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  2. I alone can fix it. Dude words cannot express how nonsensical this all is. How hypocritical. Words cannot express it.
  3. Oh look...another stupid *** post about what's not a problem with the Falcons.
  4. Your words are bedazzled
  5. You’ve got to be ******* kidding me
  6. 8 years of Milquetoast Obama is enough.
  7. And the zebra's sang in delight! YAY!
  8. MNF

    **** I miss this WCo. No defenders in 5-10 yards of GB Receivers. Falcons should have kept Laffuer.
  9. I paid over $200 dollars yesterday to see that game in person and I wanted to leave at half so yea...I get it...
  10. So ignoring the moral implications. Trump has really went about this thing so so stupidly. Ukraine thing blows up. He realizes he isn't controlling the narrative. He pulls folks out of Syria to distract from it and in doing so pisses off everyone. He follows up his we gotta get out of the Middle East speech by sending more troops to the Middle East and brags on them being Mercs basically. He then follows that up by imposing sanctions on the people he moved out of the way for while knowing what they were gonna do. I know we're all numb to it by now.......but this is all ******* insane.
  11. When you fill your line with meh dudes, those kinds of results shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s Grady and a bunch of guys.
  12. I appreciate the OPs positive glass half full out look but lets be honest. Our defense is a dumpster fire .... and I full expect a dumpster fire or two to file a defamation lawsuit against me for comparing them to the falcons D.
  13. Complaining now about winning games last season...stop crying and get over it.
  14. As of now, probably Chase Young (Ohio State DE)
  15. So what have we been arguing about this weekend? Been busy and away from the boards mostly.
  16. I heard It was on his private jet with chicken tenders.
  17. Good point. "Getting the players and coaches to intentionally lose" is a strawman. No one is advocating that. The organization should have used the last few games last year to evaluate and develop the overall roster. Essentially treat the games like an enhanced preseason. Every play and coach plays at 100%, but the eye being on evaluation, game experience and execution rather than the scoreboard.
  18. We need to fire TD and DQ and get a GM in place right away...
  19. No pink sparkles highlighting the text?
  20. Here is another source. Let's see if you can use the other most widely used cap site properly: Troll harder dude. This is so easy. Why are you EASY? E. Z.
  21. Not only have you made this same point too many times, it's also flawed thinking to begin with.
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