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  2. if hes not a double digit sack guy he won't be sniffing a 2nd contract here with all the baggage.
  3. If you say it every year you will be right. If you say he wont every year you will be wrong. Folks playing the waiting game on julio
  4. You are a racist, and you're spreading racist tropes on this message board. There's no place for that here, or anywhere.
  5. Shouldn't you be looking for another lie to post.
  6. Add Anderson to that list and that would be my untouchables, unless they blew me away.
  7. Yes I am very politically opinionated but I have been going out of my way to to not engage in flame wars and follow the CoC to the best of my ability. You're stuck with me. You can't get rid of people just because you don't like their opinion. Yes I received warnings and I am abiding by those warnings. Maybe one day you'll see the light and say "Oh...SB was right!". I'm not holding my breath though.
  8. You should have just said that from the beginning to stay on topic I think they both get 20. Thomas at 5 years, Julio at 4. I think they will guarantee Julio a smaller percentage due to his age
  9. I can def understand where you are coming from. It was just a thought. Also, as far as success, I agree somewhat. I think you must fail before you succeed most of the time in life. Soroka is a rare exception, and even he did somewhat with health. Each time they go out, they get a chance to learn and figure things out. If they are talented enough, they will win over the long term.
  10. I'm the most frustrated with Touki. I know that K26 keeps saying that his problem is that he's a starter. I'm perfectly willing to accept that he'd be more comfortable in the first inning. Still, he'd have to start getting *somebody* out before I'd believe that he's an MLB pitcher. I cringe when we bring him into games. He's given up more runs than innings pitched in three straight games and four out of his last five. With Wright, he needs to get his confidence back by dominating minor league pitching. I don't really want to see him in a Braves uniform again this year, barring something unforeseen.
  11. I dont care that hes been good for 6 season....has he been the best every season? Even top 3? No
  12. Omar is not telling Jews to “go back to Israel”. Omar is not stereotyping Jews and calling them dangerous and anti-American. Omar has not called for the death penalty for five innocent Jewish men. Omar is not leading “send them back” chants about Jewish members of Congress. Trump’s done all of those things against black and brown people. Seems that Trump is more dangerous to minorities than Omar.
  13. No use in having some that smell like.Downy. just sayin
  14. A perma-ban is in order (and I see the quotes because I have the dunce on ignore). Stunned (not really considering the person who is doing it), and this has gotten OLD!
  15. NO TEAM in the HISTORY of sports is more promoted than the Cowboys. This thing with Zeke is because Zeke is a bona fide *******. I predicted he would stay in trouble back after they drafted him. Goodell did the 6 games to bring him in line bu it didn't work. You saw the latest incident with Zeke...
  16. I think it's the opposite. Weigel's somebody we probably like better than other teams. Some of the floundering young arms have more value, as other organizations likely feel that these kids haven't been placed in a good position to succeed. It's the reverse of what happened with Folty in Houston. They dealt him because they'd lost faith and had other pressing needs.
  17. Julio is going to go 17-19 m per. Personally thinking 4/85. Tge over\under is set at 20. Most bets are for over so smar t money is on the under
  18. Yes but my point is all these kids have done is **** themselves outside of a couple.
  19. He was arguably the best pitcher in our system 2 years ago. They may be showing him against MLB hitters so he can be a center-piece in a trade. It is possible.
  20. That's terrific news about Weigel. When he blew out his arm in 2017, he was an eyelash away from getting called up. It's a shame he had to wait until he was 25 to make the majors. He was ready at 23.
  21. It is. Please get him so the Gators will go cry harder
  22. I wouldn't bring any of these pitchers up here to showcase unless they are ok with them lowering their stock.
  23. Super cool that Steve's now fine just posting outright racist comments and memes in ABF.
  24. Brees and Brady have been on their last year for like 7 years now... THIS IS THE YEAR! Still waiting on @MAD597 to tell me how many games Julio has missed due to "foot issues". Apparently it's every single year, I don't know if you have heard Vandy.
  25. Been hearing this “Injury-prone Julio is gonna decline soon” navel-gazing in TAFT for 3 years now....and he keeps on rolling...
  26. The team hasn't released how they're going to break down the cap hits. Just based on the numbers 34 guarenteed / 3 years = 11.3 average cap hit years 1-3 and 23 million in year 4. Again these are average numbers but the more you move those numbers around the bigger the hit in another year and teams are not in the habit of adding too much of the guaranteed money hits into the last year. Neal's extension is coming up and they're going to have to do something about the pass rushing situation. Either re-sign or find a replacement for Beasley, (neither option will be cheap), and then Takk so they can't get too crazy with pushing the cap hits into the later years.
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