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  2. To call Mack's play this year mediocre would be a kindness. As bad as Jake Mathews was early on in the year he has actually been pretty good the last several weeks. Mack on the other hand.
  3. Who are the fish and who’s really the lemming (hint: you are)
  4. That doesn't hold up when they confessed to the whole thing.
  5. I hear you, and I’ve always been a Rico advocate, he plugs in well if the rest of secondary are doing their job. But he gets exposed when they don’t, and he’s gotten exposed a lot this year as well. He may have a brain, but he’s not making the plays we need from that position. To me, it depends how season plays out. If defense continues to be historically bad, I let every vet go except Jarrett/Jones and maybe Neal. Blow it all up and find a defensive coordinator who can actually teach fundamentals.
  6. You're aware that half of those died by car crashes, right? More than half of the cops killed in car crashes were not wearing seatbelts. To be sure, it is a tragedy when a cop is killed on duty, regardless of the circumstance. If I can attest to that, you should be able to admit that it is a tragedy when an unprofessional cop kills without cause while in uniform. But I don't expect you to.
  7. I've done explained why I would go after Yan Gomes if he becomes available but it's doubtful the Nats let him go. Another guy I've made the case for is Robinson Chirinios. Both would be massive upgrades over Tyler Flowers at this point. Francisco Cervelli is a massive upgrade. There is no reason for the Braves to not attempt to get better at the catcher position. But I don't expect any big moves from the Braves. I'm fully prepared that Flowers will be back and get the bulk of the playing time behind the plate again and that we'll be forced to watch another year of Nick Markakis.
  8. I approve this message. It's exactly how I feel. 2 elite DT's would be a gamechanger for this defense. I have always been a big fan of DT's that can penetrate and disrupt. It allows the LB's to make plays, and disrupts the timing of the offenses we face.
  9. The team gruden built was in that super bowl too. Why does everyone leave that part out when making this stupid argument. What happens if we go to a super bowl with a new coach? We gonna refer to it as the team Quinn built?
  10. Looks like Pence and Pompeo have set the conditions for a treaty/policy that are beneficial for all involved. Good work boys
  11. Well they were also trying to run that scheme with a washed up Byrd or whichever chump was his backup. There could have been a situation where Byrd was completely healthy, played like he did in Buffalo, and the defense did well. Also worth mentioning the overall talent on those Saints defenses was much lower than it is now. Look at this depth chart: .
  12. Yeh the signing of AB was a bust because of the off the field stuff, nearly worked. But the draft picks and amount of players signed with that money is insane.
  13. Speaking of the defense, we hear a lot about the lack of sacks in the last three games and the absurd low number for the year, but no one is talking much about the lack of turnovers the defense is generating. After the Philly game, we have gone into the deep end of horrendous. They almost look like a completely different team from that game, what in the world happened? Did they tasted being physical and decided it takes too much of a toll?
  14. "If we did something wrong, we would have been prosecuted" The president can't be prosecuted, it's up to congress to impeach. Impeachment is a Witchhunt! We won't cooperate. We won't provide documents or witnesses!" Republican Senators: "There's no evidence to support conviction!" Trump: FULL EXONERATION!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!
  15. Completely agree. I've always downplayed the picks because I know it isn't what he does but you're exactly right when you say it's only a turnover if the defense recovers. Honestly I've never even looked at a FF in that light.
  16. Wish all you want, but he will never become the coach of the Falcons. And as far as saying "Brotherhood, Ya Ya, working out for you!" stuff your spouting off about, I was one of the VERY 1st people on these boards stating that I couldn't stand all of the slogans. So do your research before you start shooting your mouth off...
  17. The premise of this article/thread is very presumptuous. The Raiders are 3-2 with the 3 wins coming by a combined 18 points and the 2 losses by 38 points. They're not a good team. They used the Bears 2019 1st round pick on a running back, which pretty much everyone involved in football thinks is a stupid move. They saved themselves $23M per year by not paying Mack, but then spent the money it freed up on making Trent Brown the highest paid lineman in the NFL and assorted other questionable moves. There is a valid argument for moving on from Mack based on where the rest of the 2018 Raiders were, but it definitely remains to be seen whether the Raiders made good decisions after that.
  18. The reason it applies is because they let a future proof player in Malcolm Jenkins go. Byrd was legit in BUF, but the scheme they were building around was exposed at that point and they lost the integrity of their defense (Sounds just like Atlanta right now) by chasing something they didn't need to. I've said it here, the Saints tried the Cover 3 thing and bailed on it all in one season. It was the smartest thing they did in all of those 7-9 seasons and you're seeing why now. They can run multiple coverages/schemes because they didn't marry one.
  19. Pretty obvious our secondary misses Manual, which was where he excelled as a coach.
  20. Yep, Archie knew that the Chargers were a badly ran team under Smith. He also didn't like the city for Eli as well. Smart move by Archie because Eli wouldn't have won 2 SBs in San Diego and would've wasted his career like the Saints did most of Archie's career.
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