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  2. If they get rid of Snitker they could do a lot worse than Ron Washington at manager
  3. LOL@Culberson...
  4. It ain't 4k right now tho...
  5. Osu has Justin fields now, they are always looking for fans- he’s going to be a superstar I hear
  6. Yeah. But I'd much rather be watching it on my 50 inch 4K tv.
  7. Lol I just don't think we trade up that far. I don't think we trade up in the first. I could see us trading back into the first though
  8. All about that momentum.
  9. Do you have a computer because reddit has 720p quality streams of every game.
  10. Teams dont trade up until.draft day with the exception of first overall. If we.were to trade up to 5 now, theres no way of knowing if the guy were trading up for doesnt go 1-4. So no, it hasnt happened
  11. My mom is watching the game in her bedroom on an Amazon Fire Stick and the picture is clear as day! But the picture on Roku sucks!! Really wish ESPN would get their act together!!
  12. My bad then.. I misinterpreted
  13. Perfect scenario for the Falcons would be to trade back to 19 or 20 hoping to get Ford while picking up an extra 2nd and 3rd where u could get a Zach Allen and Simmons in the 2nd and a CB and WR in the 3rd I also like Ben Powers in the 4th if he is still there
  14. Look like a completely different team
  15. I mean second round. He was mocked to the Falcons in round 2. Everyone thought he was too short.
  16. Amazing what that comeback did for the morale of our boys.
  17. I really didn't think I was coming after you.... @Falconsfan567 had to tell me to take a chill pill the other day....and when I thought about it......I thought maybe he right... We have to learn to agree to disagree while being respectful
  18. I.definitely understand the opportunity cost argument against taking Bush. To me though you take the BPA, as long as it makes you a better unit. No need to take a qb or wr, for instance. If we can get the best player in a class at a certain position, i.e. Lb, then you take him over the 4th or 5th best DT, or OT. DT and OT may be bigger needs but @14 overall I take the cant miss player.
  19. Do I hear boo birds in Cleveland? Yep!!
  20. Quinnen is not on the same planet with Vick or Julio. Nobody is in this draft. Trust me. Vick was a good move but Julio was in that monster 2011 class. We could have gotten right with DeMarco Murray and one of the pass rushers that year. There were plenty options. Justin Houston, Cam Jordan, Muhammad Wilkerson, you name it. That would have pushed us over the edge in 2012 when we could have drafted either Zeitler, Reiff or Decastro with our first. We've spent two firsts, a second, two fourths, $80M and are lining up a lifetime extension for Julio. Not smart IMO. Dimi should have listened to Billy Check when he called for advice on that trade. Since then he's gone 69-59 (.539) with no Lombardi. Billy is 99-29 (.773) with three Lombardies. He didn't need an ornament. His top receivers on those championship teams were Edelman and Gronk. Took a Lombardi from us with Edelman. Jeez.
  21. You maybe be a one word picking one way m.f but you do your homework. Lol . I had to google this .
  22. If Acuna had made contact with that it might still be going.
  23. Yes!! This is fun!!
  24. 9-0 in the 4th! Loving it!
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