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  2. I don't think there is any way you could say he wasn't responsible for it, on both instances. I understand the emotions of this year, and how it's played out, but don't let that that fool you. I don't think i'm missing the point at all, and when you hear NFL coaches and players confirm that, it holds a lot of weight. There is a lot of evidence that speaks to him succeeding on his own merits in both jobs.
  3. Oh how I wish you were right...
  4. I won't argue Shanny's massive contribution to that team but, you also have to take into consideration DQs defensive contributions in that run as well as how many Rooks we had a key positions.
  6. DQ is not half the coach Smitty was. **** I wish we had KS during 2008-2012 run.
  7. It ain’t over till it is... but there is no way you can defend the DQ and his so called defense.
  8. The Falcons have forced 3 punts and have zero sacks in the last 3 games. That is just bizarre.
  9. Man i hope the Astros manage to beat the Yankees this series. If the world series ends up being Yankees versus Nats im not even going to watch it
  10. I'll concede that.
  11. Just not giving up yet, that's all.
  12. I think that hiring DQ was a mistake. I could be wrong. I did think it was a good hire even after 28-3 (which the Refs had a hand in creating). But at this point, I think it was a mistake.
  13. As is Matthews. A real football coach would have benched #70 long time ago. Instead we are stuck in limbo with another Big Name/Contract player versus a productive yet lower costs. They faked the whole Oline fixed thing from the jump honestly.
  14. Since 2016 -2019 our team defense and special teams have been ****tiest in the league. And, the onus continuously unfairly falls on offense. End of the day, theres sooo much offense can keep doing every game. There are teams who win games with defensive performances even if their offense doesnt score a touchdown. Dan Quinn should have been let go right after superbowl. He hired absolutely untested drunk offensive coordinator instead of hiring talented defensive minded staff or personnels. Our offense was never an issue. Never will be under Matt Ryan and Julio. They can have bad games sure but, when game is on the line they will fight their way back and score points.
  15. Yep, Smitty made changes after his first injury riddled season and DQ did the same. My point in this was to say the changes were a knee jerk reaction to the heat and ultimately set the team back in both cases. I think beyond this bad move that DQ can reel it in and get us back on track.
  16. Not FFS70, but the defense can be pretty much repaired in one off season unless the new coach demands very specific types of players for "his scheme".
  17. What makes you think he can fix it?
  18. Did DQ pay for this post? Asking for a friend.
  19. Two things right here I don't agree with. The Ryan missing wide open players with no pressure. No pressure was from your seat or point of view. It's different for the players. Secondly, I hate hearing about how much players make. That does have anything to do with the game. People around here love to use terms like Homers, etc. It doesn't take a genius to realize that we went into this offense full throttle. Matt and Julio are the only players familiar with it. Everyone else is new. Keep in mind, this wasn't that long ago.
  20. Brady actually wins often because of good defense.
  21. Was he responsible for any of that though? That's the point that you may be missing. An inept man can easily succeed if he is lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. It takes a skilled person to succeed despite the circumstance instead of because of them.
  22. The path to the playoff is still here folks. Playoffs!? Yes, playoffs. I know our team hasn't looked so hot so far but I still have faith. Dan Quinn is still our coach and I'll defend him and every player on this team. The Saints, Panthers, and Bucs don't scare me at all. I say bring it on Sean Payton; give us your best shot. We are coming for the NFC South title.
  23. Kyle is 14-22
  24. Better use FA for defense. TD sucks at drafting lineman and edge rushers. THank goodness he noticed Grady when scouting Beasley. lol
  25. PATHETIC DEFENSE CARDINALS exploded for 300 yards and 20 points and were good in the red zone. Quarterback Kyler Murray completed 16-of-19 passes for 240 yards and a touchdown, good for a passer rating of 136.3. He also had 14 rushing yards. It was a mix of short, intermediate and deep passes. He connected with Trent Sherfield for a 38-yard deep pass. He completed a 58-yard deep throw to Damiere Byrd. David Johnson and Chase Edmonds took short passes into 30 and 31-yard pass plays. Edmonds and Johnson were both used in the first half. Johnson finished the half with 73 yards from scrimmage, rushing six times for 19 yards and touchdown and catching five passes for 54. Edmonds ran the ball four times for 25 yards and caught two passes for 33 yards, including a two-yard touchdown. They were 5-of-6 on third down and scored two touchdowns on three trips to the end zone. The one time they did not get a touchdown was when they kicked a field goal in the final seconds of the half on third down.
  26. DQ barely has a .500 record as a head coach. He's done nothing to prove he can have success as a head coach. Shanahan and a historic offense is why we got to the SB. DQ simply was along for the ride.
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