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  2. I'm sorry you don't like it
  3. I've always been the one to try to find the positive, especially in our draft picks. I can't remember a first round I disliked near this much. One of the best defensive line drafts in years and we double dip oline. SMDH.
  4. "...experts..."
  5. I say spend next years 1 lets get back to 2nd and get Taylor or Ford.
  6. We signed 3 DB's, 2 DT's and a DE in FA... that's not exactly "No Love..." not to mention getting 3 starters back from injury...
  7. The defense is crap. Top ten and not that flukey 2017 BS. That’s all.
  8. Outside of the guys coming off injuries I don't see anywhere the 16 defense is better honestly. We also have Grady in year 5 and he's gotten better every year, Takk in year 3, Vic is the same player but not playing with the same leads, we've added Crawford since then, Debo already came back from his injury and looked more than capable of being his old self. And using Collins(plus we have Trufant back), Upshaw and Jackson is reaching like crazy lol. I'm not saying it's an all pro defense but I think it's at least as good or even better than what we had in 16 with a bunch of rookies.
  9. There studs untill 1 gos down. Wate Oliver balled so much I see all pro on him. But we will get a good back up in the 4th or 5th.
  10. Lindstrom is an OG. Period. Not a Center, not an OT. A Guard with Tackles feet NFL Draft Preview: Top guard prospect Chris Lindstrom brings experience, versatility Lindstrom is expected to be the top “true” guard selected, maybe late in the first round or early in the second. Associated Press file At left, in a Sept. 22, 2018, file photo, Boston College offensive lineman Chris Lindstrom (75) plays against Purdue during the second half of an NCAA college football game in West Lafayette, Ind. At right, in a March 1, 2019, file photo, Chris Lindstrom runs a drill at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis. April 21, 2019 at 8:00 am Kansas State’s Dalton Risner could be a right tackle or a center. Alabama’s Jonah Williams could be a left tackle or a guard. Oklahoma’s Cody Ford could be a left guard or right tackle. On and on the projections go for offensive linemen in this week’s NFL Draft. There is no debate about Boston College’s Chris Lindstrom. He is a guard. Period. Lindstrom is expected to be the top “true” guard selected, maybe late in the first round or early in the second. He said at the NFL Combine he had been in contact with the Broncos.
  11. Bottom sentence is the most important one. Say what you like about the players to me it’s been like this from the jump. Coaching.
  12. Richard Sherman was a fourth-rounder or would you prefer no corner?
  13. I like our CBs more than most people
  14. I’m glad you like it
  15. its good we will get a good 4th rd CB. But we already got them 2 stud at CB.
  16. Can you imagine how much grief one of us would of got mocking Lindstrom at 14, followed by a trade up for McGary???? I'm still in shock this happened. Now the defense gets no love until at least the 4th round. I hope these 2 guys become studs because right now I feel very disappointed that the defense is getting nothing to improve. This draft has started out as the most bizarre I've seen for Atlanta. I guess on the bright side the O-Line cuts will free up money.
  17. 1) I know it's not the exact defense, hence why I said "Pretty Much;" the point being not the exact players, but the scheme and type of player... 2) what we have now is head and shoulders above what we had then...
  18. Crawford is overrated. Clayborn is overrated 2-4 sacks at best. Means has 3 career sacks. Hags has been gone for two years. Takk has a bum shoulder and mental issues so we'll see what he can do, he's also not a LEO. Sentat is ok and Davison is just a run stopper. Jarrett is maybe 6-7 sacks. Bealsey may turn it on for kicks and giggles we'll assume 10 sacks. So that's what? Maybe 35 sacks from all of them, same as last year.
  19. I have bad news, my friend.
  20. I love Kent Lee Platte and his research! Go follow @mathbomb on Twitter, Well worth it!
  21. Yep we are getting our 4 rd CB come on.
  22. And this doesn’t really free up money. Cut Wes and Fusco and their salary is taken by Lindstrom & Kaleb
  23. I'm sure dq will find some mid to late round or even undrafted guys that will produce... He always does (kazee,Campbell,olukun,Poole,senat)
  24. Paying 2 5th year options at the same time will cost about 26 million, fully guaranteed. That’s a bunch
  25. Don’t get me wrong man I didn’t see this strategy being played out by the FO either.I think they made these moves to get younger on that side of the ball and free up cash for these upcoming extensions. Having Carpenter Sambrailo and Brown aren’t exhorbitant deals and are cuttable 2020,2021 it also gives much wanted depth. I see Fusco and Schweitzer as casualties here which also frees up cash for the above mentioned.
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