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  2. To counter some of the other options and cement my choice as the correct one: We already have a penetrating DT in Grady Jarrett. Unless you’re not expecting us to keep him long term. We have 2 DE’s who are strong enough to move inside on passing downs in Takk & AC. And as for WLB & FS we got Beasley and Rico/Kazee. Although Kazee may have locked himself into our starting nickel corner, an important role in this D. Which leaves the only position we don’t have covered at all: a giant DT who can clog the middle on run downs and get some much needed push inside on passing downs.
  3. I've watched a bunch of playthroughs and timelapses. There doesn't appear to be enough political instability to give the smaller factions enough breathing room to grow if they're close to the initial blobs and the AI seems to need work. I dunno. It's reminding me too much of EU4 from what I've seen and that has been my least favorite of their newer generation games.
  4. Christopher Steele was a Russian? Just when you thought people couldn’t get dumber.
  5. Hey not new to the boards by any means. Made a few comments after hurricane Katrina and well lost my account. I read several times a day the Falcoholic as well as Falcons boards, mainly TATF & NFL draft & free agency. I remember when Pure football forum was awesome without all the petty arguing you get sometimes between two people that goes totally off topic for a page or two which I hate but you had to be invited or something to post in there I believe. Why did that forum die? Anyway itching to get back involved in some decent chat here lately. I can start a new topic in NFL draft and free agency but not TATF (this forum why is that? Like this draft and had some pretty solid ideas on what makes since and what Falcons might do but just can’t figure out why I can’t start my on post in TATF but can in every other forum. When I try this forum is light grey and the rest I can access and there black.I love the positions you chose in this mock and mostly the players as well. We all have our favorites but definitely a solid BPA but needs base combination draft that I would not mind one bit. Great job!
  6. nick bosa, or josh allen
  7. You ignored my question about Hillary, like most blind folded lefties. SHE PAID Russians for a phony "Dossier" to influence the election. Mueller plainly said , "NO COLLUSION< NO OBSTRUCTION. And as I said, and again you ignored, the other interference by the Russians was to run ads both against and for both candidates in order to roil both sides. The Russians he indicted were from the Troll farm I mentioned . He did it because he knew they would never show up in court, and he could brg about the phony indictments as you just did , obediently. However, one of them did show up , with a lawyer, which meant that Mueller would have to show his evidence, none existed so Mueller quietly dropped the charges. These are Facts that have been PROVEN. It was the biggest scam in the history of this country, it is still going on, and YOU in your ignorance are in favor of overturning a duly elected President. You are just sad.
  8. How dare you call Keanu & Debo’s play merely “satisfactory”?!? These guys are potentially the tops of the elite at their positions for the next 5+ years. Anyways I’d say what we need most on D is a giant at NT who is talented enough that he can still play in our nickel defense and be effective.
  9. Looking at the voting so far, it's 33% for three different positions, ensuring no matter who we pick at #14, two-thirds of the board won't be happy. So, in another words, TATF status will remain quo.
  10. My vote is one of the Devin’s
  11. Easton Stick all the way.
  12. ok who's pre-ordered imperator:rome i know there are some fellow paradox nerds in here
  13. That's an awesome draft. I don't like the LSU TE and probably prefer Gardner Minchew to Rypien as a developmental QB but otherwise solid. Walk away with Wilkins, Winovich, and Johnson is a win IMO.
  14. I don’t know him. Let me check him out
  15. And not at all surprising
  16. These guys are pretty much on point.
  17. Good deal, brother. I see the heavy feet now and the lumbering first step similar to a big ‘gallop’ as mentioned in the video. His length helps make up for some of that, but man if he could work on having smoother, fluid, quicker feet in his steps, then he could be something. Has the strength and length, but needs better feet. Any idea as to how well an OT prospect with foot speed issues may improve in that area in his NFL career?
  18. Basically, what the title says, if we had who we thought could be/become top tier in this defense (those last 3 words are important) at nearly every position on defense sitting there at 14, who would you pick and why? Which position, if picked, would most put this defense over the top? A DL "Gap Penetrator"? A Tough big body NT type? A "Michael Bennett type" Edge rusher who can move inside? A "speedy" bend around the edge type rusher? A top tier WLB? A top coverage CB? A "rangy" top tier Free Safety? Note: I left out MLB and SS because I made these choices based off of who I generally see this board saying we need the most, the players that I most see people saying we need to get our defense over the hump. (Deion and Neal seem to be accepted as being satisfactory at their positions) If you have another type that you really think that I should add to the poll, say so, and I will try to accommodate depending.
  19. Some reporting that the militia group that detained migrants were supported by border patrol officers or at least the border patrol officers turned a blind eye to their illegal activities. That’s pretty serious.
  20. If we get Wilkins and Winowich I'd lose it! That would be a great push for Beasley and Takk.
  21. I can't stop laughing at Waylon's face in the second picture.
  22. Easton Stick please
  23. They made numerous mentions to how the women and children were going to the Crypt to be safe during the battle. I'm now convinced that was foreshadowing for the Night King raising the dead in the Crypt during the battle to attack from within the castle.
  24. McGinn has been doing this forever, primarily for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. You can search around for them.
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