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  2. Why are you spreading fake news. The cap number isn’t out yet
  3. Debo only makes 1.8 so it will go up if TD is smart. Julio will drop a few million.
  4. We need a competent FA RB, Ito is not that, and the rookie is untested. Nobody knows how close to 100% Freeman is. If he goes down again, it could be trouble.
  5. Man was this something that made me cringe. He wasn't willing to fight at the LOS. It killed me and it killed him too. One that stands out clear as day for me was versus Cincy. Late game, Tru in the slot, manned up on Tyler Boyd. He doesn't get a single hand on him, Boyd jabs outside, Tru spins (losing Boyd) and then gets back on top just for Boyd to stop on a dime. Tru was beat due to lazy technique at the LOS more than anything. He's got to clean up the finer details. Has to.
  6. When Arthur Blank calls someone a Falcon for life, he will likely wind up with a long-term contract. While the Falcons and Grady Jarrett’s representation were far apart regarding a contract extension for the majority of the offseason, the two sides reached an agreement Monday to keep the star defensive tackle in town for quite a while longer. With an hour and 10 minutes to go before the NFL’s 4 p.m. deadline to extend players with the franchise tag, a source confirmed to The Athletic that Jarrett agreed to a four-year contract worth $68 million. The figure was first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter. While general manager Thomas Dimitroff deserves a great deal of credit for finalizing Jarrett’s contract, this deal also appears to have Blank’s fingerprints all over it. The sheer fact that Blank went out of his way in multiple interviews to say Jarrett would remain with the franchise shows just how much he wanted to keep the star defender with the organization for years to come. He made similar remarks about running back Devonta Freeman, who earned a lucrative contract after the 2016 season. This offseason, Blank also called Julio Jones a “Falcon for life,” with Jones recently calling Blank’s word about a new extension “golden” in a recent interview with TMZ Sports. There wasn’t reason to doubt that a new deal with Jones would eventually be reached. Point is, if Blank believes a player should remain with the team, he’ll allow his front office to do what it takes to make it happen. With an average of $17 million per season, Jarrett will now earn the third most annually at his position. Only Aaron Donald ($22 million per season) and Fletcher Cox ($17.1 million) are making more. This deal also eliminates what could have potentially been a distraction for the franchise. If Jarrett was not signed to a long-term deal, the Falcons would have been forced to continue talks after the conclusion of the 2019 season. And even then, Jarrett’s future would have been a prominent storyline, especially if he puts together another quality season. For Jarrett, this contract provides the needed security that elite NFL players covet. If Jarrett played under the $15.2 million franchise tag number, there would have been no salary guarantee for the following year. And if Jarrett didn’t perform up to expectation, or if a late-season injury occurred, the Falcons could then have let him walk. In that hypothetical worst-case scenario, Jarrett could have potentially earned less money on the open market. By getting a deal done, Jarrett is in the Falcons’ plans for the foreseeable future. If he suffers a major injury in 2019, he has a sizable contract to fall back on. And, in a best-case hypothetical scenario, if Jarrett’s play continues to progress upward, the opportunity for a bigger extension after year two or three exists, too. The deal is a nice reward for a player who has greatly outperformed his rookie contract. As a former fifth-round selection, Jarrett earned $3.7 million over four years. He will now make over 18 times that during the span of his new contract. This was something both the Falcons and Jarrett’s representation needed to get done. While it took some time, Jarrett can now breathe a sigh of relief and focus his attention on the upcoming season. Jarrett is the catalyst up front for an Atlanta defensive line that will be looking to improve upon its numbers from last season. During his time with the Falcons, Jarrett has compiled 179 tackles and 14 sacks. In 2018, he recorded a career-best six sacks. Now that the deal is done With Jarrett’s contract out of the way, the Falcons will turn their attention to getting both of the Joneses taken care of. Julio Jones is expected to earn northward of $20 million per year and be the highest-paid receiver in the NFL — at least for the short term. The Falcons budgeted this particular extension for Jones in 2019 and there isn’t anything to suggest it won’t get done. That stated, the fact that a deal hasn’t been reached with Jones is interesting, considering neither side appears to be in a bad spot. Conversations have remained ongoing and there haven’t been any leaks suggesting a stall. If the Falcons can lock up Jones in addition to Jarrett, then the Falcons will be in a much better spot when it comes to the salary cap. Before Monday’s news, the Falcons had $6.7 million in cap space. Once the details of Jarrett’s deal are revealed, the cap hit should be less — perhaps significantly less — than the $15.2 million figure the organization was otherwise expected to take. And then if a deal with Jones is reached, that number should also move southward from the $13.5 million figure attached to his name right now. If the Falcons can free up a number between $13-15 million in 2019 with these two contracts, it will allow them to possibly go get another veteran contributor — perhaps even Allen Bailey, who remains a free agent and in whom Atlanta expressed interest earlier this offseason. Regardless, it does looks like the franchise has positioned itself to be in win-now mode in 2019, with the chance of adding another piece to the puzzle if the opportunity presents itself. In addition, the Falcons will also need to secure linebacker Deion Jones for the long term. He is entering the final year of his rookie contract. As a second-rounder, there is no fifth-year option the team can apply for him. Securing his football future in Atlanta, considering his value to the franchise, is also key. While the team can celebrate locking Jarrett up, there won’t be much rest taking place in the coming weeks.
  7. Great deal, like everyone says. So Debo and Julio contracts are next. What do you think they’ll get
  8. This hearing transcript from his 2010 registration hearing is . . . insane.
  9. How transparent can they be? Let's see: More games of diluted quality Less salaries to pay Less time for coaches to evaluate rosters The greed is sickening.
  10. Hahahaha. Not racist....but more racist.
  11. $42.5 million according to spotrac:
  12. Do you EVER think about anything but racism ? I'm starting to believe you might have a touch of reverse racism yourself.
  13. Your defense of Trump is laughable
  14. The deadline force both sides to give in to get a deal done...... The player needs the deal done a lititle more (secure his future in case of injury)
  15. If you say so....He signed for 17m, not 18-20m. Looks like a lot of people were wrong. I would rather be bad a reading then rude.
  16. You have no idea where it's going. Julio and Debo's cap number will not go up on deals this year.
  17. Yea but he is getting at the age where it makes no sense to lock him up to a long term deal. He is approaching yearly contracts age. Not that he isn't hugely important, he is, he is just getting to that age where a long term deal could end up being bad for the team.
  18. Took forever, but I am glad we locked him up for the annual salary of 34 heart $urgeon$.
  19. Isn’t next year an uncapped year if there is no new CBA by March? I’d be pushing money into next year.
  20. It’s going to our 3 guys...just curious how they divide it up
  21. If he gets a signing bonus, it will go up. If anything, like you said, it's $5-6MM potentially added to his hit, but that still leaves over $10MM rolling over. Rolled over cap space is more valuable than spending it in the current year because it's paired with the cap increase that every other team gets. So as contracts continue to rise in conjunction with the rising cap, the older money has more value. Take it in terms of current contracts: Julio's contract is valuable to the team because the rising cap has lowered his contract value. The savings from Julio's contract allowed other moves to be made (i.e. overkilling on the OL). The same applies to rolled over cap space.
  22. He never said the word "Africa", a typical attempt to make it sound more racist. That guy sees a racist under every rock, he is obsessed.
  23. If he wants to play another year or two after his deal runs out why wouldn’t we sign him to a reasonable deal? Do you not know how important he’s been to the OL and team in general?
  24. You just add back in Grady’s 15.8 TAG with the 7 mill in CAP we currently have
  25. I vote trade for clowney. Houston has zero intent to resign him.
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