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  2. Just not to the eaints ffs
  3. That what every one said.about Beasley
  4. Hopeh he goes for 340 vs saints t o complete the division.
  5. My God, go get Kimbrel now.
  6. Are you serious?
  7. I would say all 4 of those should have a **** good shot at making the playoffs so i would say he didn't lie about wanting to go to a contender.
  8. I hope Newcomb or Touki can be our regular closer if we don't sign Kimbrel after the draft. It seems like they're just gonna keep shuffling middle relievers back there until they have a better option.
  9. Luke was too flustered once the pressure really mounted. They should have pulled him and put in Newc.
  10. This mother****ing bullpen loses another game and refuse to sign Craig Kimbrel because it will cost a draft pick that we don't need!!! Total ********!! How many more losses??????? How many more **** losses must me suffer through????? I've had enough!!!!
  11. Completely ******
  12. JFC!!!!!!!!!!!! Luke ******* Jackson!!
  13. ******* ridiculous
  14. Oh that Braves bullpen, wacky bunch of kids
  15. Don’t care for there players but I’m a fan of Bruce Arians.
  16. Yoooooo lmao not like this!
  17. Ok but he was also extremely lazy. So which factor mattered more?
  18. Horrible strike 3 call on Freeman...
  19. I doubt he could spell his name. Wouldn’t know enough to come in out of the pouring rain He like that grape drank though. This is all one needs to know about him “Life coach” fires JaMarcus Russell
  20. Today
  21. Ok so there’s one we left out. Work ethic/commitment to football. Did Russell fail to low IQ? I don’t think so. I think he failed bc he was lazy.
  22. @Iron Saint is legit here and on SR.
  23. Reagan was a friggin' libtard.
  24. Hope they do it before they a cheerleading crew full of pregos waddling out on the field and doing high kicks.
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