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  2. TD has made a few good picks but, we've seen him draft some players that were unknowns to most while skipping over prime talent!
  3. I read it and you're not.
  4. Vic Beasley has the personality of a paper clip has he ever shown passion or love for the game, Looks like Tarzann plays like Jane -I was seriously thinking who was worst him or JA 98...…… I said JA 98 by a hair, Vic did have the one break out season. this off season should be very interesting I only have 8-10 guys that I deem untradeable/locked in
  5. Was this the same AFC executive that said Kaleb McGary was socially awkward? If so, not sure I trust that info, on top of the fact that it came from DLed.
  6. I see my Congressman Buddy Carter in the lower left hand corner. Also David Perdue, one of Trump’s strongest allies in the Senate, lives around the corner from me on Sea Island.
  7. I agree. Only thing I would do is make him inactive or throw his sorry *** on the PS for the remainder of the season.
  8. Harbaugh has always preferred a nasty, physical, gap blocking, power run scheme. Never seen his passing game all that dynamic at all. What pieces do we have for that?
  9. I thought Campbell was the most productive LB the last few years...I have no clue what happened to him this year? Blame the DC, oh hez the HC too....shake your head
  10. I can smell the pumpkin spice coming off that photo.
  11. I blame dann quinn for beasley. Quinn knew he was soft and lazy the past 2 yrs. But tried to make chicken salad out of chicken ****. Any intelligent person who dont know football. Just by watching him. Should know he is a lost cause. Now both of them will be shown the door. Smh
  12. I swear I couldn't understand why he was celebrating.... Im like dude look at the score board- The Instagram stuff asking to be taken out of picture is just immature, idk whats going on but he doesn't look like the kazee from last year, hes missed a lot of tackles 0 int's
  13. No it isn't. We are going to have to eat the Julio bonus money one way or another. Trading him for draft picks that will only cost a couple of a million over the first four years of their contracts is cheaper than keep Julio. The break even point is sometime late next year and then in 22 when most of the Julio's money comes off the books it is beneficial to the Falcons. Do the math.
  14. Good post. I agree with everything except Hooper. He won’t break the bank and his CAP will likely exceed $10 million one time
  15. Has anybody in the comments made the ‘No Lip November’ joke yet?
  16. I would like to say yes but given TD's past history of drafting O line busts the most I can say is we shall see.
  17. He's got one. Anyone remember that video posted a while back of Quinn breaking down the last drive against New Orleans from a few years ago. Right before Deion's game winning pick in the end zone; New Orleans calls a swing pass, runner has a clean run to the end zone, and Deion, who was in man on another receiver breaks off and runs the play down. I thought when he uncovered Deion he was gonna stock this D up with this kind of player.
  18. OK, Watching various sports networks today & someone (wish it was me - NOT) has leaked that Jim Harbaugh is putting out "feelers" to return to the NFL, like I stated in the start of this thred, he cannot compete in recruiting with the "BIG" schools, we still have the pieces on"O" but the "D" is a horror show, Mr Blank, lets show the toughness we're missing, lead us into "Accountability" gut this staff in the 'bye' week & start the search for the new, tough staff.....Thank You
  19. I thought he could thrive at OG. But he will be a solid RT as well
  20. Some "experts" were saying guard might be McGary's eventual position. We'll see.
  21. Beasley,campbell,trufant,rico, takk and oliver packed it in. Kazee need to grow the f..k up. Matthews got complacent once he got his money. Did nothing to protect matt. Its like they dont even care. TD and quinn are responsible for his horrid roster and should be exiled to the state border. Blank needs to gut at least 80% of the defense. And 20% of the offense.
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