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  2. In terms of 1st round trade ups yes he probably is, although its pretty slim pickings.
  3. I'm sorry, but anyone with sense knows that the Falcons defense has hardly been good with Matt Ryan being our QB especially in his best years, and I believe despite the 2017 defense being top 10 in scoring, they were a bit overrated too at times. No one wants to admit that the 2016 Falcons had the 2nd worst scoring defense in the history of Super Bowl representatives with only the 2008 Cardinals who were 9-7 giving up more than us.
  4. I meant in 01. People.saying we would have drafted LT, and Brees had we not traded up for Vick. Doesnt look like rb was on our board in 2001
  5. Today
  6. Yep. I do worry about that myself. I wouldn't be upset one bit if the Falcons drafted a RB in the 2nd or 3rd round and took a chance on Bryce Love in the 6th or 7th round. The reports on Love's knee aren't very good so he's gonna fall like a rock in the draft. 6th and 7th round picks should be used on guys like him that have massive talent but have big question marks. I've always hated how the Falcons never take any chances on guys like that. Instead we always waste our 6th and 7th round picks on nothing. Seriously, when's the last time the Falcons drafted a 6th or 7th round pick that did anything in the NFL? Most times they don't even make the Falcons practice squad let alone making the roster. But back to why I wouldn't be upset with drafting a RB high, Freeman is anything but a sure thing to return to form and if doesn't and you don't have a good plan B then what? We're left with Ito Smith and Brian Hill attempting to carry the load? That brings back dreaded awful memories of 1999 when Bryon Hanspard and Ken Oxendine were the Falcons main running backs. Oh my was that one of the worse seasons ever. Falcons couldn't throw it, they couldn't run it. They couldn't do squat on offense that year. The defense was still actually pretty good but they were on the field an eternity because the offense was so bad.
  7. Interesting take, and I’m with you on Ford. Clearly, Ford is the much better, aggressive, attacking mauler in the run game. With Cajuste, I didn’t really see much slow footedness and thought he actually kept his feet moving pretty well. I like the way he’ll smoothly hit a guy, come off that block, and advance to the next level. Good anchor with his feet/base in pass pro, and also knows how to use his hands. I’ve seen a few indications where he may struggle with speed on the edge at times, but he’s then able to last second effectively close that space without getting too close to the QB. I’ve only watched the games against TCU and Tennessee.
  8. I just disagree. In 2017, people said he was trash but they don’t look at the factors. First, he switched to OLB. Despite that, people love to forget that Vic had 4 sacks in his first 6 games. The issue was his hamstring. He tore it, was supposed to miss over a month but played through it which clearly effected his season. Last year, all the injuries were a problem. Once Irvin came in and things calmed down, Vic had 4 sacks in the last 7 games. On pace for 10. Hardly trash
  9. I was going off memory from this article so I was off 2 weeks
  10. Weeks 10-14 he did have 4 sacks, when you said “to close the season out” I looked at the last 5-6 games in the season, not those specific weeks. He had zero the last two games against Carolina and Tampa bay, both below average offensive lines.
  11. We are still not using Campbell how he should be used.. He is capable of 8 sacks a year as LEO.. With Devin White you can resign Campbell who will cost less than Beasley & resign Debo to $18.5M a yr for the 5yrs of Devin white rookie contract.. That way you wont know what Campbell is doing.. Rushing the passer or in coverage he's what we want Beasley to be.. More power & length
  12. Not that I needed another reason to dislike him after watching him on Hot Ones lol. Seems like a bully.
  13. I’m calling him trash for his career. In the playoffs he was absolute garbage, yes. Anyone who watched that saw pretty much every other player make some kind of play in the post season that got us there and should have won the game. He didn’t show up at all. He had one move, speed. If right tackles struggle with speed he might get some pressure here and there, but he can’t convert speed to power, he can’t spin, he can’t bull rush, his hand usage is awful.
  14. Beasley’s recent return Things have changed recently. While earlier this year Beasley was playing 60+ snaps per game, he’s been relegated to a smaller role hovering in the low 40s. The truth is it has paid off. He’s had four sacks in his last five games, along with two passes defended and this play. The next two games will help a lot in evaluating Beasley. If he can keep pace and show he’s a 10+ sack player on limited snaps, he could be worth the fifth-year option.
  15. nope. maybe bring in a few udfa, but i doubt it with ito, hill, free, langford and barner on the roster.
  16. 4 of 6?
  17. The last six games of the season: New Orleans: 0 sacks Baltimore: 0 sacks Green Bay: 1 sack Arizona: 1 sack Carolina: 0 sacks Tampa: 0 sacks No clue where you are getting 4 sacks in last five games. He only had 5 sacks all year, which if that is the only stat you want to reference, it’s still awful.
  18. There’s a lot of good RBs projected in the 3rd to 5th round range. I’d be a bit upset if we didn’t take one considering the uncertainty with our backfield right now.
  19. So during our SB run when VIC led the NFL in sacks, you were calling him trash?
  20. those guys need to update their rankings...Lonnie Johnson and Savage may even go in the 1st and mcCoy is probably a 2nd round pick
  21. Sacks in 4 of 5 games to end the season?
  22. What did he do last year to suggest he isn’t trash?
  23. If you look simply at stats like sacks it would say it was a good season, however the eye test and stats like pressure rate, qb hits, etc would say it was not. He was unable to get any kind of pressure in the playoffs that year, including zero sacks. Most of those sacks he had were coverage sacks, qb held the ball longer than normal, a couple were him chasing a qb out of bounds that lost a yard, like someone else said he had a couple games against garbage right tackles that he looked good in. That year he was likely the fifth best player on defense and the 15th best player on the team. If you were asked “how did ATL get to the super bowl in 16”, Beasley’s name doesn’t come up in the first 15 answers. I hope he has a great year and I’ll gladly eat crow, but he was PFF’s worst graded edge defender in the league last year so I’m not real hopeful.
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