dishonest partisan hackery. But y’all keep reading their posts and assuming the things they post are accurate. You are giving them credibility they absolutely do not deserve.
  16. Why would you take Sean Newcomb out with the pitcher's spot due up 2nd in the bottom of the 7th? This makes no sense. This is a perfect example of what I was trying to say the other night about Snitker being terrible with the way he uses the bullpen.
  17. Go Braves. The Nationals suck.
  18. Back in '98, I bought a Brooking and a Chandler jersey. Those were the last ones I ever bought for any sport. Over the years, I have been given a Vick jersey and, of all people,a Derek F'ing Lowe jersey. I do still have a Thrashers jersey, but it's not of any particular player.
  19. What’ll make me laugh all those saying if Julio is worth 20 when he’s 34 and he’s still putting up 12-1500 yards and 8-10 TDs lol. I wouldn’t bet against that lol.
  20. And after drafting so many pitchers over the past 4 or so years. To have so many just not be able to step up, is horrid.
  21. We need Rand Paul's neighbor now more than ever.
  22. I'm not going to lie man, this is complete honesty and maybe it's because I'm a pessimist but those things are exactly what I thought would happen. Obviously not the bone spurs but I didn't think he would be good and thought last year was an anomaly.
  23. Atlanta United is currently my only "jersey" and obviously there aren't any retired legends for this particular franchise yet (tho my guy did get his first goal in 2 years with the team last night ) I have pretty rotten jersey luck. I had all kinds of Vick jerseys once upon a time, then D Hall. My dad got himself a Vic in 2016 cause he asked me about our defensive players and I said "well this guy leads the league in sacks, so I guess he might be around a while". Now I'm more into polos.
  24. Here's a video summary similar to the article's thoughts.
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