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  2. Ice cold cherry vanilla Dr Pepper>>>>
  3. I've been liked Lawrence. He could be what Akiem Hicks or Fletcher Cox are to their teams.
  4. Who does like watching us lose? well, except for those “I told you so” guys..
  5. Everyone here knows me...I dont panic...Im the voice of reason....but when I start talking ****....I see some **** I dont like..
  6. I’m sure we’ve offered Grady 17-18 mill avg contract and it was refused
  7. Sure about that?
  8. Dr. Pepper is the way and the light.
  9. Along those lines kids I grew up with would wear other teams jerseys. Etc. not just in football but in basketball. Saw a lot of Bulls and Raiders apparel. I’m really underwhelmed by the radio coverage of what I’ve heard from Falcons talk. It seemed like most atl sports shows would gloss over the falcons. Maybe I don’t know all of them. Used to listen to Chuck n Chernoff
  10. It gets drowned in negativity.. some people live for this.. they don’t post as much when we’re winning and then unleash the beast when we lose.. it’s their meaning in life I trust the guy that made necessary moves for us to make the playoffs last year.. when a majority said there wasn’t a chance Yessir
  11. the battery is gonna make money. thats the only thing liberty media is concerned with...
  12. Dex is a top 5 talent. Not simply a two down run stuffer. He played injured all 2017 and Last year was asked to occupy multiple blockers because of all the talent around him His freshman season was special. 62 Tackles, 9 TFL and 6.5 sacks at NT. Projected as #1 overall pick this year. Only red flag is health
  13. Mr. Pibb is a false prophet.
  14. Riding Obama's coat tails
  15. How the **** did this guy become some prominent? He is consistently ******* up campaigns or saying stupid stuff like this.
  16. Careful brother, people going to start to mistake you for me.
  17. I’d take Clark over Grady just based off position they play. He will be cheaper, too
  18. Maybe more than one. What if Free gets another concussion ? We need a reliable RB who can step in if needed. The two we have can't carry this team. Might better get one sooner than round five,
  19. You pretty much covered it ROH! They have to really address this bullpen ASAP!
  20. Yeah, your second mock, with another DT subbed in for Oliver who won't be there is a very good mock as well. Would give us DT, OT, Corner, S and center who could all be starters. And a project at edge and WR.
  21. Is there a free way to watch full games from past seasons?
  22. Forget Clark get Julio and Jarrett done and call it a day.
  23. I’d only do it if swapping 1st rd picks
  24. I thought what he said about his dline prospects was very telling. What he said about Dexter Lawrence has me even more intrigued.
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