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  2. This! All this back and forth today is fine, but regardless of where they end up playing, the ultimate goal will have been satisfied if these guys are OL fixtures for 5-10 years.
  3. Experience has taught me that my scouting eye and preferences are amateurish. I don’t think we did much with Risner, Taylor’s drop seemed health related...and whether you preferred Ford/’s reasonable to assume both could have been gone by #45. Plus...don’t underestimate the impact of getting that (cheap) 5th year option...another reason why getting McGary in Round 1 v Round 2 was prudent...
  4. Knee issues apparently scared teams off
  5. Scroll down to my other post...
  6. Kiper, Jr. had Lindstrom mocked to Packers at #12. I believe Lindstrom was going Top 25 for sure and most likely Top 20. Lindstrom wasn't a reach. McGary? they might have reached a little but he probably wouldn't have made it to #45. If he pans out, it won't matter.
  7. I don’t either. I don’t think we overdrafted Lindstrom at all. I rather like McGary and agree worst case scenario move him inside and roll with brown or Ty at RT. Overall, I like this draft
  8. I'd rather have done DL at 14 (would love if Wilkins dropped) and a guy like Risner in the 2nd (or whoever similar dropped). But if these two guys pan out, no one will care. I think the Falcons get a little too dialed in on specific players, but they do that every it's just how they operate.
  9. You shouldn't let it upset you.
  10. it's kind of funny, isn't it. I always have my "favorites" like we all do - but I understand I have limited access to information that doesn't bound Dimitroff and Quinn who have probably 100 fold more information than me - doesn't mean they make the right pick - or - that my thoughts are wrong if different - but I like the picks and the philosophy of building the O-Line through the draft. I feel GREAT about Lindstrom and I am not as sure about McGary but I am hopeful there.
  11. Most of us aren't even mad at the draft picks rather the execution in FA. We're now going to have an extremely expensive back oline while our pass rush is a huge question mark. I feel like because our oline was so bad people forget how bad our pass rush was. Our Dline ranked 25th against the pass in terms of DVOA. We tied for 22nd in sacks last season and who did we add to bolster the pass rush? Hageman and Clayborn. One guy who's been out of football for two years and another guy coming off a two sack seasons. Sure getting back Deion, Rico and Neal should help the pass rush some but the Dline talent is lacking. In a leauge were teams pass at a nearly 2 to 1 ratio a consistent pass rush is EXTREMELY important and needed to win. We're now relying on most of these things to happen: - Bealsey getting back to playing at a high level - Hageman and Clayborn getting back to their 2016 level of play - Takk staying healthy and taking that next step. - No big injuries Doesn't really inspire confidence does it?
  12. Well that I expect, as well as the occasional player missing in regards to breakdown or scouting by the network but this was our first selection! I've never seen them just blatantly ignore it. They said the name, cut to commercial then didn't even bother to explain or look at the selection. Like wow.
  13. Yeah I saw that, and if he was their guy then you have to pull the trigger. Based on the presser I think they panicked a little thinking there wouldn’t be an OT they liked left if they didn’t trade back up. Jury is out on that one.
  14. Does it seem smart to take the gamble that he could be the same player in a 4-3 on top of injury concerns now also?? That's a lot of gambling for a high dollar free agent.
  15. I think there will always be criticism. No matter where you draft a guy or how many FAs you bring in. I will address yours imo. 1. I'd have to verify the numbers. Id bet that after the top 10 or 15 highest paid OGs... the difference between 20th and 40th is likely marginal. Stop gap doesnt mean 1 yr player. It means temporary fix. These guys are here until we have younger upgrades. Maybe in a year maybe 2 or 3. 2. Value is relative. You and others base that upon mock drafts and rankings by various sites. We dont have access to 4 yrs of game tape and interviews snd character references. Keanu was a need but he was also valued very high by other teams. You dont wait in this league. You go get your guy if you believe in him. Idc if its trading up or taking a guy higher than some other arbitrary value. 3. Thats an opinion. No pick is guaranteed to be a starter. You have expectations that are higher for guys drafted earlier. We got 2 picks in top 31. Thats better imo than drafting 2 picks in top 45. We can still climb into 3rd. The belief is obviously that we got 2 starters for our future. We also believe they can contribute now. 4. Sure...we all want to see Beasley back in 2016 form and we hope Takk can become a double digit sack guy. I think Means is a guy who can contribute as well. The draft isnt over yet is it? Lol. I think also T. Davidson and Hageman both improve the pass rush. Why? Stopping the run is key to creating pass rush opportunities. Hageman is like getting a 2nd round talent again. Except we know what he is capable of all while him still having loads of potential. Oliver is expected to make a jump. We can still sign or draft a slot CB. Many are still available. I have hope that Rico and Kazee can help fill the spot. We also added young talent at Safety to allow Rico or Kazee to slide down. Not overly concerned there. Again draft day 2 is today. 5. I dont really get this. We added J. Odom, T. Davidson and Hageman to the DL. All 3 are at worst solid starters. Davidson is actually an elite run defender and Odom is a base end with plenty experience. Im counting on all 3 to upgrade what we had and trust they are upgrades. Did you see we signed Laguda snd JJ Wilcox? We arent thin anymore. Very good depth. Thats even if Rico isnt ready or we bring Keke back slow.
  16. It's not really that I'm opposed to OL picks, and "unexciting" picks, as much as that neither of these two were guys that I was super high on headed into this weekend, and especially not as high (or as much) as we took them, so I just feel like I'll need to see the results to get fully behind this. Now, having said that, the guys most were high on, fell considerably, and a few are now even available still in the 2nd round, so what do I know, I guess.
  17. Quinn/Dimitroff seemed to suggest that a few teams within 5 picks behind them might have been sitting on Lindstrom. I don't believe he would have made it to #20.
  18. The offensive line is different when it comes to the draft. You have to invest and plan for the future more than any other position group. Bargain hunting hasn't been working. Our qb is too important not to protect him. Look at the Patriots...look at the Saints
  19. Falcons Fans: "Td is an idiot he never invests on the o-line, he never spends first round picks on the line (except for Jake) fire TD!!!" Also Falcons Fans: "What the **** is TD thinking, we already signed two veteran guards why is he investing so much draft capital on the line?? why did we trade up in the first round for a tackle and spend a 14 pick on a guard that may or may not have been available later?! fire TD!!!"
  20. where did you get that they don't love the picks? if you listen to what they SAY - instead of just looking at the grade, they liked it a lot - especially Lindstrom. With McGary, they just questioned him over Dalton Risner. Prisco said "something is up" with Jawaan Taylor - and I agree. There must be something - drug or off field issues - work ethic - something? He should have gone somewhere in the 1st round.
  21. So by your logic, what are we going to do if Grady gets injured? Who is his backup option?
  22. They were. I think Freeney played one or two years in a 34
  23. Everyone has been pretty unanimous that Lindstrom was one of the cleanest OL prospects in the draft - maybe he would’ve been there 10-15 picks later, maybe not. There is a LOT more diversity in opinions on McGary and where best projects to play and how long it will take. I was thrown off by that one, but what do I know. Hate that we have no picks in 2-3 where so much of the talent in this draft is. Hopefully these guys crush it early and are staples on the line for a decade. We’ll see, but I’m still looking for impact defensive help. Haven’t seen it yet this offseason.
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