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  2. Whelp with all the injuries this is gonna be a defense put together with a rubber band and chewing gum. Not a single fullback avaliable on the roster. Hold on to your butts
  3. Quinn and preseason........this is the picture I get in my head. Are you with me!!!!!
  4. When people say that American politicians dont kill people, I ask of all of the world powers that have existed in history from the Akkadians to now, how may of them had no political murder?
  5. How many more do you predict Drew Brees will get?
  6. It's a fair question. I don't think he's pressing, but he's definitely struggling.
  7. Takk is exactly what you expect from early 2nd round late first round picks. A decent 7-8 sack /year guy with low ceiling. Takk would have over played his rookie contract if he can get 25-30 sacks in 4 years.. I don't think folks here feel Takk as a disappointment if you ignore the bend score gate. If anything, the hate for Vic makes people overrate Takk.. IMHO, the falcons don't have a premier pass rusher on the team and they should grab one next year.
  8. The Turner Diaries have to be in there somewhere too.
  9. We definitely need to be in on a trade for Minor. Bring him back home.
  10. I’d take Vic. Their stats aren’t much different although Vic led in sacks. Takk is very frustrating, his fans are annoying and are the same people that tend to like mediocre players.
  11. I’ve been assured by several conservative posters here that Snopes can’t be trusted because it’s run by a liberal house cat.
  12. At least Falcons until you’re 30. Not sure Grady or Debo are Falcons at 33 years old
  13. Donald Trump: "Black people, what do you have to lose?" Attorney General Barr: "We will not indict in the death of Eric Garner"
  14. I guess. Not great, but evolving into a good player in same vein as chuck smith hopefully. VB was a Top 10 draft pick with bigger expectations, whose play has been wildly inconsistent. Some of which I put on dan Quinn and his coaching staff.
  15. But for real, I can see possibly one as much as I don’t like to say it.
  16. Nice to be Debo. But TD did a good job vs Rosenhaus.
  17. Awesome move. Props to TD for getting it done and not waiting on Joneses.
  18. Ok, so let's put the "hate" word aside. Do you like him as a player? Would you rather have him or Vic right now going forward?
  19. Yeah, I think he's Jerry Rice, someone who was still a factor at 40. I believe it's more likely that Julio walks away before his skills go into serious decline.
  20. Bumps for Debo & Grady
  21. I think it boils down to Takk being a high motor guy and not making a lot. Vic is making a lot and is not a high motor guy. Takk is entering his 3rd year, and has already proven to be more consistent than Vic, who is going into his 5th year. It feels like Vic is just going to be that dude that never really makes it click. It feels like Takk could take a jump, if nothing else because of the high motor. Bottom line, we need them both to do better.
  22. Happy birthday Tandy. Love and positivity from me to you.
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