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  2. I may have the qtr wrong but we were definitely leading in that game. Then we couldn't run and made some boneheaded plays, that's how it got to actually it was 21-14 until Ryan made that awful throw. Then that's when the game opened up. I disagree tbh. When you have a big nasty ol like we do now , we dont necessarily need that decoy tbh. Seahawks didn't have a decoy for their running, their ol and running game was just dirty and nasty. Go back to when this team consistently ran the ball well and looked what happened. This team has not ever been built to be a pass first team.
  3. i love this new meme of conservatives and libertarians just getting irrationally angry at millennials and gen-z for rejecting their garbage market-obsessed ideas instead of anything approaching self-reflection or examination of their own ideological conclusions.
  4. That’s all I’ve been saying. Not to practice. But take part in team meetings and base install
  5. I think you were going to ask your wife's boyfriend.
  6. Cool. Doesn't change that was what we were told for our entire lives. A generation was conned into taking student loan debt while prices were skyrocketing and your only response is to say, "Eat ****."
  7. Starting to think ol Steve never left us.
  8. Yep. I didn't think they'd consider it, but with Means going down, the door is open. Takk, Vic, Cominsky, Clayborn, Hageman Grady, McCoy, Crawford, Senat, Davison That's 10 DL, but if DQ thinks this defense is going anywhere as is, he'll need to carry 10 and have at least 9 active on gamedays.
  9. They do basic install on both sides of the ball. OTA is more about technique than anything else. But they do essential things. Let’s take a look at a typical day at an NFL OTA session… Meetings Like any day in the NFL that has some sort of practice aspect to it, players will come in early and have a meeting. Usually in OTAs the team meeting is brief, with most of the time spent in your individual position groups or with the coordinators. Set the day’s install, watch tape from the previous day’s practice and make corrections. Business as usual for these players. The base packages are installed in these meetings (Cover 1, Cover 2, Cover 3, base blitz packages, etc. for defenses). Special Teams No pads are allowed, minus your helmet (which does force players to act violent and have collisions in shorts), and the script is the same — open with a special teams period. Whether it is covering kicks or setting up your responsibilities for punt protection, clubs will spend 15-20 minutes right after warm-ups covering the kicking aspect. Most of the time is spent on technique, foot placement, using your hands, and so on. A teaching period more than anything, as playing special teams without pads is a challenge. Individual Period Each position group will spend time doing drills. Deep-ball drills for the DBs, the O-Line will work on the sled, QBs will practice their drops and work with the receivers. Again, technique is the goal of the spring more than production. Big for a rookie, such as the Rams’ Sam Bradford, to get the timing down with his wide receivers in the route tree. And, for vets who haven’t played in a football setting since the regular season, time to get back into the flow of actually wearing cleats and doing football movements on the grass. And, that includes Cowboys’ QB Tony Romo.
  10. I don't remember if I support this or not. Does anyone remember?
  11. I recommend education/college wholeheartedly for most people. For some people it's a waste of time. When in doubt always get an education, but be smart about it. I debated your first sentence for about two seconds. While on the surface this may seem true for people, but it's not. I know plumbers, electricians, HVAC, and other trades that that can blow away the salary your education got you and they didn't go into "crippled debt" as you say to do it. So it can be done, I know, I was one that made a lot of money from those fields before I went back and finished my education. But I recommend anyone that wants a degree go out and pursue it if they don't have to put themselves in tremendous debt to do it. Having an education is always better than not having it. It's been watered down unfortunately. Some people say is is the 13th grade now producing many useless degrees, but employers want to see you made the effort to go to school and it helps you get your foot in the door.
  12. Paid off my student loan debt a long time ago. still okay with others getting theirs paid by the government.
  13. this is nonsensical whining. if cost growth were simply a function of public subsidy, why do primarily publicly-funded health care systems in other industrialized countries have far better per-capita costs and lower cost growth over time than our own? how are other industrialized countries able to provide tuition-free secondary education (and even subsidies for room and a stipend for living expenses! gasp!) without the massive cost growth issues you're inventing? does your barely elementary understanding of macroeconomics happen to include inelastic demand curves, or was that left out of the article you spent a few minutes skimming? why get angry at those of us whom have the audacity to question why we're spending $90 billion more on bombs instead of something actually useful?
  14. Be there on field practicing. No. Would he come just be on the sideline? He seems like he would.
  15. "Government will ruin your life," exclaims man who got where he is due to government action.
  16. I’m sorry, I’m fully following your line of thinking and agreeing with the points you are making . I was sure you also felt same about it not being a right or wrong thing, I was just pointing that out to others reading this so they would understand my perspective better. I think some believe there is only one way to look at it, which causes conflict on the boards.
  17. You misunderstand. Nothing has changed in terms of us still having a SB roster
  18. No one is scared of ****. It's risk/reward. OTAs are more risk than reward. Period. That bolded part. Man. You just keep digging. Also, lose Julio and watch how that impacts our run game. I pray we don't have to come to that, but you are in for a rude awakening if you actually believe this trash you are typing. And you really referenced the 2010 Packers game? lmao dude it was 35-7 at half. Another L for you...nice.
  19. I agree 100 %.. And that is why Blank brought back the Coach that can get us where we want to go.
  20. You'd know how much that costs. Colleges were almost entirely subsidized by state and federal programs when you were our age all those centuries ago.
  21. I didn't say you know nothing. I don't really know you. The person you display yourself to be on here though is very dumb, dishonest and shallow. And no matter how often you say you are always right and make people look foolish, everyone that reads this board regularly knows better. You've had a ton of completely wrong statements and predictions that you ignore or flat out pretend you didn't actually say.
  22. I watched the Old Timer QB competition on the other night. The distance competition was won by Favre, and Cordell Stewart, then Harbaugh, Steve Young had he weakest arm. The shortest throw was in the 50s , average throw was in the 60s, and longest was 73.4 to the best of my memory. I think our "Noodle Arm" QB would stand up pretty well to those averages except to Farve and Stewart. Ryan is certainly not a noodle arm and that phrase needs to be trashed forever. Ryan can make every throw neccessary for a great NFL QB, which he is.
  23. No defense is perfect. Even the best defenses have their bad days. The past few years have shown great examples of the best defenses in the league getting ran and passed on by some of the worst offenses in the league. The biggest problem is each defense and offense is separated in the rankings by very small numbers but you always have 1 or 2 that are light years ahead of the rest. The best offenses are led by high quality QB's. The worst offenses are led by lower tiered QB's. If Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, etc all got hurt today, their teams would suffer greatly because they will struggle to put points on the board. Even with the WR talent the Falcons have they would not be as near successful if Matt Schaub had to play a full season. **** he probably wouldn't even last a full season. Also teams with bad QB's usually have decent run games. but that alone wont win a championship unless the defense simply allows nothing at all
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