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  2. Lmfao Redskins trading the farm for Dwayne Haskins would be hilarious.
  3. I'm gonna laugh my *** off if they give up that much for Haskins tbh
  4. To me, take the UDFA risk of losing him but gain a P for 4 years cheap if he makes roster over Bosher.
  5. Stated that "it's still early" and that this is an "evaluation period".. Also stated that he believes some moves will be made.. So, for all those screaming that the sky is falling.. "help is coming"
  6. I cant see us trading up for Wilkins. Oliver feels like our guy and we all know TD has no problem trading up for his man. Going to be such a disappointment if we dont get him now lol
  7. Lions pick a QB? lets really hope that teams trade up into the top 10 to get qbs...and let us have a better chance at a buffet of good prospects.
  8. I bet a lot of Bama and Florida fans are loving their newfound "substance" to further talk about how UGA is cheating.
  9. I will lol if Snyder goes full (I used a word here that required my mouth to be washed out) again after being burned with Griffin. Some guys just don't learn.
  10. I think Jeffrey Simmons could go in the Top 15 despite everything. Could even go to us. Wouldn't be thrilled about waiting, but I do think he's a phenomenal player. Us taking Lindstrom at 14 would make me throw up but I could see that too.
  11. I also agree with you! I think the Falcons have filled roster holes with FA signings so that they can trade up. If a deal can be made to trade up, I think they will go for someone that they think is a generational player, like they did with Julio, in Quinnen Williams! or maybe I just reading way more into things because really want them
  12. WTF is wrong with people nowadays? The body of a 5-year-old Illinois boy reported as missing last week was found wrapped in plastic in a shallow grave on Wednesday, and his parents have been charged with murder, police said.
  13. Everybody likes to predict what they think will happen on draft day. Perhaps the greater challenge might be predicting what they think will not happen. Oddly, it seems, the latter is what eventually does happen. So, what is the most shocking (but still realistic or possible) thing that could happen tomorrow whether it involves the Falcons or not? Samples: The Arizona Cardinals select Joey Bosa with the 1st pick The Falcons draft Mississippi State S Jonathan Abram (replacement for injured Neal) at #14 The Raiders trade 2 1st round picks to Arizona for their #1 and draft Kyler Murray
  14. Thanks for posting! I feel like the Wilkins stuff is 100% smoke. Reminds me of the Charles Harris stuff before we selected Takk. At 14 I wouldn't be crazy upset, but I think there's no chance we trade up for him. I do think the Raiders want to trade down to nab Burns, though. And if they can't, I wouldn't be surprised if they traded back up. They have the capital for it.
  15. It can’t be that hard really can it. A B C D pick one. I mean myself and for the most part have zeroed in on Dex the last week. Ill say he’s in the above pick one group.
  16. All Targs aren't fire proof, Dany and Jon's grandfather died in a fire (allegedly tho, this one of the unanswered mysterys of the prequel novellas). Also Viserys was killed with that molten gold tho I suppose that's sorta fire-ish. Danys fire proof seems to be largely unique to her (female Moses/Jesus allegory that she is) Edit: Also I think I recall one of the other previous Targ kings lit himself on fire convinced he'd be immune and turn into a dragon (spoiler...he didn't)
  17. pete is dead to me
  18. I think Ford has a higher chance of going top 12 than Lawrence. I think Lawrence is mostly a 15-35 type of guy in this draft. Ford is a 7-25 type guy to me. A team like Buffalo or even Jacksonville can take Ford. I don't see anybody in the top 12 going Lawrence.
  19. Lot's of rumours, smoke and misinformation flying around right now. Below are some that I've seen but feel free to add: Falcons related Around the league
  20. I don’t get it. Bunting is better than Ya Sin
  21. this is just abhorrent Leader of border militia group, Larry Mitchell Hopkins, attacked in Doña Ana County jail
  22. Don't think Ford will be? Or don't think they like him
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