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  2. Hitler bro. Really Hitler.
  3. Yes Dimitroff addressed it during the pre-draft pressor.
  4. I would be ok with him if those are his traits.
  5. Most but not all of you, spent two years pimping collusion that didn't exist, peddling lies from documents you clearly never read, and asserting the reliability of sources/media outlets who couldn't pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel. And you're still doing it! Comedy gold here I tell you.
  6. See I never talked **** to anyone before a game, I did all my **** talking on the field and court but only when I knew I had a chance for success. If I knew I had my hands full I wasn't gonna say **** lol
  7. You can definitely tell when Julio got that extra oomph in a game. The whole ‘he has a dog in him’ demeanor this board clamors for is overblown regardless. Either a player has skill or he doesn’t, that isn’t predicated by his personality. Crying about Takk talking too much, Vic not talking enough, Ryan lacking an erratic pregame routine, Quinn not popping veins screaming at refs,’s all static when it all boils down.
  8. Not from the pressor, I don't think...but news regardless...
  9. That right there is why you can't bench Ender!! His defense is just too valuable!!
  10. please dont get swept good lord
  11. No!!!!! You left me hanging. I want to read the rest now . Great start, can't wait to see the rest.
  12. ftr, I agree that that's a real concern, but you can see for yourself, having Russian interference inextricably tied to collusion with Trump automatically downgrades the threat level on anything else to do with Russian media manipulation. When we first heard about it, everyone here thought it was what the Drudge Report had been doing for 20 years and snak had been doing here for a nonconsecutive decade or so, and that was before we found out what the Mueller report wasn't.
  13. ZINNNNNNNG ! fun stuff right!
  14. There is now way in **** I'd go to jail (Manafort) or become a footnote in history (Barr) for Trump. IONO Drake, that's like covering for Hitler!
  15. The SPs did their jobs in this series.
  16. The words of “Mr. says who”, burn like a fire when I think about this!
  17. This is the Trout I like to see
  18. Welcome to Atlanta where the players play.
  19. Points taken
  20. Poor parenting.
  21. Why would anyone? Yet, dozens already have.
  22. Oh boy Dan Stinkler gets to be 1st to suck today.
  23. It's pretty much what the Republicans had to do after 8 years of Bush. Any political pundit with half a brain knew that who ever won the democratic nomination was going to be president. Regarding the scotus. I'd rather have conservative pick scotus nominees. Generally conservatives pick constitutionalists judges and liberals generally pick activist judges.
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