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  2. 10-4. i remember larry centers being there around the same time as Rod Tidwell
  3. It’s happened a few times, it’s just a very popular belief so.
  4. Happily married to someone that cares
  5. Ive been on Pensacola beach the last 4 days with the wife and kids. So...I get it. The boys on the Braves thread know that. Yes we’re Atlanta not just Falcons. Also I’ve made several epic drunken rants over the last 10 years here and I’ve never once blamed alcohol. Just said sorry or **** you depending on who it was lol.
  6. He was their clutch receiver, but his college highlights and Ollisons highlights look similar.
  7. But I’m speaking to you. Grow up
  8. thats a pretty obscure reference...nice pull....centers was more of a threed down pass catching threat, no?
  9. I suspect you’re right. Can you think of any examples?
  10. Don't Care
  11. He will get snaps, but Free is primed for a Comeback Player of the Year kind of season
  12. Just, feelings.
  13. Quality rebuttal
  14. You might want to worry about something more important .. my life is fine “off” TATF . Memorial Day is Monday .. have a few brews before you have to go back to work Tuesday .
  15. Don't care.
  16. I wasn’t speaking to you.
  17. Just a football related aside Having a good line doesn’t guarantee a good run game.
  18. On behalf on literally everyone else here, we'd rather you both either ignore each other forever or work it out in the bedroom offline.
  19. Yeah, that was a bad dude. Ollison has those hands.
  20. Dang shift..
  21. He apologized. Accept it and move on
  22. Yeah, but if it’s clearly made up racism it’s not entertainment and certainly not kosher with me
  23. At least it’s regressing.. why bring up stats when they don’t matter.. lol
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