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  2. This offense is either red hot or ice cold.
  3. What up getting the game down there...
  4. Maybe the Bills in 2018. They graded as 2nd best line but McCoy was average at best
  5. Or Louis C K. I can’t post it because he flat out uses the N word but apparently he’s earned that in his community (this is well documented) but he did get back doored by the #metoo movement so I guess the ever evolving crusade to ruin people continues. Don’t like something let’s ruin their lives. Today’s America.
  6. When you find out that AOC is an Indie wrestling fan.
  7. My God this ESPN crew is awkward.
  8. I’ll have to do some research but he does look bigger than he was at Wyoming
  9. No reason to for him yo replace Dre at SLB. He has a future at WLB and as a sub LB in Nickel. Dre is very solid but Foye has atheltic ability that could make him special.
  10. The rule is if you are gonna go there it better be funny as ****. Problem is a lot of unfunny ******** make racist jokes. Take tips from my man here.
  11. I’m older than you and am plenty grown and holding my own. Would you like me to post pictures like you? Every other day? You grow up. You hyper sensitive in my feelings waah waah !! Racism!! Oh the humanity!! I’ll be the great white knight for all things anti fill in the blank. As I said it’s all made up.
  12. Why does he look so slow on the field?
  13. Offense cant solve Flaherty tonight.
  14. Trufant can definitely play better but a "shadow".....hardly. Still rarely misses tackles. Still sticky in coverage. Still doesnt give up but a few big plays a year. PFF had him as one of the top tacklers and deep coverage guys in the the NFL at CB. He needs to hold on to more footballs and he needs to play more man which he is best at.
  15. funny thing about that is..... Hill is 0.04 seconds faster lol
  16. 10-4. i remember larry centers being there around the same time as Rod Tidwell
  17. It’s happened a few times, it’s just a very popular belief so.
  18. Happily married to someone that cares
  19. Ive been on Pensacola beach the last 4 days with the wife and kids. So...I get it. The boys on the Braves thread know that. Yes we’re Atlanta not just Falcons. Also I’ve made several epic drunken rants over the last 10 years here and I’ve never once blamed alcohol. Just said sorry or **** you depending on who it was lol.
  20. He was their clutch receiver, but his college highlights and Ollisons highlights look similar.
  21. But I’m speaking to you. Grow up
  22. thats a pretty obscure reference...nice pull....centers was more of a threed down pass catching threat, no?
  23. I suspect you’re right. Can you think of any examples?
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