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  2. But there is only one way to figure out which is which
  3. So were a lot more bad ones.
  4. Debo is a difference maker on this defense
  5. Does Oliver play more than 2 series in pre season? I doubt it..
  6. So were a lot of great pitchers early in their careers..
  7. Brutal.
  8. Zimmerman reminds me of Scott Rolen. Heck of talent but injuries just derailed his career.
  9. Debo is a straight difference maker on this defense!!
  10. I see it too. He is weird.
  11. I really hope Freeman stays healthy and earns his pay this year for his own legacy. If Freeman retired tomorrow he'd only be remembered for bringing up his contract before the superbowl and then missing a block causing a major turning point in that game.
  12. She didn't say a single word about homosexuality in that clip. To call that tweet misleading would be generous. It's actually a lie.
  13. We sure have amassed a wealth of AAAA pitching during the rebuild. Wright and Wilson are hard throwers who get hammered in the bigs.
  14. Why is it that when the Braves have one of the kids pitching the defense decides to lay an egg? First Acuna and now Ender. WTF man?
  15. Apparently our outfielders decided they dont want to catch the ball tonight
  16. What tha Inciarte?
  17. Wright getting no favors in the outfield tonight
  18. You sound like Spook.
  19. I thought he did play pre season?
  20. Very true. Zeke Elliott should be pizzed. Miller, Fournette, McKinnon all making more than best player on cowboys team.
  21. So... Prescott next guy to jump Ryan? His deal deal 2 yr old. Ewww, Prescott
  22. Good. Riley still needs to bat 6th. Seems like Albies and 8th is like acuna and 1st in the order. This way you have balance in the order.
  23. Yup, coming off injury and a terrible year. I have a feeling Kingsbury gonna kill whatever value he has left... Also how is Lamar Miller only 28? Feels like that dude should be like 34 lol
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