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  2. Nah. I just heard about it last week when I glanced at the pre game show
  3. I’m not judging him on that one play. I’m judging him on the countless plays that he has looked like a turnstile. Wes is not a starting caliber OL. Dude is trash
  4. Who's not worth it? The Falcons, or the wife and child?
  5. The only variable is whatever happens in the new CBA. The NFL is getting back control of NFL Sunday ticket. So revenue streams from however they choose to market it will be in play. The cap did jump a good deal when the last CBA was agreed to. So maybe there is some relief there as well as cuts.... I hope. I need rest...
  6. Dont jinx yourself, but yeah I cut out red meat for that reason.
  7. Now if I can only get Lindsey Graham to retweet and comment on this we can go ahead and summon the giant meteor
  8. While true at the beginning of the season, winning cures all. DQ stays and this team starts off 2-0 or 3-0 the attendance will rise. Anybody that doesn’t show up to a game for a team 2-0 or 3-0 because of Dan Quinn really isn’t much of a fan anyways. I don’t watch because of DQ. I watch because the red and black uniforms and logo I love to see run onto the field.
  9. Lol he really should have been shadowing someone before branching out on his own
  10. Ah different diggs lol do you do the Fox Sports Super 6 thing?
  11. Lol
  12. Lol
  13. Lmao
  14. Well, that's awkward.
  15. Really was a great time for the bye. Gives two more weeks for Kearis, Campbell, Robertson, Davis, Walker, Kindley, Shaffer, who are on the cusp of being full strength. Would feel much much better if Cager would be ready. He's should probably be doubtful at best by Nov. 2nd. Going to be tough relying on 3 fr. on that receiving corps until he gets back right.
  16. I had Steak and Lobster with Red Wine, to Celebrate my divorce from the Atlanta Falcons Fan Base! The Seasoned Asparagus was especially delicious!
  17. Came here thinking Stefon was traded.
  18. **** I just picked Diggs to score first on my Fox Sports 6 app for thursday
  19. That's just an article saying that Michael Lombardi thinks that Nagy will lose his job if the Bears don't trade for a qb. It won't happen, but if they offered something crazy for Matt Ryan would you consider it? Just food for thought. They're definitely a better team than us and Ryan would probably make them great. Trubisky has been awful.
  20. Falcons got them Sunday so may as well.
  21. I had a chicken strip basket from DQ with extra gravy. If my metabolism ever slows down in gonna be a fat ***
  22. Why would he have to hide that? It's not like he's married.
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