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  2. Yep neither was this year. Chiefs had a field day with him. Desperate move by Rams.
  3. ****.. and I thought you would at least agree with me on this one..
  4. Not all of us can be internet tough-guys like you
  5. I think you three are reading something into my post I didn't intend to convey. This was an atrocious move by trump that is likely motivated by his ties to Turkey. Im not disagreeing with you.
  6. turn that crap off there's a debate on, aren't you a yang/tulsi fan?
  7. Too much for a CB. If he was Khalil Mack or a guy who can disrupt the passer. I would do in a heart beat. The QB can go some where else. Its not like Ramsey was shut down Corner last year. did you watch the jags chiefs game, he gave up two TDs. I would say one first round and other rounds.
  8. Nick Markakis had a WAR of 0.8 in 116 games in 2019. It's extremely difficult to play that many games and post such a low WAR number. In 2 of the past 3 seasons his OPS+ has been below 100. 100 is average. 2018 was a total outlier for Markakis and 2017 and 2019 were much more true to his real value and performance. Outside of him being a positive voice in the clubhouse he brings so little to the team as far as wins are concerned that I really hope we don't keep him.
  9. No CB is worth 2 1st rounders
  10. Wow the cards used up all their runs on the braves
  11. I'm not convinced that UBI will solve the problems with wealth hoarding.
  12. Two of Dimi's protege's do a deal.
  13. And he wasn’t done in 2018.. hence coming back and being the third best bat amongst “everyday players” for us.. he’s good.. just doesn’t have the pop you want
  15. I do agree that Clayborn has been probably our best pass rusher.
  16. Talk to me about contracts when the NFL salary cap stops reaching record numbers every year.
  17. Fields a cancer confirmed. This will hurt his draft stock. Hard enough for RB's to make it in the first as is.
  18. Because they don't think he's worth his contract and has no ball skills. Through our first like three games he was targeted like twice.
  19. Don’t ever say that again...we know you’re not serious
  20. Nats would be the 2nd team in history to sweep a best of 7 series while never trailing. 1966 O's are the other team. Its been a historic mismatch in many ways.
  21. Yeah, I was more just making the point that giving up two first round picks for a guy who has proven himself as a freak of nature that is a top 5 CB is actually pretty understandable and not a bad idea. A lot of the posters were acting like the price was too steep. You're right that the price gets a lot worse if you're talking about top 5 picks. But even those don't pan out into Jalen Ramseys most of the time.
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