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  2. It may be time for a new voice....maybe. None of us really know. I personally wantes to give Smitty one more year but I reconized that it was probably time for a new voice. But as we have learned first hand....a new voice is not always the right voice. At this point nothing really would suprise me.
  3. Apparently, you can only June 1st two players per year and that most certain would be Free and Carpenter (if you gonna cut him he can’t be a pre-June 1st as it’s not helping cap)... Tru can be an outright cut so we gain almost a flat $5M and eat most of the dead money in 2020; helping more in seasons like 2021 and 2022.
  4. I echo @vel. I'm not sure he's ready to be a HC. And I know the trend right now is the hot young offensive guy, but Kubiak, you'd have to imagine is having a large hand in what Minny is getting out of that offense -- specifically the running game now. I like Stefanski, but he's young, and he hasn't even been a play caller for a full season yet. I don't want to wander into another Freddie Kitchens deal. I think he's legit, but it might be a little early.
  5. We out here making history!!! Feels good man!
  6. Nick Foles. Famous running NFL QB man.
  7. How would you feel if they hired Stefanski?
  8. Yeah I'd like to see Ulbrich as interim DC
  9. And, he is on pace for over 105 catches, well over 1,200 yards and 9, he meets @g-dawg‘s criteria. So, we’re keeping him without anyone PAYING HIS VALUE. While we re-allocate resources. Pretty simple. If highest bidder throws a high 2nd or even a 1st? Alright, we can talk. Tru/Free/Mack/Stocker are all easier to make cap space with regarding their contract than refusing to pay Austin for his prime seasons. A 5 year deal takes him through age 29. Heck, I’d consider letting Neal walk off his option or cutting Rico for a FS this draft to create space for the return we are getting there with them as starters. Defense needs an overhaul but it WONT be 100% this offseason just like the OL got all the attention and still needs time. The goal should be getting D on track, becoming a dominant D finally by the time Ryan hits 36+. Draft is the primary way we have to build moving forward regardless. Hooper ain’t worth losing just to create another need. Get me a 2nd or higher to justify the drop at TE we would have by keeping Stocker and Graham as the 1/2...
  10. RPO isn't a running QB thing.
  11. Meow?
  12. Yeah. Tanking would be an actual change of strategy and might be an improvement.
  13. Maybe Wilson will trip and fall behind the line of scrimmage.
  14. That's what I was thinking too. Need an offensive minded HC.
  15. I don't even know man and I feel like if I actually think about it it will be a colossal waste of time because the Falcons will do the exact opposite and make some obscure hire I just want competence. Coach and coordinators that can utilize our talent instead of wasting years of their careers while they flounder around trying to figure it all out.
  16. Well, you finally said something we can agree on --- Smart IS a d**n good coach!
  17. Harbaugh bolting out of Michigan!
  18. This right here is all people should be focused on. Head coach is bigger than how someone is going to manage one side of the ball. And you never know where that right fit is gonna come from. The right guy could be a grizzled offensive line coach who's never called plays in his life, or it could be a bright young special teams coordinator like John Harbaugh. Could I interest anyone in John Harbaugh right about now?
  19. Ppr league that’s 35 pts amongst them 2
  20. I would think Les could get a bigger check if UM would offer. Not sure he’d be their top pick but think he’d do better than khaki pants
  21. We're still trying to chase that WCO thing, so anyone who runs anything remotely similar is gonna be thrown in the mix. Like you said, though, people think they want a head coach, but they keep describing what they want in an offensive coordinator. Bill Belichick has had how many of his assistants get head coaching gigs? None of them have come close to replicated his success. Bill Belichick is a totally singular entity unlike anything this game has ever seen.
  22. Our DEs are in coverage all the **** time. It's Quinns fault
  23. We did this the last time, the last three timeS actually. Today’s NFL is built around the offense. People want to use NE as the example to prove that wrong, but no one is able to replicate what BB has been able to do for more than a year or two.
  24. Bring in the right GM, and then he will fire DQ. Blank doesn't have to. He can leave it up to him to find the right HC. NFL trade deadline is Oct. 29. Maybe we fire TD now. Keep DQ for the rest of the season while the new GM evaluates the personnel.
  25. If that happens it Would make us getting a 2nd for Sanu look that much more impressive
  26. I like him as well. But Id like an offensive HC this time around. But I guess you take the best man for the job regardless of which side of the ball he is going on
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