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  2. Gholston being a bust in college is straight up false. Lol. But my point remains. Tons of productive highly ranked college players have failed. Tons of projected top 10 picks have busted. What's your point? There are many people who don't have him listed as a top 15 player in the class. If he doesn't go in the top 10 does that mean he wasn't as good as you thought?
  3. We've had that happen a couple of times over the past dozen years or so. North Carolina had a line like that in 2011. It turned out that Robin Quinn and Bruce Carter could play. Marvin Austin hung around a few years but got hurt as a rookie and was never the same. NC State had the same thing with Mario Williams, Manny Lawson, and John McCargo. Williams and Lawson were both studs, while McCargo got over-drafted. In both examples, the interior linemen benefited more in the draft than the edge rushers, all of whom had good to great careers.
  4. Dexter Lawerence
  5. Wherever we pick a player doesn't matter. It's who we pick that does. For whatever reason, many of the best guards in football over the past 30 years have been picked in the 3rd to 5th round. One of the best OTs ever was a UDFA who played TE in college. I don't care when we pick linemen. I just want linemen who can play. More than anything, we need depth and competition in the trenches on both sides of the ball.
  6. Trade #14 to SEA for #21 for 3rd & 4th rd picks. 1st:Dexter Lawrence DT Trade 2nd/3rd/4th to IND for #26 1st:Montez Sweat DE 3rd:David Long CB 4th:Bobby Evan's RT 5th:Lamont Gailiard C 5th:Jalen Hurd WR 6th: Jonathan Ledbetter DE/DT 7th: Jake Fox P
  7. I am sceptical of that Clemson DL in general, yeah they were great but was it due to a sum of its parts more so than individual brilliance?
  8. I want them both.
  9. I’m not fond of trading up, unless it’s for QB and we don’t need one at the moment. PFF has a stat called war (win above replacement) where it accounts for a players contribution to the teams winning. As transcending as Arnold Donald is at his position he contributed like 2ish wins according to pff. On the other hand I remember listening to a pff podcast where they discussed had baker played at the beginning of the season his war would’ve been like 6-8 win games and Baker is like a top 12 QB. Point is, the #1 DT in league accounted for only like 2 wins. Trading up for a DT even if it was for Q. William ain’t going to drastically push us over the top.
  10. People think they can throw out bad comps of NFL Busts to justify their opinions. hilarious
  11. And yet Wilkins is projected Top 10 pick? Gun to the GMs heads, maybe? Forced pick under duress? Wilkins is a freak and he has the resume’ to back it up. Sorry, you’re wrong.
  12. Gholston was a bust in college, too. Nobody ever noticed for whatever reason. He received accolades that weren't commensurate with 87 career tackles because he had 14.5 sacks in a season, one of which happened to be against Jake Long. Most of the rest were against scrubs.
  13. Presuming these rumors are true -- which is questionable for the next 24 hours -- the selling point on Wilkins is that he's clean. So many players have troublesome things coming up during the investigation phase. Wilkins is Captain America. All other things being equal, he gets the bump for that, especially since his national championship coaching staff is raving about him to anyone who will listen. No matter who goes #1 in the draft, the only player with a Wall Street Journal write-up this week is Wilkins.
  14. College and the pros aren't the same thing which is why highly touted productive players like Vernon Gholston bust. Those weaknesses I listed are reason to question how big his impact will be.
  15. Ed Oliver
  16. Bmac already knows our BP is strait garbage
  17. That magic word - “upside” We don’t need Wilkins to be anything other than what he’s been in college. A dominator and disruptive in the opposing offenses backfield. People forget that most of the time the - upside - never materializes.
  18. Yes, and for football purposes he will be 23yrs old through 90% of his rookie season. We would be extending him at 28yrs old for 4-5yrs to ages 32-33 which willl be fine if he maintains his body and limited injuries.
  19. This. Not the unknown hidden gem he alluded to.
  20. I just don't see the big upside in Wilkins. He's a safe pick but I want someone with alot more upside. - Wilkins is an overstated athlete, his closest pro athletic comparison is Maliek Collins who's a 67th percentile athelte. - Short arms - Lack of pass rushing moves - 24 year old rookie All those things combined limit upside. People forget he's about 2-3 years older than most of the other top DT prospects in this class. Something to keep in mind when comparing.
  21. Well i am sure Cody Ford will be gone so i will say Jonah Williams. OT is our true first choice IMO
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