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  2. We weren't the only team interested in Lindstrom.
  3. And? Yeah hes good with the best weapons in the league.
  4. Not a lot of winnable games on that schedule, but we'll find a way to F up draft position...
  5. Oh I agree that treating those 3 games like the superbowl was silly. I do think the taking of two OL was a good move given the situation we ended up with.
  6. I don't think any move we could've made in the draft would've saved this team from imploding. This has been brewing for a while, DQ just isn't that guy. With that being said, it literally doesn't matter who the QB is, investing resources into the OL or DL is almost always a wise decision.
  7. Nope Rah rah ain’t good enough’ failed before will fail again!
  8. Watch them all and sit through the whole thing. Its awesome seeing the people who don't watch games, then come on the boards and complain and advise how to fix things. GTFO if you don't even watch, how would they know?
  9. It's funny watching people try to argue against drafting higher.
  10. 1) Fire Quinn at the bye. (unless we miraculously go 2-0 vs. LA/Seattle) 2) Make Raheem interim. 3) Hire a GM. 4) Let the GM decide on keeping Raheem or not, like GMs are supposed to do, and GTF out of the way of the GM and coach..
  11. The most intriguing message was also the most contrived (in that it required new scenes as flashbacks.): Jessie ultimately relies on Mike, as opposed to Walt, as a father figure/trusted adviser. This was not shocking.
  12. mmmm no, I want to start allllll over if Quinn doesn't right the ship.
  13. We could have traded down and gotten more picks and still got those two. Every move you want to make in the draft is easier with a top 5 pick in each round.
  14. I like those guys if we weren't strapped with a QB that needs all the help he can get while ignoring the defense in the first round 2 straight seasons while banking on overrated players(Beasley, Campbell,Tru). I like the vision with those two guys its just the timing of it is off imo.
  15. Its not even about Dan Quinn. I think it has to do with the guys at the very top, including TD and Blank. This is what? The 100th coaching change since TD has been here? Players stop playing for their coaches after 3 years? Mora, Smith, Quinn, Reeves. It doesn't even matter who it is, the players stop playing for their coaches. My view is, build your team up with hungry young talent who want to play. Forget the big names like Trufant, Beasley and Mckinley. Get guys like Miles, Bethune, Delshawn Phillips and a long rookie Corner. We have WAY too many guys who think they are just way too good for this team. This is all culture thinking. This is all just players giving up for no reason. Coaches probably gave up as well. Blank needs to get rid of the whole GM staff. TD has been SAVED by the likes of Matt Ryan and Julio. That's about it. I would rather have 53 hungry guys who will take their bumps but will actually play hard every sunday, aka the Colts, than have a bunch of VET big names that are ready to go to vacation.
  16. If we go 3-13 and get a top 3 pick, it's time to bite the bullet and draft Tua. You only get those opportunities every 10-15 years. Matt can still start for awhile, but it's time. The full rebuild is inevitable.
  17. McGary and Lindstrom have to be priorities going forward, though. Our OL coach is almost just as important as our OC or DC. They're the X factor next season, even if we grab a RB in the 3rd or something. It's on them next season.
  18. An 83.3% completion percentage.
  19. Let’s say the Falcons dump the “quin-ner” early on due this embarrassing defense, what would you think of Morris as interim? Is he a viable interim HC to evaluate for possible retainment after the season? He had some ups and downs in Tampa. But the glasers are a strange bunch
  20. It's D. All of the above. Lack of talent, coaching, AND effort. There are maybe 2-3 players on our defense that would be starting for a playoff caliber team. You have to also consider this: If a player doesn't have enough professional pride to give effort, because he doesn't like the coach he plays for, what does that say about the player?
  21. Yeah I watched it last night and was underwhelmed. It feel like they properly set up Kandy as the antagonist. Everyone's favorite phrase to scream about sequels is "fan service," and the flashbacks did that to an extent, but they also worked to show everything Jesse lost.
  22. Remember when folks talked about Evans like he is a straight shooter? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  23. I thought it was a good move as well. First round prospects tend to have about a 60% hit rate, so we should get at least 1 strong starter.
  24. I sit through the games like a bad movie honestly. It's better once you stop taking it seriously.
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