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  2. Thank you Miami
  3. This hurts so much.....,,
  4. Fin Miami!
  5. Y’all gon be mad when they call greedy Williams name at 14
  6. Here we go, people. Get ready to be mad, sad, happy or glad.
  7. Maybe Taylor for us now.
  8. Juwan Taylor. No exceptions.
  9. Ugh... I dont even want yo know who we draft now.
  10. Wilkins gone. I hope we don’t go CB or Oline
  11. Denver Trades back up?
  12. Lindstrom is another fear of mine.
  13. Idk after that entrance I’m glad we didn’t get him hahaha
  14. We SUCK!!!
  15. **** the Dolphins
  16. I got Cody Ford, Lindstrom, or Greedy Williams here. Who you got?
  17. dammmmiiiittttttttttttttttttttt
  18. That's my thinking. I think we gotta go D here. I don't see Taylor or Dillard as week 1 starters with glaring NFL adjustments in pass blocking or run blocking respectively.
  19. You stand alone in your joy.
  20. I'm not even excited now
  21. lol we picking a RT
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