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  2. Honestly.... it's literally we gotta get out of the Middle East so I'm gonna pull these 50 or so strategically placed spec ops folks who were there to prevent attacks on certain positions just because they are there. You then follow that up by sending 1800 folks to the Middle East but the caveat is literally......they are paying for this though. It's different. That's why I resent the 'you folks are becoming neocons' point. I Having 50 special forces guys in certain positions just to prevent Turkey from doing what they're doing now.....I mean it feels like common sense. Pulling them now made absolutely zero sense. And then you add in that he followed that up by sending 1800 other folks to Saudi Arabia..... Honestly I felt like we had a much bigger moral obligation to the folks in Syria considering that we played a major part in prolonging and escalating that war. I don't care who did it. It was on thing when we started rejecting the refugees, no matter how immoral it was, but when we pulled out the few folks who were literally just there to keep them from bombing our allies because they knew we were there. That's coward **** @JDaveG That's now neocon ****.
  3. Telling the press that a player will be a "Falcon-for-life" during contract negotiations says otherwise.
  4. MNF

    and yet people still say that Ryan isn't on the same level as the top QBs around here
  5. Where has Foye been all season?
  6. MNF

    Drama! Reality!
  7. MNF

    That Golladay dude looks like Michael Jenkins running with ankle weights.
  8. ... I haven't watched a game in 3 weeks I been getting my fishing on...just got back from Panama City yesterday... They make me not like football... And this is coming from a lifelong die-hard fan
  9. MNF

    They did their part in helping gb back on the game. What a sports entertainment product!
  10. LMAO this parody was so on point
  11. MNF

    The refs, I mean Lions, giving them 8 cracks from the 10. No no way we get the benefit of all those calls. Bad holding call set them up on third down
  12. Didn't help this dang soccer mom next to me was flirting the whole dang time trying to get me to convert to a Cardinals fan. At first it was cute, but after while and after all the terrible play it got super annoying. I did show off how well I know this team though, she was impressed. At half I said to her "Don't worry, we will claw back into this game only to lose in devastating fashion." The look she gave me after that missed PAT...hahaha
  13. MNF

    Packers always getting the ref help smh
  14. MNF

    Yes on the letting Matt take the reigns.
  15. MNF

    I love how they refuse to show the replay on that stuff. lol Lions were screwed on that hold, too.
  16. No...actually its easier to watch them now. I expect the defense to be horrendous...because it is. I expect the offense to struggle in the 1st half...because they always do. When you expect to watch a terrible team and they perform that are not surprised. I guess you could say that I'm comfortably numb when it comes to the degree of suckage that the 2019 Falcons provide!
  17. MNF

    I waiver'd on who I wanted to be honest...I tried buying into Dirk but it took how long to get a TD on our opening drive this year? He has to let Matt take the reigns and go up tempo to get an edge...
  18. The Lions just falconed...
  19. MNF

    12 guys! Where the replay on that
  20. On that all see Takk's new Twitter about section? "A DE who almost get sacks." At least he can poke fun at himself I guess...this defense is terrible. Deion Jones letting up on that TD was all I needed to see...
  21. **** man....thats messed up..
  22. MNF

    Rodgers has all day to throw.
  23. I like him, except he has gone full troll mode when it comes to Ryan. Losing does that to some fans.
  24. He earned that for sure. Glad to see my O State boy ballin
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