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  2. Well **** another Matt
  3. Please... no one get excited about these garbage stats occurring right now. They're meaningless and indicate only that the defense has let off the gas because they have the game in hand.
  4. Schaub playing lights out
  5. QB controversy
  6. Speaking of minds, Russell Wilson is playing out of his! He's the only Seahawk that I really like. Wished we had him but he'd still likely get killed.
  7. Love how when the Rams play our defense against us our offense can move the ball. Take note staff...
  8. Noodle arm my ***. STFU
  9. Here come the start Schaub threads.
  10. just about nailed it spot on...
  11. DJ and GJ are the only payers on D the new staff can build around. We need a complete rebuild of the D.
  12. It’s annoying. The Falcons don’t even do it. It’s purely an insult and I would feel a way if I was in the field
  13. I just bet at the end Mike Smith was telling Dimitroff to get me the next Peria Jerry or Peter Konz. Dimitroff is the constant of failure.
  14. Falcons give up 5 sacks today. Meanwhile our defense has 5 sacks the entire season.
  15. Burn it all down! Anyone that was around during 28-3 is gone! No more excuses! A total fresh start or No more fans! It’s that simple!
  16. If UGA had the level of wr’s Bama has, nobody would be screaming about fixing the offense. We need that level of speed and we don’t have those guys on this team, currently.
  17. Yeah. I heard them say ankle also. Just judging by his limp into the tunnel. Could be both after how Donald landed on that knee.
  18. Schaub throwing bombs out there.
  19. Happy Halloween

  20. I'm SO glad I didn't go to this game.
  21. And some of the worst exist on these boards, waiting and seething at Ryan any chance they get. Let’s ignore the OL today and the playcalling not helping it.
  22. You say that now...tell me who could do half of what Matt Ryan has done with poor offensive lines and even worse defenses?
  23. Yeah, while we're at it let's sit Julio, Debo and Jarrett so they don't get hurt too. Maybe someone will come in that knows a little about what their doing. Brotherhood to Smotherhood.... Ughhh, We $uck Again!
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