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  2. It is what it is, and I can understand the emotion ---- but, I would have more respect for the guy, if he had left the foul language off, since I was watching the draft with my 7 yr. old Grandson....had to quickly mute the TV, but he still heard a lot of that garbage, unfortunately. But really, I can't help but think what his Grandmother would say about how he's played since being given the great gift of playing in the NFL. I think, she'd probably get a hickory stick to his butt, and tell him to go out there and play like she knows he's capable of ---- at least, that's what mine would do...
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  4. Familiar theme with our first round DE’s
  5. No sure what happened to takk but he showed alot more consistency than Vrex with back to back 6-7 sack seasons. I personally think these players are badly coached and that falls on Quinn. First of all we had him lose weight and learn to become an olber as well as play in coverage which wasn't his game to begin with. He was a solid 4-3 DE who had a good bullrush, and who could stop the run. Then we got to deal with the fact that our run defense is straight up butt cheeks which means he has little opportunity to pass rush when he isnt dropped in coverage. I'd like to see Takk with a better coach, but Vrex to quote spawn:
  6. I'm not done with Takk but next year will tell the tale.
  7. Good for him. He’s the best POS on a defense filled of POS’s
  8. Get off Takk's back. Nobody is playing well except Julio and Hooper. He's applied more pressures than anyone else on defense, and that's what Quinn preaches.
  9. I echo this sentiment.
  10. I think he has issues that need to be resolved before he can focus 100% on his career. All conjecture on my part… But it’s what I think.
  11. I am okay with being a nerd. also corporate bureaucracy is insane. Was dealing with a production issue today. Had people complaining and processes broken, yet we have to fill out a ton of paperwork and basically beg people to let us fix the problem. The change was 2 lines to be removed and 1 file permission change... I wanna cry 5 hours of running around for 10 seconds of changes
  12. Takk is the prime example of all bark and no bite
  13. It is a touching story. But that night was the most passion I’ve seen from him since becoming a member of the Falcons family. I really wish he could harness that passion and release it on Sundays. Deion is giving him that exact advice in the interview if memory serves
  14. No, we aren't desperate to trade Vic, since he's gone after the season anyway, but we are desperate as a team to get this thing going in the right direction, is what I meant! But if we could get a Draft Pick for Bustley during the season this year, it would go a long way toward reducing the cap, and having the cash to sign a serviceable FA during the off-season....not to mention sign our top draft picks ---
  15. Absolutely. I want to state that I LOVE Hooper. Dude is the model player for us; He works hard, and has gotten better every year. On top of that, he and Matt have chemistry. If we had not given Julio a stupid contract, I'd be all about signing Hooper long term. But we gave Julio that ridiculous contract, and now we're stuck with him and we're in cap ****. With Hooper putting up the numbers that he's put up so far this year, he should garner a 1st round pick, if not a bit extra. Given the state of our cap at this point, signing Hooper to the kind of contract that he deserves just isn't in the cards. Trade him now, grab the extra first rounder, and move on to rebuilding. Our new coach (and hopefully front office) would go into the draft with 2 first rounders and 2 second rounders. That's a lot of potential talent for the new regime to work with. Heck, if we got really lucky, someone might give us a 3rd or 4th rounder for Bustley. And don't forget that we still have Julio, Ridley, Hardy, and Gage. We also have Jaden Graham waiting in the wings. Ryan has far more receiving options than he needs to be effective. What Ryan needs in 2020 and beyond is a defense.
  16. What a feel good story. Behind you all the way Takk.
  17. Yup. Certainly not for anything done on the field. He is just as disappointing as Vic this year. The difference is Takk claims to love the violence of football… But you really wouldn’t know it
  18. You destroyed their world. You destroyed their core beliefs and they didn’t know how to reconcile that.
  19. If someone came with the right deal, they probably would.
  20. I love it.
  21. Really hope he wins.
  22. No, we aren't desperate. Vic is gone regardless. It's not like we have to trade him. We aren't trading for a run in the playoffs, the one contacting us is. We can squeeze them and not get a ****. Someone will probably overpay for him or we won't be able to trade him.
  23. You're being pretty generous there, bro. I hate saying it, but I don't see us winning 4 games this awful season ---
  24. Im honestly ok with whatever Blank does with Quinn. I wouldn't be angry if he kept Quinn and cleaned out TD and the whole upper front office and Gave DQ one more year with new people over him. I do want a new offensive mind at OC and wouldn't mind one as a HC. We aren't doing nothing next year regardless.
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