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  2. No ****, I did not realize you were falcon Moore.
  3. We'll keep aiming for the good policy instead. Thanks for your input.
  4. nether guy we have now is better than the top 3 in this draft. Let 1 of the 2 we have go down and we are done for the year again. So again tell me why its not worth it. oh yeh tell me that the 2 we have now put fear in the QBs in the south lol.
  5. Dexter Lawrence if we don't trade up. Wilkins and Oliver won't make it to 14, unfortunately.
  6. SP advocates need to accept we are getting Medicare for America. It is more popular with voters and cheaper than M4All.
  7. Good point. I can say I am happy having a pro bowl left tackle, and arguably the best tackle in the draft. (Lewan).
  8. TheIronLotus I think, and before that I can't remember. I was Falcan Moore before changing names
  9. Those were very dumb comments. But I'll give the guy credit for apologizing face to face. It's a lost art today to look someone in the eyes and apologize.
  10. I've seen the article. I'm just saying that he's said several things at this point.
  11. Ah ****. I didn't understand what I was looking at and thought that was the recent mock.
  12. Given we're in nickel/dime 70% of the time that's more than enough.
  13. Already multiple drinks in.
  14. People thought he'd go to baseball around December
  15. He wants like $18-20 million too.
  16. I’m so glad he didn’t. Trading up and passing on Mack would have been so painful. As great as Donald is, Mack was the more obvious All-Pro at the time
  17. Where's the other comparison drafts? I would be happy if we got Greedy Williams or Cody F.
  18. Is it happening soon? Is anyone gonna watch it?
  19. Murray not in first round? Who is the chick in your avatar btw?
  20. D Law @29. Now that's a good one right there.
  21. Unless we are getting Quinnen Williams I don't think a trade up is worth it. This draft has a lot of good DTs and we can get one at 14 for sure. Then we can trade up to get back into round one or top of round two for a good OL also.
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