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  2. I guess. Not great, but evolving into a good player in same vein as chuck smith hopefully. VB was a Top 10 draft pick with bigger expectations, whose play has been wildly inconsistent. Some of which I put on dan Quinn and his coaching staff.
  3. But for real, I can see possibly one as much as I don’t like to say it.
  4. Nice to be Debo. But TD did a good job vs Rosenhaus.
  5. Awesome move. Props to TD for getting it done and not waiting on Joneses.
  6. Ok, so let's put the "hate" word aside. Do you like him as a player? Would you rather have him or Vic right now going forward?
  7. Yeah, I think he's Jerry Rice, someone who was still a factor at 40. I believe it's more likely that Julio walks away before his skills go into serious decline.
  8. Bumps for Debo & Grady
  9. I think it boils down to Takk being a high motor guy and not making a lot. Vic is making a lot and is not a high motor guy. Takk is entering his 3rd year, and has already proven to be more consistent than Vic, who is going into his 5th year. It feels like Vic is just going to be that dude that never really makes it click. It feels like Takk could take a jump, if nothing else because of the high motor. Bottom line, we need them both to do better.
  10. Happy birthday Tandy. Love and positivity from me to you.
  11. Sometimes players don’t want to sign early. They gamble that they can increase their value and maximize their contract
  12. We now have 2 million left in CAP for 2019. Lets extend Julio and lower Jones CAP hit by 5 million and roll over 7 mill to next year
  13. One more ‘gain
  14. It’s a ******* travesty Nobis isn’t in HOF. I saw him play, he was a HOF caliber player just as much as Ray Lewis/**** Butkus /mike Singletary were. Shame on falcon organization (looking at you, Rich McKay) in not setting this wrong right!
  15. It was wrong lol
  16. Numbers Coming Out: Jones and the Falcons finalized a four-year, $57 million contract extension with an $11 million signing bonus and $25.8 million fully guaranteed at signing, agent Drew Rosenhaus told PFT. Jones has a $7 million option bonus next year, and his $8.2 million salary in 2021 will be guaranteed for injury. The Falcons have already extended defensive tackle Grady Jarrett this week and turned their attention to Jones next. A 2016 second-round draft pick, Jones was heading into the final year of his rookie contract, and getting a deal done before he could leave in free agency was a top priority for the Falcons.
  17. I actually think it’s the opposite. I think fans treat Takk as if he’s a great player. And I think the reason for that is his attitude and polarizing behavior. And on the other hand, everyone hates Beasley despite the fact that both of them have very similar stats. Not saying that Takk is bad by any means. I just think the board may be overrating him a little bit in terms of his actual play on the field
  18. I meaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan...
  19. No I don’t
  20. This guy gets it
  21. Twitter Front office is ballin’.
  22. Yeah, at this point I'd kinda be shocked if we don't hear about Julio's extension tomorrow.
  23. When AB says you a Falcon for life, you a Mudafluffer FALCON FOR LIFE!
  24. Good point. They were both on Art's private jet according to another poster.
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