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  2. so you're fine with having no cap space next season and on the verge of going 1 - 6 with the head coach pretty much as good as fired?! How do you see this getting better may I ask?
  3. Was the Roughing the Passer penalty the only time we hit Goff today? It feels that way.
  4. Yep. He missed couple of plays but who doesn’t.
  5. Hotel incident?
  6. GTFO! Shannahan was the reason for the super bowl run and the majority of the success. Quinn and TD have been living off of his achievement for years.
  7. And people who do not realize how difficult it is to just simply "replace" Ryan and who are convinced that any college QB playing with great receivers and a great OL and a great defense can just become a star automatically in the NFL (no matter how many times this theory has been proven false).
  8. You know the Rams have a hard hitting, decent defense With the best defensive lineman in the league Glover? The Falcons could have had a Defense like this but they choose not to build the defensive lines and keep Quinn as coach! They deserve this?
  9. He made multiple plays today in backfield against Gurley. Blame DQ, Goff is most blitzed QB who struggled. He goes to 3 man rush till it’s too late.
  10. And the <insert opposition here> have just gone 3 and out to start the game.
  11. Kendall Sheffield has a lot to learn about open field tackling. Hopefully, the next DC focuses on fundamentals.
  12. Why do we suck so bad at home??? Do the boys sleep in when they’re in ATL?
  13. I swear your anti-Clinton propaganda is more insufferable than the rightwing propaganda. It’s pretty obvious that you’ll float any bulls*** conspiracy as long as it makes “centrists” (e.g., anyone to the right of Bernie) look bad. There’s a ton of stuff to criticize Clinton about. You don’t need to make s*** up and play these stupid propaganda games to criticize her.
  14. From Super Bowl laughing stock to NFC South doormat in just over 2 1/2 years. Sounds about par for the course with this franchise.
  15. Matt Ryan got hurt..... WHAT!!!!!!
  16. I don't recall that thread and it seems like I should be grateful.
  17. Guy, The Falcons would be about 4-12 for the past 10 seasons with just 20 percent less production than Ryan has given this franchise.
  18. Him and Grady are the only 2 on defense trying. They get tired trying to do everyone else’s job
  19. The defense is a disorganized mess. On just about any other team he would be killing it. Whatever Quinn thought he was gonna do this season with this defense, it didn't work.
  20. Yep its so bad
  21. That would hurt less than watching this season's Falcons games.
  22. You missed the "Will the Falcons beat the Rams" thread.
  23. What as the hotel incident?
  24. Future Pop Warner coach.
  25. Sheffield is boo boo. Weren’t y’all hyping him up last week?
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