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  2. Matt Ryan is for real the unluckiest QB in NFL history. Why can’t he have just one of Brady’s lucky plays? Tuck rule Vinateri bail out Shanked FG’s Good OL’s Consistent, quality HC and OC Good defenses Dee Ford jumps offsides negating the game-ending INT Team makes a bone headed decision at the 1 in the Super Bowl Team completely implodes in the Super Bowl Play in a really bad division In the same moment, in big moments, Ryan’s teammates negate the big play with a dumb penalty, the ball hits off the WR’s hands and miraculously bounces right into the hands of the defender, the coaches just suck, or a kicker misses something. Can this guy just get one lucky break or something?
  3. Every team we play should scare us. Our defense makes opposing QBs Gods. We can probably make Winston look good.
  4. Isnt Turkey in Nato? Isnt Turkey a founding member of the UN? If the US is to be unilaterally stopping this war between Turkey and Syria then neither NATO or the UN need to exist or have a legitimate reason to exist, because they are doing nothing for this situation involving one of its members. Its what I've said all along, these big councils are not worth $1.
  5. I wouldn't look for any big FA deals. The season had barely ended and AA was already sandbagging in the interview he did with The Athletic. We'll probably sign Donaldson and then do a bunch of cheap deals like last year. Gonna be this way til our corporate overlords are gone.
  6. Did you not see the picture posted on here? His knee was in the field of play. 1 knee equals 2 feet.
  7. To hope is to despair if one must hope eternally.
  8. This is why our own players hate the fans now. Smdh.
  9. Not much good can be taken from a 1-5 start, without saying a word, the Atlanta Falcons are speaking loud and clear on how they feel about Dan Quinn. There are some bright spots for the Atlanta Falcons and we will get to those over the next couple of days; there is something that needs to be written now – Dan Quinn has lost the locker room and it could not be clearer. There were several points during today’s broadcast on FOX where the cameras panned the Falcons sideline and it was clear that those that suit-up for the Falcons no longer respect Dan Quinn as their coach. I am sure they respect him from a man-to-man perspective, but players know how to get coaches fired and their body language and play on the field are showing just that. Time after time this afternoon, players were unresponsive on the sideline, looking past coaches and teammates and were counting down the time they have left. They are uninspired and lethargic, oftentimes showing minimal effort at the snap of the ball. We hear from captains such as Julio Jones and Grady Jarrett that the team has great weeks of practice but then look unprepared on the field and give less than full effort. The players are telling anyone paying attention they are done playing for Dan Quinn and the staff that he has put together. There is a thought that everyone overvalued the Falcons roster and the talent within it, however, after much thought that is not the case. Sure, this roster lacks in areas like starting corners, but overall there is a ton of talent on this roster. The only conclusion that leaves is the players no longer want to play for Dan Quinn. Arthur Blank has a tough decision to make and he has to make it sooner than he wants, while firing nice guys is not easy to do, the future success of his franchise depends on it.
  10. Beasley was just waiting for the QB to come to him. He probably figured he almost had him.
  11. That one legit pissed me off.
  12. I agree but many of their SB wins were because of defense.
  13. Matt Bryant is NOT the problem
  14. If you're a defensive head coach and you're on year 2 of having one of the worst defenses in the's time to go.
  15. Basically the same as I posted above. No huddle up tempo and this team looks machine-like. Yet the coaches don't keep calling it that way. It would make the Pope cuss.
  16. DQs defense has been figured out by the NFL. Falcons can either keep him and waste another year of Matt and Julio, or cut bait and move on ASAP. I held out hope as long as I could but at thsi point see no signs that DQ has any real chance of salvaging this mess.
  17. That's true for sure this year. But Brady has carried that team on his shoulders a lot even when the D isn't good.
  18. This team has always been successful with no-huddle and up tempo and Matt calling the plays! Why can't this coaching staff or the prior one ever get that through their heads? We're almost like a machine when we go that route. Frustrating.
  19. Yo, the rush D ain’t it. Its the pass rush and coverages. Davison ain’t the issue. Been doing work inside. 2nd best DL on the entire roster behind Grady, even if that isn’t saying a lot. DQ banked on Vic being worth the $13M and that is truly our most glaring mistake from the offseason.
  20. What gymnastics? There is no way to quantify what was Quinn's leadership versus what was Carroll's "system" that lead to the Seahawks success. You are making it sound like Quinn had nothing to do with it, even though Quinn called the plays and set the gameplan, according to the players who were there. As far as 2018, there is no way you can't take the injuries into consideration, especially with what his defense did in 2017 and 2nd half of 2016. Again, I think Quinn will be let go, and rightly so, but to say his is inept in either position, with the evidence that clearly negates that, doesn't follow logic.
  21. Especially for player coaches with a brotherhood who pass out big contracts, free tee shirts and don't require discipline or accountability.
  22. "Atlanta trailed Arizona 27-10 in the third quarter. The defense couldn’t stop the Cardinals, and the offense was once again inconsistent. But with the Falcons trailing by 17, everything started to click. The defense got three consecutive stops. The offense suddenly couldn’t be stopped. And early in the fourth quarter, the Falcons were able to tie the score at 27." All too common a script recently, fall behind by a big margin, get some stops and catch up towards the end, other team pulls its finger out and ends it.
  23. His defense simply isn't workable with our roster and today's NFL. Keep Koetter around if you're so worried about continuity for Ryan. Offense has never been the problem, on the aggregate at least.
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