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  2. Rams have looked like she-it for 3 weeks and the good ol' Falcons come in and fix what ails them. Worst team in the league right now hands down!
  3. I hate the o line being able to help push the ball carrier forward. It should end the play when any player joins the pile to push
  4. Uh oh,AQuinn fight on the field A Quinn is going to be mildly displeased about that.
  5. Watching Freeman get picked up like a toddler was priceless
  6. This is unwatchable
  7. Exactly man!
  8. DQ needs to be run out of this town today. The only hope for this team is a culture overhaul. The Brotherhood crap is fine and all, but these guys need some fire in them, and buddy buddy warm and fuzzy isn't getting it done.
  9. This team is truly horrendous.
  10. I don't dislike the spirit, but I'd prefer the fighting between whistles.
  11. Do whatever it takes to get swift next year. Dont let him escape Georgia.
  12. Watch it again. It was actually #77 for the Rams. He grabbed Free by the hair and pulled him down
  13. Sick of Freeman's ****. You ain't the dog you once were bruh. You're overpaid and replaceable. You tried to alpha up on Aaron Donald and got lifted off your feet. Sit down son.
  14. I don’t have any more words to describe this team...
  15. Nine more games. Just keep telling yourselves, only nine more games, and this dumpster fire will be over, this abysmal coaching staff will be gone, and the dead weight can be cut off the roster.
  16. Let the blowout commence. They’re about to put up 50
  17. No more homer glasses brothers!!! This is a Falcons team that I am not sure I have seen look any worse!!! Don’t fool yourself Ryan is not all that either. We need ab entire new team and coaching staff!!!!
  18. Donald picking up Free like his daddy while he flails around helplessly is the perfect summation for our season. What a mess.
  19. Solid tackling, get his agent on the phone.
  20. Yeah, a so called punch with a open hand...
  21. Hard to watch the calls in this game. Rams get away with holding, but Falcons are getting called over and over
  22. Blank's an idiot. He will need more time
  23. Donald really just treated Freeman like a lil *****
  24. FReeman frustrated like the rest of us. lol
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