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  2. Funny how the results are totally different with a different HC. When you split time periods between coaches, it's apparent.
  3. I agree on the stunts for sure. That's where we thrived in 2016 and that's why I think Quinn really saw the need to takeover. Now I will say all these additional signings are more than likely for the purpose of being flexible. Can't survive off of stunts so we need to have some options in there that can rush from different spots and different types. These things will help to get to that top 10 status that we covet.
  4. Roscoe's Chicken, perhaps?
  5. Good Good. Happy to have him back. Very low cost move, if we see he doesn't have "it" he will cut during preseason. Hopefully he can come in and contribute as a reserve.
  6. **** we should bring back Collins as well.
  7. Regardless, he was killed by someone Driving Under the Influence (DUI).
  8. I think if he wanted to be in the top 10 we should have played for in..... instead of win now trade away our future now
  9. My two cents.....the guy gets another chance. Hopefully he’s motivated to use his god given ability and reaches his potential. If he’s does ...he’s a tremendous asset on the cheap. If he can’t do it....then cut him. No one really knows what’s going to happen.....but there is a big ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. I gotta pull for the kid.
  10. Good points. Haha justin zimmer, shede should be fine.
  11. That's vehicular homicide and is not a midemeanor. Far more people die in non-intoxicated accidents.
  12. Not on "your sack", just asking a question. You seem to be upset at the 2-3 out of 25 who were excited by the signing. Actually willing to bet that all the over the top guys were all joking and you're literally posting about something that doesn't exist. The overwhelming vibe from this thread is, good signing, go prove it, not OMG SHEDE'S BACK, SUPER BOWL!
  13. Why arent we doing his whole tenure and just his last 6? Why don't we do his last 4? 36-27. 3-2 in the playoffs. 1 Superbowl appearance. TD is the best Falcons GM ever and it isn't close.
  14. Thanks for the read but not really a fan of this draft or giving up our 2nd round pick next year. As you mentioned CB is basically the only position we didn't address so far this free agency and you helped us zero in a position where we need 1-2 extra. I'd grab Burns in your scenario and look for a couple of additional 2nd round picks instead where we can grab prospects like OT Howard and CB Bunting.
  15. Hageman must have matured tremendously over the past couple years. I'd imagine he's been humbled. I'm all for giving him another shot if his head is on straight this time.
  16. Id rather stay at 14 and trade up from our 2nd round or our 3rd back into the 2nd.. more value imo
  17. We drafted a WR in the 1st round last year with Julio and Sanu as starters and decent depth of Hardy and Hall, letting Gabriel, Robinson, and Weems walk. We have what... Wreh-Wilson and Taveze Calhoun as our CB depth right now? Kazee is our NCB/Star and FS/SS backup. He is not a outside CB depth. There is ZERO doubt we will be drafting at the very least one high level CB this year, and then probably another late rounder. Just like with Ridley, don't be surprised if it's in the 1st round.
  18. I meant Jones, not Jacobs. Patriots are also looking at Grier. They’d have to move up a bit in RD 2 for him.
  19. Pretty interesting he uses 8th as a spot to move up too for his example. With the rumored negotiations with Detriot I wonder if that's the spot they're targeting for Oliver.
  20. yeah but you said "Grier" - not Jones.
  21. I think he will be just fine. I am wondering what is going to happen come draft time now. Jarrett hasn't signed his franchise tag and I am starting to think we are going to lose Jarrett and get 2 first round picks. I think the Compensation would be future first round picks? I don't know how it works. With the draft coming, Jarrett on a franchise tag he hasn't signed yet nor a contract has been made, I am starting to believe another team will come in and try to sign Jarrett to a huge deal. This could be the Raiders. I would not be shocked we play this season with out the likes of Trufant and Jarrett. I think the Falcons will keep Julio and give him the contract he deserves. I am looking at the Raiders as a possible landing spot for Trufant and Jarrett in some kind of trade. Raiders have NO corners nor defensive tackles.
  22. I don’t see it as babysitting. I see it as coaching. He’ll need to do it with everyone. Campbell said everyone is asking more questions now that Quinn is running the meetings. I think that’s a good thing.
  23. I can see us letting Ed Oliver come to us, take a RT or trade down and take OL/CB at this point
  24. Giants are likely taking Jones. Pats need to slide ahead of #17 to take him. #14 seems logical
  25. So why is Dimi just 46-50 with only two playoff berths in the last six seasons?
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