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  2. I’m talking about something else. I also don’t expect Freeman to make it much longer
  3. He always has looked like a weirdo to me but honestly he surprises and hits on alot of picks. I think the 3 guys with pioli have really helped square up the defensive line. I think they select guys they like and that are good but I kinda feel like they don't really build the team. Maybe this year we will get bigger on all sides of the ball. I feel like that has what we have been missing. Just having the big men that are nasty in one on one situations. We have been kinda like a finesse team and that's not bad but we lack that teams dislike playing us quality
  4. Maybe I'm tired. But i could have sworn he was injured before the contract
  5. Swift is a cool guy. Minus the horror stories I've heard rumors about with no proof.
  6. I think more people understand the realities of actually trying to impeach Trump than we reflexively want to give them credit for.
  7. I don't regret Yugoslavia tbf. If anything that should have happened sooner
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  9. Yeah, that's not that great, hjerry ---- but I have a feeling the sacks would increase as they get acclimated to the, it would depend on which team/situation they're in. I like Burns! And to be compared to Jadaveon Clowney, makes it even better!!! Besides, according to Smitty, "sacks aren't everything" --- Haha!
  10. Their best projection for this year is just over 5 sacks a year? Ouch
  11. Nice article --- thanks for sharing! And from what I get, it's Brian Burns by a mile!!! He may need to bulk-up a little and gain some more weight, but picking this kid would be FINE with me! Go get him, TD ---
  12. I agree with Fib on a lot of what he said regarding Mathis. Mathis actually surprised me some in the g-day game. I thought he played well and looked better than I have heard about him from practice. Mathis has a very limited playbook right now, but he is very smart and will pick up the playbook quicker than some expect. No one knows how much he will improve this year, but I wouldn't bet against him. Mathis is a hard working and very talented kid.
  13. But he can’t draft trench players lol But he’s had a job for a decade and has one of the better win %s over that time. But trench players he can’t draft them. At least he’s the mostt successful GM in Falcon history and winnings winning. But the trenches. Winning.
  14. Walker is option A for this coaching staff.. They freaking love him and as you said we sit very well with him. I feel very good penciling him in this class.
  15. Chris Milton‏ @fatherofballers FollowFollow @fatherofballers More @carsonbeck01 hey buddy.. Can you get me in touch with your dad?? (Milton's dad)..
  16. Really like the first 3 to 4 picks. Would be happy if the draft played out that way. Not a big fan of the Harmon, Davis and Holyfield picks. Moreland is solid and a cheaper P is a good idea IMO.
  17. Yep agreed but if I’m looking what we have on the edge in Claiborne Beasley Takk and Means I think it’s going to be by committee out there. Even if we don’t get double digits from anyone of them I think between the 4 we’ll get a few. Dex to me is the guy that gives us more options to attack teams with different personnel packages.I love the idea of him and Jarrett playing together.
  18. Aren’t the Falcons 3rd in wins since TD took the job?
  19. Love ya, brotha..but don’t resemble this
  20. Sorry to butt in, but make that THREE playoff births (not counting the SB). 2017 -- Beat Rams, lost to Philly. 2016 -- Beat Seattle, beat Green Bay (lost SB). Source: Pro Football Reference. I see what you're saying about, if it was based on last year....but I think Rosenthal based his ranking on TD's body of work, not just last season. I know, a LOT of GMs would kill to be 46-50 (in 6 consecutive regular seasons), plus 3 playoff berths and a SB appearance!
  21. KoG, I actually disagree here. This was a 7-9 team that(barring injury bug again), is adding 4 Pro-Bowl caliber players that they didn't have most of last year(Neal, Allen, Freeman, and Jones). I'm optimistic with the new guards, I like that we brought Clayborn back. I think if the front office thinks Bosa is capable of being a franchise DE, we make that move.
  22. Just take Lawrence at #14 and be done with it.
  23. He's definitely one of the best in the league. He gets way too much **** here
  24. You are officially swift kick 2.0 now
  25. Somehow that's where I keep seeing him mocked. Glad to find someone else who is really high on him. I guess his athleticism didn't wow analysts but man when you watch him, he's just got it. I think he's going to be a steal for someone.
  26. YES!! Great double play and the Rockies beat the Nationals 7-5!! Great day in the standings for the Braves!!
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