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  3. Pretty much.
  4. I think we all know why we are 1dimensinal
  5. Game time! GO DAWGS!
  6. Cap sites currently projecting us as over the 2020 cap as currently constructed. Players like Hooper, Campbell, Freeman and Sanu probably won’t be back. Trufant could go as well. You can’t pay everyone, and Falcons ready have massive deals in place for Ryan, Julio, Grady and Jones.
  7. Let’s get this dub
  8. Vienna sausages....probably open 2 cans....great value bbq tater chips and some capris suns and shine to drink....gummy bears for dessert
  9. The pitfalls of having a great QB and most everything else mediocre is it all gets placed on one guy. Our identity is Matt Ryan’s numbers and nothing else. It can cause fans to become annoyed.
  10. I’m just curious. I keep hearing/seeing people talk about how bad the cap situation will be for the Falcons over the next couple of years. I guess I’m not as in-tune with the team’s salary cap situation as other on the board. Will this team be handcuffed over the next couple of years or what?
  11. I can respect that answer.
  12. You saying the Colts allowed the Falcons to get back into that game?
  13. Colts.
  14. Yep just embracing the suck this year, I love Rex because hes a great defensive coach. He may have tore up that buffalo D but they ran a different scheme than what he coaches. His defenses in NY carried Mark Sanchez to back to back AFCCG, he would have done well with our offense.
  15. Go look up our 2020 cap space on the Internet. We’re currently over.
  16. Regarding possible Cap related moves next year:
  17. Still in the jock strap. I feel it and think about it every waking second of every day. It’s been 78 days.
  18. K
  19. Or they sign because an in season injury means less money at the end of the year. I never said he'd take a discount clown. Just dont think he gets paid more than Graham or Kelce.
  20. Bobby? They’ll believe whatever their told to believe. Just imagine the stuff they’re listening to on am radio Slice it open and see what happens
  21. This is still a thing? Christ. That hematoma has already outlasted most of Trump's cabinet.
  22. Matt is very good but this has always been such an oddly set up team that sustained success for a QB of his caliber is hard to come by.
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