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  2. Because, it irritates lemmings like you who'll never get over the fact that Trump was duly elected to two terms and was a hugly rated POTUS.
  3. It seems like part of the oversight powers provided for in the Constitution would include assuring that the Attorney General is not acting corruptly. It also seems like duties of confidentiality (protecting Grand Jury Testimony, Security Intersts, Private Citizens etc) would apply to Congressmen that apply to the Justice Department. And finally, it seems like if the Attorney General was acting in good faith, Republicans, the White House, and the Justice Department would WANT the seal of approval from bipartisan Congressional Oversight. So the question is not so much whether there will ever be bipartisan approval of the redactions etc. . . but WHY hasn't it already happened? And why is Barr and everyone else with authority continuing to block it? All these guys are dancing in the EndZone on a play that was already determined to be a questionable call, and the Powers that Be are dead set to prevent a video review. Keep dancing, Schmucks.
  4. I feel like 1 and 2 are the same cycle. Not just "part of the same," 1 is how we get to 2, which is how we get back to 1. Every accusation today that isn't backed up simply by a more careful reading of the report is going to make the damage control the Republicans did from before it came out to to the present more effective for being less of an overreach than the liberals who are still going to say there's a cover up and Putin's still controlling Trump.
  5. I posted this in another thread and I'll post it again. How is he not producing again? The kid had surgery on his right shoulder prior to his rookie season and had surgery to his left surgery prior to his second season. This will be his first offseason where he didn't have any surgeries.
  6. Let your play do your talking
  7. Barr's got a woody, he's tryin' to explain, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhh
  8. Obviously the NFL hates the Falcons.
  9. Campbell's replacement
  10. This board in the off-season is 1 long slap fight.
  11. Agree 100%
  12. That was just Kiper trying to come up with an answer that wasn't Rashan Gary imo. Kiper asks "What do you do if he plays at 270?". The obvious response being, play him at base end, move him inside on passing downs.
  13. Seems more playful than worried = /
  14. So we don't pick and choose what stats we want here they all are: Camargo Donaldson AB 30 62 H 7 15 AVG 233 242 HR 1 2 R 3 12 RBI 10 3 OBP 343 373 SLG 467 419 OPS 810 793 OPS+ 110 108
  15. Love Takk. Love the confidence. Keep talking, kid. **** the haters.
  16. Kinda makes me no want him anymore. Im no expert though. Kinda depends what they want to do with grady though as others have said. According to this, are they essentially the same player?
  17. Ok so we’ll find out when the games start
  18. We play the Saints, Bucs and Panthers twice a year. Insane!
  19. Late round is fine, but we gotta stop wasting early picks on pass rushers cause they won't do well here until the interior DL is fixed.
  20. These are the same people who think sunglasses will hide their identities in case they have to call in a death threat.
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