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  2. Then next years 1st will need to come out the deal. The combined value of Vic, our 1st and 2nd is more than the #3 overall
  3. No but I hope the thought triggers some people
  4. Kiwi, I have come to the conclusion he doesn’t believe half of the positions he takes. I think he just likes acting the clown.
  5. No way I’m letting anyone touch next year’s first.
  6. Agreed.
  7. Are you sure that is really a thing?
  8. I came in to light you up... lmao, but instead....
  9. That sounds about as credible as the #WalkAwayMovement. But I wish.
  10. Giving up Beasley and 2 firsts is the dumbest thing td could do
  11. A few Falcon GMs that arguably drafted better in the treches in fewer seasons: Frank Wall - 66-69 - (4 seasons) - Claude Humphrey, Jeff Van Note Eddie LeBaron - 77-81 - (5 seasons) - Mike Kenn, R.C. Theileman Thomas Dimitroff - 08-18 - (11 seasons) - Grady Jarrett, Jake Matthews
  12. @blkbigdog35We know this rock carrying bull and log carrying bull is not team building. Suffering in the rain and snow with no heat and no sleep for weeks. No food or water. That builds teamwork. What a sham.Hollywood PR.
  13. I seriously doubt he will get that much time. They always say 14 years and the person only serves 2 or so. I'm not exactly sure why unless it's to scare the defendant into not doing anything else wrong.
  14. My favorite new thing is QANONs hate-watching Maddow and accidentally turning into liberals
  15. They don't have a 2nd round pick this year.. that's what they're trying to get back IF they do a trade
  16. If I can choose my 7th grade home economics teacher, then cool.
  17. OK, that’s your third complete line of **** this afternoon. How was it ****** up? It’s been successful in other cities to bulldoze abandon lighted homes. I Rescue Marcos about it including ones trying to be critical. Ultimately, he recognizes that some initial mistakes were made in execution, and they were remedied. It doesn’t serve minority communities to have abandoned homes in the neighborhoods. Sure, it can create a crisis for people who are not developing investment property, but if the house is abandoned, the land is going to be worth more without anything on it. And, the program was modified to provide assistance with folks in certain situations. But, go ahead and **** on the guy for… Reasons… Purity… Trump 2020! 4 more years! I know. We have lived next to an abandoned house for five years. Fortunately, it’s the only one in my neighborhood. And last week, it was finally bulldozed. And sure, Mock the guy because he speaks six languages. It’ll help you re-elect the ******* that doesn’t speak one. Again, promote the policies of your guy. Contrast them with the other guy. But don’t take cheap shots.
  18. It’s a hard one for me because if your giving away next years 1 you have to be sure who your taking this year is better than anyone coming out next. Also when we have a team built like we are,draft picks are gold.Having more of them is better for us because we have a better % at landing and developing talent and it makes the decision to let good players hit FA not so hard to bare.
  19. That's an immediate non starter. You (and them if they'd ask for that) would be completely over valuing a #3 pick in a draft. No way is a pick just 11 spots higher worth our 14 pick, a 2nd this year, a 1st next year and a starting OLB with elite speed that was once a league sack leader. That's just too much.
  20. If Bosa fell to #3 due to a trade for a QB, the move would be genius.
  21. Yeah i remember. Was a huge fan of his. Which is why i would move up to #1 for him.
  22. The only way the jets trade there pick is to get a 2nd round pick.. this year
  23. That's a terrible trade.
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