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  2. Ideally the medical staff is directed to not clear him until 2020. I honestly see no reason for him or Julio or Grady or Debo to play again this year once we get to nine losses
  3. Was Roddy, and he shouted us out in a video, until Troff and the me too feminazis shut it down for pr reasons .
  4. They're not supposed to be in there. Usually, there is a lock box outside the SCIF and you have to sign in to that area, and you can retrieve your electronics on the way out. All devices will be confiscated if found on your person. I've been in many SCIFs in my yesteryear.
  5. Matty Ice should just sit the rest of the year to basically guarantee us a top 4 pick. Just kidding. Kinda.
  6. Except in Atlanta in 2019
  7. Never been on it because I knew better. Yep, ahead of the curve as usual.
  8. God you're foolish. If I had a dollar for every Trump was going down in your opinion I'd be a (wait, I already am) but you know what I mean. You even have yourself convinced Trump has confessed to these alleged crimes. You need help my friend, you really do.
  9. This is why I like him. . . as you stated: Accuracy is the most important skill a QB can have.
  10. Lol. Me too. We’re not true fans blah blah blah.
  11. Haha. I've seen some nice passes.
  12. kinda have to save him from himself. One tweak and the ankle injury could be worse. knowing the warrior he is, he will not
  13. Dave with regards to the personnel and coaches surely the HC has to be in on both. If he isn’t and the structure he works under renders these responsiblities independent I’d say that’s an issue. Surely anything in and around the team player coach has to be Quinns predominant responsibility.
  14. You guys must really hate Matt ryan.
  15. 32 - 14 Seahawks
  16. Bye bye NYCFC and their cheat baseball stadiums
  17. We have 5 1st rounders on the OL. Coaching astill comes into play. Yes, I threw the question out there, I'm not sold and neither are you on Saleh. TD has been pretty good on his offensive picks, and hit or mis badly on the defensive picks. In the end we pretty much agree. The Falcons need to sweep the FO clean imho. Tabula rasa on the new regime, or it is only like cutting out part of the cancer only to have it return. I hope Artie feels the way I do, I know he is loyal, but dayum this is a business and a business of winning, not good feelz.
  18. Ryan is already getting killed. Schaub would be out after one play lol. I mean Jake has been bad, but not atrocious. I get the point but the Falcons are going to have to limp into next season.
  19. Bye bye NYCFC and their cheat baseball stadiums
  20. If we were gonna replace him id like to see Gono get a shot but it aint happening
  21. Sounds like a character from the walking dead!
  22. 45-17 Seahawks. Hoping that Wilson goes off. Need the points.
  23. This was brilliant Shady. Just an awesome piece of ‘work’. You should do this full-time, you have a real gift for this. All that’s missing is your MV7 shirt. OMG.
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