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  2. Edge rusher (can they get to the QB?) CB (Trufant hasn't played up to his standards the past few years and is Oliver ready to step up?)
  3. because i think there are more than just a few people that want to see the rbbc approach dead and gone from Atlanta
  4. my Bold predictions: 1. Offense puts up 2016'ish numbers, but with higher TOP and stronger Run game numbers 2. Defense puts up 2017'ish numbers with higher takeaway numbers 3. Our LB corps (Campbell/Jones/FO) quietly becomes the talk of the league by the playoffs. 4. Our O-Line starts breaking bones of D-Linemen (too soon? asking for a friend) 5. Falcons go 5-1 in division and win the division. 6. We get a KO/Punt return game going. 7. Tak gets sacks, Vic doesn't.
  5. Tell me who tf Abraham Y. Salinas is and why I should give any weight to what he has to say?
  6. A couple of excerpts that I liked: Psychologists have shown that people have motivated beliefs: beliefs that they have chosen to hold because those beliefs meet a psychological need. Now, being poor in the US is extremely tough, given the meagre welfare benefits and high levels of post-tax inequality. So Americans have a greater need than Europeans to believe that you deserve what you get and you get what you deserve. These beliefs play a powerful role in motivating yourself and your children to work as hard as possible to avoid poverty. And these beliefs can help alleviate the guilt involved in ignoring a homeless person begging on your street. And: There is an entire cultural ecosystem that has evolved around the idea of tax-as-theft, recognisable today in politicians’ talk about “spending taxpayers’ money”, or campaigners celebrating “tax freedom day”. This language exists outside the world of politics, too. Tax economists, accountants and lawyers refer to the so-called “tax burden”. But the idea that you somehow own your pre-tax income, while obvious, is false. To begin with, you could never have ownership rights prior to, or independent from, taxation. Ownership is a legal right. Laws require various institutions, including police and a legal system, to function. These institutions are financed through taxation. The tax and the ownership rights are effectively created simultaneously. We cannot have one without the other. However, if the only function of the state is to support private ownership rights (maintaining a legal system, police, and so on), it seems that taxation could be very low – and any further taxation on top could still be seen as a form of theft. Implicit in this view is the idea of incomes earned, and so ownership rights created, in an entirely private market economy, with the state entering only later, to ensure these rights are maintained. Many economics textbooks picture the state in this way, as an add-on to the market. Yet this, too, is a fantasy. In the modern world, all economic activity reflects the influence of government. Markets are inevitably defined and shaped by government. There is no such thing as income earned before government comes along. My earnings partly reflect my education. Earlier still, the circumstances of my birth and my subsequent health reflects the healthcare available. Even if that healthcare is entirely “private”, it depends on the education of doctors and nurses, and the drugs and other technologies available. Like all other goods and services, these in turn depend on the economic and social infrastructure, including transport networks, communications systems, energy supplies and extensive legal arrangements covering complex matters such as intellectual property, formal markets such as stock exchanges, and jurisdiction across national borders. Lord Lloyd-Webber’s wealth depends on government decisions about the length of copyright on the music he wrote. In sum, it is impossible to isolate what is “yours” from what is made possible, or influenced, by the role of government.
  7. Phillies GM is traveling to Detroit with the team. They've been talking Boyd and Greene. Boyd pitches against Philly tomorrow night.
  8. Lol.
  9. Almost made me spit out my drink
  10. i just dont understand how some falcons fans can say that Freeman is going to get 100% , it makes no sense from a nfl perspective and from a health perspective. You want Freeman ready for the post season. They cant be that clueless right ??
  11. Rays attempting to get Hunter Pence from Texas
  12. Can they manage the clock, know when to run the ball, and how not to give up games on final plays though
  13. So, it only takes 4 coaches with 120+ years of experience to equal Belichick. And, I'm only half joking.
  14. #2 won’t happen. He got torched by nobodies today
  15. It’s an educated guess. There is absolutely no way to keep all those guys, Kiwi. No accounting method will allow for so much manipulation. I just hope we find a way to keep Hooper. They could restructure Matthews & Tru If both play like they should and are in the 4 year plan. Could also extend Mack to reduce his 2020 CAP. That’s about it. The rest will be made in the form of cuts. Who we cut is anyone’s guess. But looking at CAP vs Dead Money, there are only 7-8 logical options.
  16. Yes he did. That was a tough call though. He was definitely at the end of his career. He had done so much for the Falcons, it would almost seem an insult to offer him a 1 year deal. If we had offered him three years and he had one more good year and two down years, people on this board would have crucified TD.
  17. It was a bit of a rough one for Trufant on Monday. In addition to Gage catching a clean ball against him, Justin Hardy and Calvin Ridley also had nice grabs while working against the Falcons’ top corner. so y’all gonna continue to ignore our shutdown corner getting flamed by everyone?????
  18. Oh hey look who it is! How's that list of games Julio has missed with "foot issues" coming along?
  19. Good. Looks like the braves and phillies are the main 2 trying to get him
  20. OK, that was a pretty good Boomer self own (actually a few years from true Boomer generation.) I just assumed it was a vid. oops
  21. We arent escaping the injury bug this year, hope we have good depth and our coaches really actually coach through our roster.
  22. See this is another assumption you don’t know any of what you say is going to happen.You see black n white like what your seeing today is what it’s going to be come next FA.See this is the narrative I have an issue with. You don’t no what or where we are going to in next years draft to possibly upgrade certain spots so players become easier to let go.Your just holding onto the narrative what the picture looks like now that’s how it’s going to look in a year. I’ve seen and heard this before we can’t do this or we can’t hold onto this guy your Jarretts and alike yet what happens exactly the opposite. I think you just need to wait until a few more cards hit the table before making such assumptions.
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